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    Fellow Millennium fans, Today EatTheCorn.com is launching a pet project of mine, one that I hope will be useful for all of you Millennium and 1013 fans out there: the Ten Thirteen Interviews Database! Simply put, the ultimate goal of this site is to archive each and every one of the interviews with Ten Thirteen cast and crew. It launches today with no less than 306 interviews archived! And for this initial batch of material I owe a huge thank you to TIWWA's own Libby, who very generously provided nearly all of those! This project was born out of the will to archive interviews before they are lost with the passage of time (this seems like an obsession with me!), and to provide access to this material to everyone, since sold out magazines or old interviews now offline are today inaccessible to the larger public. Also, this site aims to gather into a single reference site material that is readily available elsewhere but is dispersed across a thousand sites. There's still a lot to do and this project will remain a work in progress. There's also currently much more X-Files material than Millennium material, but this is bound to change. I have a lot of ground to cover yet to exhaust possible interview sources I can find -- but I also hope it will be a collaborative project for the entire Ten Thirteen fandom. TIWWA has a long history of intelligent and resourceful fans, and Libby and Eth are again proving this to be the truth with their assitance. So drop by and have a read! The project is open to contributions from anyone, and thanks to the wonders of the internet I hope that all together we can build a definitive archival site for posterity.
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