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  1. Is a "subliminal" messaging tape any more ridiculous than angels and demons? :) As Frank said, the group will either get her power on their side or destroy it. I don't think a point-by-point explanation is necessary, as Millennium was never a procedural cop show (thankfully) but something much more layered. Concerning Catherine, much of Frank's grieving occurred off-screen, this was merely a chance at closure. Regardless of how one feels about the group's machinations in 3.1 and 3.2, Frank was still a bit on the angry side of the fence and less prone to contemplating on just what his wife meant to him, so I think it played a bit better later on. Just my opinion. Whether 3.12 was written with any ulterior motive, others are far better equipped than I to say, but I think it was a very moving episode (how could you not feel for the dude when coming back to 1910 Ezekiel) and given that the MG was now the bad guy, done with restraint. I still think they should have had Watts more open (to Frank) in helping him out (you know the group held the sword of Damocles over him and his family), but that's veering into another topic. I think this episode was less about carefully plotted intrigue than one man coming to grips with the loss of 'his center.' Plus it's always cool to see Giebelhouse again.
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