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    Well the chance of a return of Millennium is a thousand times more likely now that there was a return of the X Files!
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    Wow - Frank's really allowed his trees to grow at the Yellow House! Very private! Compare the latest image from Streetview to the one in the first post of this topic! The satellite view has been improved and updated too! I love strolling around Frank's old neighbourhood via Streetview! https://goo.gl/maps/7Jcn4
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    Hi, Mark. Sorry if someone already answered your question. As I have to keep my online visits brief (for the time being....I PROMISE I'll be back!!!!) here's what I know in response.... I actually communicated through email with the woman who owns the house. They are the same ones who "lent" their home for Millennium. She was extremely nice, had many pleasant memories of the experience, and at that time, the house had not been painted since it was painted yellow for the show.
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