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    I am still saddened by the lack of MM comics out there, so continuing to draw Lance whenever I can inbetween other work for a fan piece. Here is a mock up of a painting I did based on a recent Lance TV appearance, with the trade dress from the IDW comics a few years ago, but with a little TIWWA tweak.
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    Thanks Walkabout, appreciate him knowing we think of him and Bernadete daily, and they are in our hearts and prayers.
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    new update from Joe [ 2 hrs ago ] " Finally back on chemo. At least the nurses are glad to see me again. " keep sending Joe and his family all the healing and positive energy you can !
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    Hi all, so I was thinking, for the MM fan comic stuff I'm working on in the background, about adding in places and people from the forum as a thank you for peoples ongoing support to TIWWA and the fandom. I have a list of main characters, and plenty of opportunity for other supporting cast members. If anyone wants to nominate their hometown as a potential setting for an episode (though traditionally of course every episode should look like Vancouver!), or would like to have their likeness included, please let us know. Also I want to include quotations from 21st century sources at the beginning of each episode, whether from speeches, poetry etc, so anything you've come across you think might be millenniumistic please include. The themes include mortality, loss of self, and new beginnings.
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    gave him love from his TIWWA family so he knows we are sending positive / healing energy from us all
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    Sending positive thoughts and energy to Joe and his family. I just reread this topic and since August 2017 when first diagnosed, they have come so very far. It must seem 4 steps forward, 1 step back at times, but Joe is doing so well. He is beating this!
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    this was posted 30 mins ago on FB; " Saw my doctor today found out my radiation treatment to my liver helped out a lot but they can't tell if the cancer is dead or dormant. There is cancer in my adrenal gland and more cancer has returned to my lungs. This Tuesday I am back on chemo......uggh " keep sending positive and healing energy to our brother 💥
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    Hope your special day is blessed and filled with love and huggers ! !
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    Believe it or not, I don't like awards shows. Too political. too self-congratulatory. I just like it when my own opinions on what's the best are confirmed (and they rarely are)!
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    Thanks everyone. I hadn't seen the gallery for ages, some brilliant stuff on there, including yours Smiley!
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    Joe just updated his FB page ; " Good News! My nurse called to let me know that my tumor markers went down from 3760 to 1473. I have been off chemo for at least a little over a month which means the radiation blasted the cancer cells.....thank you God! " keep up all that positive energy !
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    🌻 Keeping positive, sunny, and health-filled wishes headed Joe's way. ⚾ Baseball season's here, so watch out for Joe!
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    Oh heck yeah! I have been hoping that someone great like you would step up and make another Millennium comic!!! I would love to be of any help! Just ask me! I got a fan page with almost 600 followers so I hope that can help spread word if you need it! I also have been working on my own script for Millennium for a year now, and only add to it when I have a true spark of motivation and creativity. If I could, I would love the honor to have my Last name even if it is brief! Smiley for the win! In JROTC everyone calls me staff sergeant Smiley. Maybe you can incorporate it. And if you'd like, it would be an honor to have you view my script for Millennium! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AvUOg0zx4AWSgEN7N2e5-lhiLXlukGRemSdlyqeVGCU/edit?usp=drivesdk
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    Hey Raz, Putting my mug on a comic is out, especially with the elephant ears and trunk, and Oklahoma is out for a place, even though we do have some beautiful areas. I can however, contribute to the quotes, as I am a quote pack rat. Do you want them posted here or in a PM? Or, I can send them in an email for you to scroll through. Oh how I love quotes. Going to put some of them here that were the first quotes that came to mind, just to wet everyone's whistles.
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    I have all the albums but Vous n´avez encore rien vu, 2012, and hoping I find it some day. As much as I love Mark Snow and his music, I do love a real violin. Yes, I did enjoy this, thank you Alex.
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    From the album: Millenniumistic stuff

    I am using a similar piece for an art show thing next year but it is actually a variation of this one featuring Frank Black (this one I like better!!). The lines on Henriksen's face literally become a roadmap, the roads and communities therein, encompassing all the evil that occurs there. What he sees with his gift become scars, he carries them with him, and it haunts him. Its really nice to be able to show these pics here as I they wouldn't see the light of day elsewhere.

    © Shaun Garea 2013

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    Happy Birthday Lilitu! 🎂 🎉 🍾 Congratulations, hoping you have a wonderful time celebrating this special day! Best Wishes, The Old Man This Is Who We Are
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    LOL...seesthru is going to love your comment. So, who is playing what? Did it at anytime have the female soprano? If so, then that's me. You boys can fight over the violin.
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    Love and Huggers Forever Sweet Sis Angel
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    Yay, you're watching it...enjoy it, because it really is so very good.
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    I heard of Luther through the facebook page of LH.... he mentioned it and Idris Elba as being a good actor. I'm watching it again, watched it last night.... and at one point yes, it was surreal, I kept hearing that violin sounding so much like Mark Snow music, and the masked guy was like a MLM character, etc...
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    A win 10 would be nice to have!
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    We've just upgraded to the next level of cloud VPS hosting. 48 unlocked CPUs, increased super fast SSD storage and double the RAM! Roedecker would be proud! And the next major update of our community suite software is on the way, with some great new features to enhance our forums that you'll love! View the blog entry & optionally add your comments.
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    Belated Happy Birthday @seesthru !!! Don't forget Birthday Powers last a full week, make good use of them!
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    Proud to say that I am an owner of this album. Yay ! ! El Lob's beginning with guitar is really nice, and different from Mark's normal sound, and of course it ends with a guitar. Love these tracks. Thanks Alex.
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    It appears it's available on Amazon Prime, HBO subscriptions, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu all charge 1.99 per episode. also read that it's available on SYFY Wire. Online both seasons sell for less than 20.00, so for me personally, I would probably end up buying it. With 12 episodes in each season it comes to 23.88. To me, it's worth every cent and more.
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    Here's my thing. I love to be entertained, and prefer stage performances and concerts (not rock in crowds). Sometimes the "live" is better than the album song, but most often the album is better. I think when they perform a song live they want to change it around, and in so doing they sometimes ruin it.
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    I will listen to the Grammys for the music, if nothing else is on that I want to watch. As I said, I can't stand to see the egos and hear them talk about themselves.
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    Carnivàle doesn't have anything to do with Luther, it's a 2 season series from 2003-2005. Here's the link. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0319969/ Cable here in OK is Cox Cable. Not sure what was said about "cable," and would have to read back.
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    I"m gonna have to watch it all again. I can't believe I have no idea what y'all mean, and I watched the whole Luther series! Where does that Carnival play? Cable?
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    I hope it doesn't take another 2 to three years to resolve the cliffhanger that season 5 ends on even thought this latest season does bring things full circle. I know Neil Cross and Idris Elba really want to get a Luther movie done which probably explains why there are so long periods between season 3 and 4 and taking another three years for season 5 to be made after that. Then Neil Cross has created the Millenniumistic series Hard Sun which has one season air already (on the BBC in the UK and on Hulu in the USA) in the meantime too. Too bad Hard Sun was cancelled after one year when Neil Cross has a five year arc planned for that show- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_Sun
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    I agree, Rami sold the movie with his "outstanding"performance, but it wasn't a "Best Picture" to me either. He's taken home all the major awards for it. I figured the vote would go political with one of the "Black..." movies winning, or Vice, but it didn't...yay. Glad Green Book won...it was great and both Viggo and Mahershala deserve an Oscar. Mahershala Ali's piano playing was out of this world fantastic.
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    Incredible work!! I Retweeted this on an account most have seen @Lancefansunite I hope to see more! 👍
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    Been watching 2 episodes a night, which ends up being the same length as a movie. Yeah, I agree, the seasons are way too short. What was creepy and unexpected was the guy sliding out from under the bed. Almost wet myself. I was expecting him to walk in the room, not already be there. What's your opinion of The Handmaid's Tale? I think it's fantastic, and The Man in the High Castle just keeps getting better and better with each season, of which I didn't think was possible. I am so looking forward to the next season, this year sometime. Never had any interest in the Sons of Anarchy. Watched the first episode and said no more. Oh well. Walkabout still hasn't watched Carnivale. I keep reminding her about it, but she is very behind on watching stuff, and then poof, something will air on TV she'll want to see. Hopefully she will watch it soon. ~ ~ ~ Came back to post, and it needs to be a spoiler.
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    Woohoo, that's great news from Joe! Thanks Randee! Top banana!
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    Thanks Darlene! Will post up more as I do them.
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    Joe went in for blood tests earlier today . lets hope for good results !
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    As the old saying goes, sometimes "no news is good news." Trusting he is doing well.
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    Oh my Baz, you artwork is fantastic. I love it. Thank you for sharing.
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    Loved this, and yes, I agree. Proud to be an owner of this album. Thanks again Alex.
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    Autumn/Fall. The beginning or the end?
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    From the album: Pencil art

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    From the album: WilliamSchindler

    I did a little paintjob and added my most beloved Quote in relation to Lucy Butler.
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