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    Life As A Comet (The Beginning and the End) FRANK: In number, there is one for every life which ever was, or ever will be. Hope your birthday is blessed and filled with love, joy, and comet wonder. Earth(& Sky)nut
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    The new year is going to be good to Joe, I'm certain! He's been through so much and I know we're all hoping/praying for a positive outcome soon.
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    tonight , Joe is feeling better and spent a great day with his wife and son ! keep that positive energy flowing .
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    Happy Birthday @Merowig ! "Cream horn?" Have an awesome day! Old Man
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    Thank you all! What a pleasant surprise!
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    Go Joe! You are doing awesome, and it will be a better year for you! Shake it, Joe! You got this!
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    Not my doing, but it is really cool
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    Or fit in in Southeast Louisiana! LOL
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    As always, thank you Alex.
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    Wonderful news. Definitely sending positive energy, love and prayers.
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    this update from Joe just 1 hr ago " Well its my second day since the radiation treatment to my liver. I am having very minor pain but a lot of feeling sick to my stomach. Tomorrow will be last day for being bed bound. Thank you all for all if your prayers and thoughts " please continue positive energy and healing for Joe
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    If you say jus (pronounced 'zhew') instead of gravy, you've nailed fine dining and can compete on Masterchef!
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    that's why its important to do research on the supplier .
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    Looks very good. Now if there was some way I could get Amazon without paying.

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