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    Thank you everyone for your love and support. The physical and mental healing is slow but I am regaining my strength through it all
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    I am still saddened by the lack of MM comics out there, so continuing to draw Lance whenever I can inbetween other work for a fan piece. Here is a mock up of a painting I did based on a recent Lance TV appearance, with the trade dress from the IDW comics a few years ago, but with a little TIWWA tweak.
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    Thanks Walkabout, appreciate him knowing we think of him and Bernadete daily, and they are in our hearts and prayers.
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    The new year is going to be good to Joe, I'm certain! He's been through so much and I know we're all hoping/praying for a positive outcome soon.
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    tonight , Joe is feeling better and spent a great day with his wife and son ! keep that positive energy flowing .
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    I hope the treatment helps and that it's not painful and you heal from it fast!
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    Love and huggers are being sent. Joe, you and Bernadete are in my heart and prayers.
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    Hi Earthnut, thanks for the suggestions. I just wondering which video that was? Just to clarify, Libby hasn't retired! She is still co-admin but taking (a well-earned) break. Hi Merowig, thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I was always intrigued by that S2 opening! The episode guide profile page does check for articles and reviews, we wrote it that way in case any news ones get added, and the articles themselves link back to the episode profile. I'll definitely look at adding some extra links to those relevant downloads to make them quicker and easier to find and for other episodes too, good call! @Viivi wrote that great article, we are very fortunate to have her as our resident art expert and @SadEyes as our Mark Snow and soundtracks expert; a formidable team if ever there was one! But don't tell them, they'll want a pay rise.
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    Thanks Walkabout, poor Joe. He is doing so well. Sending energy, thoughts and prayers.
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    BB, people have a bad opinion because most of the time Millennials seem stupid and uneducated. They aren't taught cursive, phonics or regular math, they don't know how to count change back, and rarely get their noses out of their electronic devices, for without them they seem helpless. So glad my kids are Generation X, and I am very proud of them. Also glad Generation Y is fake. It made no sense. There wasn't one particular site, I just Googled "custom t-shirts" and it brought up a bunch with very affordable prices. As I said, to me it depends on the quality of the t-shirt, and I for one don't want to buy one that shrinks too much after the first wash and I can no longer wear it. I'd rather spend a little more for the quality, and of course pick a place with a 4-5 star rating. It's a good idea seesthru, but my tongue got tied the first time I tried to say it... Appreciate your comments. Keep them coming.
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    Still sending positive energy Joe, the chemo brain will pass. It will.
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    Love, healing and huggers are always being sent. Great news.
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    Sending positives and saying prayers Joe!!!
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    new update by Joe today and its fantastic news ! " I just got a call from my doctors office about my blood work and all is good...yeah! "
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    The best news one can hope for ! Hooray!
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    I totally agree, "wonderful news!"
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    another positive update 17 minutes ago from Joe's wife Bernadette " An update on Joe - today he's more alert as he not taking heavy duty drugs any more. He was able to walk around the room a few times during the day with the help of a PT. The doctors have cleared him for liquids - clear broth, jello, juice, sherbert and water. He had all three meals today. Tomorrow the kidney doctor will remove his caterer as his bowel activities improve. When we left tonight he was sitting up watching the Cards game. If you are in town and would like to visit him, I'm sure he'd love to see you. Thank you again for your continued prayers and thoughts. " keep all those best wishes , positive energy and prays coming
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    new update from Joe [ 2 hrs ago ] " Finally back on chemo. At least the nurses are glad to see me again. " keep sending Joe and his family all the healing and positive energy you can !
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    Hi all, so I was thinking, for the MM fan comic stuff I'm working on in the background, about adding in places and people from the forum as a thank you for peoples ongoing support to TIWWA and the fandom. I have a list of main characters, and plenty of opportunity for other supporting cast members. If anyone wants to nominate their hometown as a potential setting for an episode (though traditionally of course every episode should look like Vancouver!), or would like to have their likeness included, please let us know. Also I want to include quotations from 21st century sources at the beginning of each episode, whether from speeches, poetry etc, so anything you've come across you think might be millenniumistic please include. The themes include mortality, loss of self, and new beginnings.
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    Believe it or not, I don't like awards shows. Too political. too self-congratulatory. I just like it when my own opinions on what's the best are confirmed (and they rarely are)!
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    Thanks everyone. I hadn't seen the gallery for ages, some brilliant stuff on there, including yours Smiley!
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    Joe just updated his FB page ; " Good News! My nurse called to let me know that my tumor markers went down from 3760 to 1473. I have been off chemo for at least a little over a month which means the radiation blasted the cancer cells.....thank you God! " keep up all that positive energy !
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    Idris Elba is an awesome actor, and bet this is a good show. I haven't watched it and barely remember hearing about it. Definitely may check it out now that it's been brought to my attention again. Sure looks intense. Wow, starting season 5 this year and I haven't seen one previous episode. What's weird is they skipped 4 years between season 4 and 5, and how few episodes in each. Series Eps First Aired Last Aired 1 6 4 May 2010 8 June 2010 2 4 14 June 2011 5 July 2011 3 4 2 July 2013 23 July 2013 4 2 15 Dec 2015 22 Dec 2015 5 4 1 Jan 2019 4 Jan 2019 Thanks David for the heads up.
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    Sending huge hugs to our brave Joe and his family, he is doing so well.
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    Joe just posted this on Facebook , it is both good news and bad ; " My Doctor called to tell me some good news, the cancer Lesions in my liver have decreased in size but the scan showed a new cancer cell has appeared on my humerus bone. I am taken back by this news but I know I must move forward. Thank you all for your prayers and blessings " keep all that positive energy flowing and keep Joe and his family in your heart .
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    From the album: Pencil art

    This picture is not done yet, but I'm taking a break from it, and starting something else, and I wanted to share what I have so far with you all.
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    Personally, I think any more advanced extraterrestrials would prefer to stay away from us, we are too self-absorbed and definitely self-destructive. Earth can only sustain 6 billion people, and the world population clock has us at 7, 653,947, 7--, and now at 8, that's how fast it rises. We are like parasites on this planet now, and if we do have a world-wide known visitation, I hope it's to help us clean Earth up. http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ Here's the image ~
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    The chemo must be truly awful. So glad he's doing so well. Thinking good thoughts.
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    a FB update from Joe just one hour ago ; " Had some rough days Sunday and Monday but today I am so relieved that my markers are down to 3142 from 3740. The chemo I am getting for my liver is doing its job but it sure makes me sick. Next up is a scan of my liver. I am crossing my fingers and praying that the results of this scan will lead to oral medication and I can say goodbye to chemo. " keep sending Joe all the positive energy you can . his son just started 8th grade and he has many milestones yet !
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    There used to be so much fake cafepress-style MM stuff on safe, it was unreal. Some of it okay, not all bad, but you still ended up with people being taken in, myself included once, thinking it was the genuine article. Sad to learn it's still available. I was elated to get a MM clock off Ebay once, only to be gutted when it arrived to be a cheap $1 marketing clock with a MM sticker attached. I hate the thought of people getting taken advantage of. There's such a huge difference in quality and value between promotional mugs and t-shirts and the original articles, like the the officially licensed Millennium calendars released by Fox, or the genuine Millennium watches and mugs that Meghan G. reportedly had made for the main people, or the official cast/crew jackets. However, usually the fans miss out because the items get snapped up so fast by traders, who set ridiculous prices. I have seriously thought a few times about asking the rather awesome Barry @ENGINECOMICS to design some T-shirts for TIWWA or the website, like he did way back when for the Back To Frank Black campaign. You may remember them, we used to promote them here way back when, they were so good. In fact I wish I'd had some funds to buy some at the time when I was still working. Not only did Barry absolutely nail the t-shirt designs, they were cleverly designed so that you'd immediately get the MM reference but so as not to fall foul of Fox's copyright lawyers. Reminds me of the days way back, when they used to go around taking whole fan sites down.
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    Joe updated his progress : " Not that I am having a hard but lately I feel outside myself looking in. What I am seeing with myself is what they call chemo brain. I try to read a lot. My mind sometimes can't find the words I need to talk or express how I feel. When I reflect on this I keep telling myself, I will over come this too. I find this aggravating and sometimes sad. I am really hoping after this round of chemo I will be able to go on medication in regards to my liver. I keep the faith and try not to be sad. " please keep sending Joe positive energy !
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    Thank you all so very much for your wishes. Turning 40 this year seems to be special...but I don't feel different.
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    a great update from Joe ! [ 14 hrs ago ] "Good News, my white and red blood cells numbers looking really good and my anemia has improved as well " lets keep all that healing and positive energy going !
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    Happy Belated Birthday Sadeyes! I hope it was a glorious day for you!
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    Detailed millennium wallpaper for any use! 10 layers of edits!
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    Joe, you've done incredibly well, a true, brave inspiration for so many. Keep the faith! Keep up the fight! You can do this! Sending good thoughts.
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    2nd poster ever made by me!
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    this update from Joe's FB page ; " Well back to Chemo I go. I have been off of it for quite a long while. The CT Scan showed a small cancer spot on my lower rib and the lesions have gotten bigger. My fight with cancer continues.......I am never giving up " keep sending Joe positive and healing energy !
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    Hope the liver scan is negative for cancer. Joe needs a break. Will say a prayer for him tonight.
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    In honor of the trials the love between Frank and Katherine Black had to go through and for Valentines day!
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    Dear TIWWA members and visitors, Nothing to be alarmed about, but I would like to extend apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced with slow responses or speed with the website in the last few days. Unfortunately we have intermittently been receiving a high amount of illegitimate web traffic, effectively hammering away at the server in what appears to be a crude attempt to knock our server or website offline. As you may know such is the nature of DDoS or 'Distributed Denial of Service' attacks, the hackers (possibly someone who has watched too many episode of Mr Robot) often use a one or more, sometimes a whole network of compromised computers or devices to try and take random or specific servers down by bombarding their firewall and server software with traffic or hits. Initially it was coming from Italy, then the US, then South America. We can manually kill off the Apache server process each time and restart it, but after a while it starts up again, sometimes soon or after a few hours. Eventually they will get bored with door rattling and move on, especially since we're not a big company website, power station etc. Our web-hosting company has elevated the issue to a more senior tier of support staff who have been working hard to resolve the issues, however we may start using Cloudflare and routing through their network behind the scenes for extra protection, as they provide a network service to assist with this sort of issue. If so, the website may be inaccessible for a short while. We may also have to enable additional firewall rules, which potentially could cause you to receive a blocked or forbidden error messages in your browser if your use or visit to the site triggers a false positive. Such advanced rules are very sensitive, and require a lot of fine tuning and extra time to configure, so are best avoided if possible. I want to reassure you that we have no reason to believe the website or server has been compromised or hacked in any way, or personal information taken. We take security seriously. We also have automatic backups available, and all non-public user account related personal information such as e-mail addresses, passwords etc are fully encrypted, as you would rightly expect. This is one reason why we licence use of professional community software with regular updates rather than use free software, and we also automatically encrypt all traffic between our server and your browser when you visit our site. We also use another company to probe our server infrastructure, encryption levels and website each week for potential security issues. Thank you bearing with us. Handy to know tips from Roedecker Contrary to first impressions, he actually knows what he's doing... Remember in general to always use ideally single use, strong passwords on your websites and devices, in particular your Google or other email accounts which if compromised could be used to change or hack your social media and website accounts. Password managers are well recommended, in particular LastPass and 1Pass are recommended. http://uk.pcmag.com/password-managers-products/4296/guide/the-best-password-managers-of-2018 https://www.techradar.com/news/software/applications/the-best-password-manager-1325845 https://www.cnet.com/news/the-best-password-managers-directory/ Always use a good, up to date Antivirus software, ideally combined with separate anti-malware software such as Malwarebytes. These days, on Windows 10, Microsoft's built-in antivirus is regarded as very good. Avast is excellent for free software, I used it for over 10 years, but tends to nag with somewhat, scaremongering pop ups to buy the full version. Kapaskey, Mcaffee and Symantec are probably best avoided. Should you have any concerns about account security in general, you may be unaware but we also support so-called 'two factor' account protection. Did you know we support Google Authenticator! If would like to make use of the popular Google Authenticator service which you can configure in your user account settings, it is free and optional for non-staff members. Very handy if you don't use a password manager service or tend to read-use the same password for multiple sites. Once activated, it allows you to require anyone accessing your account from a new device or browser for the first time or after you sign out, to enter a one time code sent to your phone or mobile device by Google, either by text message or via the Google Authenticator app (if you have it installed on your mobile devices). If the code is not correctly entered before it expires, access is denied, so without access to your device, nobody can in theory access your account. I can't stress this enough to everyone with a Google Account these days, I very strongly recommended activating Google 2FA/Google Authenticator to access your Google Account, but you can also use it here if you want and on many other websites and apps too. Adding an extra layer... We also have the optional 3 Security Question/Answers option if you prefer, or you can use both. You can set up questions and answers that hopefully only you would know the correct answers to (don't share too much info on social media!), Either of these options are are available in your Account Security settings and are useful if you feel you would like to add an extra layer of protection to your account. You may also have noticed a new section after our last big update that provides device and browser usage history (Recently Used Devices). If you also use a VPN service however, the info will obviously be incorrect. The Old Man
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    Joe's wife posted on his FB page 1 hour ago ! "Joe is progressing. Slowly but surely. He slept most of the night and day as he is still pretty doped up, but doesn't seem to be in any pain. The nurses moved him to a chair so he can sit down for a while and also to avoid bed sores. He cannot have anything solid until some of his bodily functions go back to normal, according to the doctor. For now he is just sleepy. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts. " keep up all the positive energy for Joe
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    today is surgery day for Joe . it is expected to take 6 hrs [ or more] . I am keeping tabs on his FB page and will keep you updated . keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers .
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    CSM is perhaps the villain I've loved to watch most on TV. William B. Davis did such a good job with what was originally such a minor role. Turns out, he's writes well, too. His episode, En Ami, was probably my favorite from the original run. I was pleased to see that come back in Season 11.
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    Sending Joe more thoughts and prayers. One brave man.
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    Donatien to the group and our home away from home. Interesting comments. I don't believe Frank was ever evil himself, but he was constantly tortured by it, and that would eventually drive anyone insane. He dealt with it better than most people would.
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    3/ 22 / 18 update from Joe @ Facebook ; " Just to let you all know next Friday the 30th I will be operated on to get the tumor and my Kidney out that also has cancer in it too. I will admitted for a 4 to 5 day period. Would love to have visitors but I would suggest to come two days after my surgery. I will be at Mercy Hospital "
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