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    A Single Blade of Grass
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  1. Ooh, not heard about that one. Will have to read up on it. Thanks Randee!
  2. Recently watched Rogue One and really enjoyed it, an excellent film.
  3. Sad to read about Erin Moran's passing, I used to really like Happy Days as a child. They should re show the series.
  4. Apparently the release date is July 18th 2017. Amazon are are also currently doing an offer, where you get this free or any other audio book free (actually 2 free with with a 30 day free trial of Audible. US Links:- The X-Files: Cold Cases Audiobook - Amazon US Referral Link (US) Audible 30 Day Free Trial with 2 Free Audiobooks Referral Link UK Links:- The X-Files: Cold Cases Audiobook - Amazon UK Referral Link (UK) Audible 30 Day Free Trial with Free Audiobook Referral Link Hope this helps!
  5. Welcome to This Is Who We Are, Andrew! Thanks for taking the time to register and say hello. Your video is really impressive, we appreciate your talent! Look forward to seeing you around the forums!
  6. Definitely Millenniumistic!
  7. Thanks Darlene, I think the rotating Ouro is my favourite too! I want to recreate the Roedecker version with it eating itself. Either that or Frank's animated Pumpkin which I have left as it is, counting down to Halloween! Yes you can just enter 00 for the hours and 00 for the minutes for midnight on the day of your choosing.
  8. I love that pic, Earthnut! Two monitors is cheaper than two buying two computers sharing one monitor, and definitely easier to use! I guess you do it with a KVM switch though. KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse. We use them in work to connect 12 servers to one slide out keyboard, mouse and monitor, then we just choose which we want to see and control. Here's one I found in the US with VGA style connectors for around $39 that also does audio (ideal for home/office!): Startech is a good brand too!
  9. April Showers!

  10. Hi Darlene, firstly thanks for trying out the gadget pack! Asking is how we learn, don't worry! Yes, you can just have 1 gadget/skin loaded, or several! It's completely up to you. I'm greedy and like them all 'Loaded'! The Welcome gadgets are part of the so-called Illustro demo pack of gadgets that come with Rain Meterto get you started and so you know it's working. You can just right-click on any and all of them, one by one, to Unload them once you're bored with them. I appreciate that Rainmeter's terminology can be a bit confusing and nerdy, they could have made it more friendly and less geeky, but once you understand how to 'load' and 'unload' the skins (Rainmeter's fancy name for Gadgets or as some people call them, Widgets) and how to switch if a skin has more than one or different variants (like the Ouroborus and Pumpkin gadgets), that's about all you need to know. Suddenly it clicks in your head (if you've had a good coffee first!) and you think to yourself, "Oh, I see! Yes, I get it now!" Then you can do it quickly. You found 1 way to remove or close a skin, you can certainly use that method, but there is actually an even easier way, without having to go to the Manage screen/control panel first... Just 'Right click' on any gadget and you'll see the pop-up menu, at the bottom just click on the Unload option. Check out the tips guide/topic I made, which shows you with pictures, how to easily Load (display a skin/gadget), how to Unload (switch off a skin/gadget), and how to see if a skin has more than one variant, like the rotating Ouroborus one, and if so, how to switch between the variants or variations. To Load a new skin, as in the help topic, the quickest way is to right-click on any open gadget and on the menu choose the M-TIWWA group of gadgets and then choose which you want to see. If you don't have gadgets at all on your screen (loaded), instead go to the Manage control panel by double-clicking on the Rainmeter raindrop icon by your clock (or if you prefer, right click on it and choose Manage), look at the list of gadgets and simply double-click on them to Load them (as many as you like), or click on the Load button to load the one you have selected from the list. Hope this helps!
  11. Wow Viivi, love your profile cover photo! :banana:

    1. Viivi


      Thank you, my dear! It's a sweet memory of a visit to a gorgeous park in Hamburg a couple of years ago. 

    2. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Sounds nice! I miss your photos! Must see more! 📸

  12. Hi Darlene, hope you're well! Thanks for the kind words, it's a pleasure. I've not been well since Jan and off work, so I've had some time to catch up on a few things when I've had the energy and have found found it relaxing. Yes, the gadget pack should work fine on Windows 7, because Rainmeter officially supports Windows 7, 8 and 10. I haven't tried it myself as I only have Windows 10 now after the free upgrade from Win7 to Win10 came out. Yes, both monitors are connected to the same PC. I have a 22" and an old square 19" connected to the same graphics card, which is what the gadgets are on in the video. I'd love 3 monitors for more convenience though!
  13. Thanks Beerman! Hope you caught the little Easter eggs in the video! They turned out well, I think they look great on my second monitor, I can glance over and see them and feel Millenniumistic! Or hit the button and I'm straight at TIWWA with a Boom Boom! One of the biggest issues I had with the original Windows 7 sidebar gadgets was making it easy to customise your name and the countdown. Now it's really easy, you just click on a gadget and change your name. My favourites are Spooky Frank, the animated pumpkin, the rotating Ouroborus and the Owls hacked version. Happy to make some more gadgets with different Millennium characters, who would we like to see next? Catherine? Benny? Lara? Bob? Gehenna devil? Long haired man? Jose? Samiel? Sammael? Mike in the microwave? The green key lime pie tongue?!
  14. Happy Birthday Viivi! Have a wonderful day! x X x
  15. Chuck Berry was certainly a talented individual, he will be missed. RIP Johnny B. Goode