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  1. Much love to you, my dear friend Graham! I hope you're doing well. It's been a while since we've talked but all is well over here. ❤️

  2. Hi there, Apologies for that! It was actually not referring to your good self, it was the MariaDB database being rude to Apache, the web server! I normally get 1000 StatusCake alerts if the site is down for more than a few minutes, but technically it was up, so I wasn't aware.
  3. Hhhm, I just looked that up as I'd not heard of it. Apparently Fox invested half a billion in it, so you never know. I can't image MLM being shown on Disney! I read that Tubi can't operate in the UK and Europe anymore due to GDPR (privacy law) compliance, or rather the lack of the same.
  4. Is this what was tipped for the top awards this year?
  5. I love that! Sometimes, (at bandcamp 😉), if I download a show from on demand/catchup service that I didn't record, it has no ads at all, and I'm left pleasantly surprised, all warm and fuzzy that my expensive subscription was enough! I just get the little idents with no ads between them. Happens on Discovery HD a lot.
  6. Hi David, hope you're well! Yes, he actually dropped me an email about a year ago, I replied but never heard back. He was fine as I recall, superbusy with new responsibilities still in the UK education sector and avoiding the pox. Graham
  7. That's a shame, I hope it gets further availability. I just finished watching all 4 seasons of The Bridge (the original Swedish/Danish version) after watching the 2 season US version. Both were absolutely excellent and just as original, intriguing and well written as The Tunnel (the UK version of the Swedish version (phew!) I saw years back). So many twists and turns! The first opening 10 mins of The Tunnel still blows me away. I either forgot or didn't realise but S1 of Der Pass was based on S1 of original Swedish/Danish The Bridge (itself based on an acclaimed book), so I'm keen to see if there are more elements, each version has its own interpretation and story as well as the original premise. All of these are worth watching in their own right if you've not discovered the genre yet and the subtitles don't detract at all. PS. Avoid Wikipedia and it's rotten spoilers policy if you intend to watch any of these related shows, they will spoil them for you.
  8. Hi both, Good question! I like polls too! A mix here. Amazon Prime/Video, Sky which provides a mix of satellite and on demand streaming. I keep wanting to bin Sky off, it's so expensive now, and stick with Amazon and get Netflix instead. I only tend to watch the news live these days, huge respect and crush on the BBC's Martine Croxall, but also because the amount of ads and ad breaks is crazy! You have to skip them on 30x fast forward! Still have my beloved DVD shelf, of course. Never bought a Blu ray player, availability of streaming and satellite HD kind of beat me to it. If it's not on TV in HD, I no watch. My 42" plasma is now quite old, but still has awesome 1080p picture but it's full HD, not 4K. My Sky box isn't the newer Sky Q 4K version either. I could watch in 4K on my PC monitor, but never do as it's not got a USB sofa attached to it and Amazon Prime doesn't support 4K on their Windows 10 app. 4K YouTube content is stunning though!
  9. Great news, Season 2 of Der Pass appeared this week! All episodes downloadable on Sky On Demand/Now TV if you have access to it. Can't wait to see if it's as good as the first season! Apparently it takes place a year after S1, so I'm hoping there's more breathtaking visuals of those snowy Scandinavian forests and mountains (and creepy ass antler wearing weirdos aplenty). Episode Summary https://www.sky.com/watch/title/series/15e9c294-c6d6-4acf-ad91-62a4cb89e209/the-pass/episodes/season-2/episode-1 The trailer is below, in Deutsch of course... @hobbeschild I'm sorry you didn't get a reply to your post, I completely missed it. I'd have to rewatch S1 to remind myself and be sure but I think you're correct. Hope you get to see S2, this and Absentia are unmissable.
  10. I've always enjoyed the first X-Files movie. When you watch it in sequence with a re-run of the show, it is still a pleasure and fun to watch. Its got all the elements needed, as long as you have a pinch of salt handy, ready to take. Great to the a script here for it.
  11. Honestly, I didn't like this episode at all, it was just terrible! 😦
  12. Thanks @Gotham Gal! It was a great episode, I recently watched the entrie series and films ove the course of a few weeks, and I always find this episode so interesting. All thanks to @Libbyfor sharing these gems.
  13. Excellent tips, Libby! I've now uploaded all of the scripts into the Downloads section, I'm sure they will be of interest and a useful reference. Hopefully other script owners will be willing and able to share in the future.
  14. 25 downloads

    XF 9ABX14 Improbable script "The X-Files" and all related characters are © Copyright Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inc and its related entities. All Rights Reserved. Any use of copyrighted material or images is for the purposes of lawful educational research, promotional news and critical review, their use being allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.
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