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    Kingdom Come
    The Judge
    The Wild and the Innocent
    Loin Like a Hunting Flame
    Force Majeure
    Paper Dove
    Beware of the Dog
    Sense and Antisense
    The Curse of Frank Black
    The Hand of Saint Sebastian
    Goodbye Charlie
    Midnight of the Century
    The Mikado
    A Room With No View
    The Fourth Horseman
    The Time Is Now
    Skull and Bones
    The Sound of Snow
    Goodbye To All That
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    Frank Black
    Peter Watts
    Lt. Bob Bletcher
    Det. Bob Giebelhouse
    Lucy Butler
    Jim Penseyres
    Mike Atkins
    Cheryl Andrews
    Lara Means
    The Old Man
    Brian Roedecker

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  1. 0 downloads

    422. "Revelation" (2/2) Air date: 12/24/99 Written by Dan Owen and Matt Asendorf Reeling from bad news, Frank makes surprising connections between Ryan's murder case, the terrorist attack on Washington D.C., and Alexander Le Saux. And as Le Saux's intentions become clearer, Mabius's shipments arrive.
  2. 0 downloads

    421. "The Swords of Armageddon" (1/2) Air date: 12/17/99 Written by Dan Owen and Matt Asendorf While Frank is sidetracked from a murder investigation by a mysterious caller with a vendetta against the Millennium Group, a covert operation in Russia gets underway... and it may prematurely bring about the end of the world.
  3. 0 downloads

    420. "Diabolus Ex Machina" Air date: 12/10/99 Written by David Klein Frank returns to Seattle at the behest of a former associate to apprehend a killer, while, in Baltimore, the Black household begins to feel the presence of evil more strongly.
  4. 0 downloads

    419. "In Adventu Dominae" Air date: 12/03/99 Written by Jason Walsh The death of an old family friend stirs traumatic memories in Emma as she makes surprising connections to her own sister's murder and her father... who is hiding a terrible secret.
  5. 0 downloads

    418. "The Third Eye" Air date: 11/26/99 Written by Kevin Patterson As the FBI investigates the abduction and murder of two individuals who had been subjected to highly unusual brain surgery, Frank and Emma begin to uncover the Millennium Group's agenda for the approaching new year.
  6. 0 downloads

    417. "Where Shadows Fall" Air date: 11/19/99 Written by Matt Asendorf and David Klein In 1976, eight-year-old Eve Dean was incarcerated for the murder of her parents. Twenty-three years later, Frank launches an investigation into her past and discovers a disturbing possibility: her parents thought she was possessed.
  7. 0 downloads

    416. "The Dawn of Nothing" Air date: 11/12/99 Written by Andrew Wyatt and Dan Owen A snuff film, mailed to the brother of the featured female victim, causes Frank and Ryan to suspect that an undercover network of violent pornography stretching across New York state is linked to a series of recent abductions... And the filmmaker believes he and Frank share a special bond.
  8. 0 downloads

    415. "Anthropophagi" Air date: 11/05/99 Written by Dan Owen While helping local authorities solve a cannibalistic attack in Baltimore, the sickening case soon pulls Frank into an even deeper realm of terror... as a familiar adversary surfaces.
  9. 0 downloads

    414. "Hollow Scars" Air date: 10/29/99 Written by Gavin Hunter Halloween sends more than shivers up their spines as Helen Black is tortured by memories of her near-fatal abduction, Ryan Frost, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, has to come to terms with his clouded past, and Frank realizes he has had more than one life experience dealing with the Devil.
  10. 0 downloads

    413. "Iso Bet Din" Air date: 10/22/99 Written by Anne Andrews and Bunny Williams During a peaceful visit to Ohio Amish country, Frank becomes involved in a series of mysterious deaths while Jordan makes a discovery that could have far-reaching repercussions.
  11. 0 downloads

    412. "Tribulation" (2/2) Air date: 10/01/99 Written by Dan Owen Intrigued by the discovery of an "eye hieroglyph," Frank makes a connection between the events surrounding Flight 320 and a series of secretive, unethical experiments known as Project Blueflame.
  12. 0 downloads

    411. "Rapture" (1/2) Air date: 09/24/99 Written by Dan Owen When the passengers of an airplane strangely disappear, Ryan Frost manages to secure Frank a place on the investigative team. Meanwhile, Emma and McGreevey are drawn into a similar mystery involving the abduction of newborns from a Washington D.C. hospital.
  13. 0 downloads

    410. "Akuma Odori" Air date: 09/17/99 Written by Eric Davis Tom Black enlists Frank to investigate the suicide of his associate, biophysicist Takayo Nakagawa. Frank surmises that Nakagawa's involvement in radiation experimentation during the late 1950s may be connected to other Japanese scientists who were driven mad by unseen spirits.
  14. 0 downloads

    409. "Our Own Flesh and Blood" Air date: 09/10/99 Written by David Klein The brutal murder and torture of an upper-middle class suburbanite couple spawns an investigation which will ultimately test the partnership of Frank and Ryan Frost as they disagree over the identity of the killer.
  15. 0 downloads

    408. "Twilight Years" Air date: 09/03/99 Story by Marcus Dixon, teleplay by Andrew Denst Frank's cabin in the Wenatchee Mountains becomes the scene of two grisly murders: an elderly woman and a young girl -- murders that may be the result of a Millennium Group experiment gone astray.
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