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    T'interweb, tech, used to love building bespoke PC and PC gaming, web design, watching good films and inspiring television. Wish I had time to read books, enjoy music but mostly TV and surfing these days due to lack of spare time and energy.
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    Graham P. Smith

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    Kingdom Come
    The Judge
    The Wild and the Innocent
    Loin Like a Hunting Flame
    Force Majeure
    Thrones and Dominions
    Paper Dove
    The Beginning and the End
    Beware of the Dog
    Sense and Antisense
    The Curse of Frank Black
    The Hand of Saint Sebastian
    Goodbye Charlie
    Midnight of the Century
    The Mikado
    A Room With No View
    The Fourth Horseman
    The Time Is Now
    The Sound of Snow
    Via Dolorosa
    Goodbye To All That
  • Least Favorite Millennium Episodes
    A Single Blade of Grass
    ...Thirteen Years Later
    Seven and One
  • Favorite Millenium Characters
    Frank Black
    Catherine Black
    Peter Watts
    Lt. Bob Bletcher
    Det. Bob Giebelhouse
    Lucy Butler
    Jim Penseyres
    Mike Atkins
    Cheryl Andrews
    Lara Means
    The Old Man
  • Favorite Millennium Writers
    Chip Johannessen
    Chris Carter
    Darin Morgan
    Erin Maher & Kay Reindl
    Frank Spotnitz
    Glen Morgan & James Wong
    Ken Horton
    Michael R. Perry
  • Favorite Millennium Directors
    David Nutter
    Perry Lang
    Thomas J. Wright
    Winrich Kolbe
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    Founder of This Is Who We Are, the largest, friendliest and most feature laden place for Millennium fans to meet, discuss and share information about the brilliant television series.

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  1. Looking forward to Spring.

    1. Libby


      The birds started singing here today. Put a smile on my face!

    2. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Thanks Libby, here too! We don't have anything as exciting as on Winterwatch, but we have occasional Robins, mostly Blue Tits, Great Tits, Starlings, Wood Pigeons and Magpies visiting the garden.