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  1. The Old Man

    anyone else watch Luther?

    Lol! I'm actually pretty slow on the uptake! I don't think it's anything intentional on behalf of the creators and show runners, probably just coincidences that make you smile and think how nice it would be if it were an official nod to our beloved Millennium. I saw the Ouro more by chance as it was part of an image projected onto the back of a naked serial killer in S5 Ep1. Not really spoilers but I'll use the spoiler button anyway... Love the killers use of MillenniumisticTM runes, symbols and ancient woodcut drawings in Luther S5! I've just caught up with the latest episode, I can't wait for season 6, or the rumoured movie in between. I read a review on Digital Spy (avoid it like the plague as it's full of spoilers) that panned S5 which I thought was way too unfair and dismissive for the sake of being dismissive. It was also nice to see actor Patrick Malahide as an old school East End villain, I remember him fondly from the 70's series Minder (must see TV if you were alive in Britain during the late 70's, early 80's) as Detecive Insoector Chisholm with his sidekick Sergeant Jones. He never seems to look any older! There was a scene where he is reminiscing about the old days with a near retirement age senior police officer who describes him wearing an old sheep fleece jacket and cheap suit, which I'm pretty sure is a nod to his character Chisholm in Minder.
  2. The Old Man

    Sound effects

    Regarding the Millennium Windows 7 Theme you were discussing, just a thought but I'm not sure it will install and work properly in Windows 10. The way desktop themes in Win 10 probably changed, so you may just see the background image that comes with it, but get no sound effects unless you manually add them. I'll have to make a Win 10 version if nobody else does, it would be nice to have.
  3. Loving your profile piccie! :bear:

  4. The Old Man

    Sound effects

    Hi, One button produces a single, the other a double boom sound effect to insert into your post. I was intending to add a different icon with a x2 but that's on hold because for now, I don't see a way for this to work for non-admin accounts that can't post html. I'll keep looking into it but I may have to just remove the buttons. You can probably just delete it from a post if you've tried it. (If you want to know more...) I basically made a custom button for CKEditor that has this icon and produces this snippet of code, it inserts this source code snippet (which is the HTML5 audio tag with the option to display the playback controls), into a post. You/I would have to click on the source button in the editor to see the html that is actually produced to make up the post, but non-admin accounts won't see it, since html posting is restricted to protect against hacking. So if you were to see the code it would look like this.. <audio controls=""> <source src="https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/downloads/audio/effects/MD2_single.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> Sorry, your browser does not support the audio element. </audio> The text editor (actually CKEditor) interprets that code to display the playback controls, which start the sound when used, otherwise you'd hear the sound as the page loads but no controls would show. Sorry, your browser does not support the audio element. However, what is happening for you guys is that the code is being stripped out when you hit the Submit button, so it's not displaying and working correctly for you.
  5. The Old Man

    anyone else watch Luther?

    Luther faces a serial killer wearing a Punch mask who wishes to emulate London Folklore figure Spring-heeled Jack Love Luther's reference to Penny Dreadfuls in this episode!
  6. The Old Man

    Sound effects

    Hi, I've split this page of replies off from the Luther topic. I took a look at the source code of the posts where you've tried the Ouro buttons on the editor and it says your browser doesn't support it, that's actually a bit false positive, that message is a fallback if the player doesn't show. It looks like the playback controls are being stripped out after you post, because as a non-admin member, you can't post raw HTML (for security reasons) which was something I didn't consider when trying to come up with a sort of alternative workaround designed to reduce the 'no boom' posts clogging up the Chatbox. If you can see the player when I've posted a boom, that's a good sign. I'll try whitelisting the relevant html5 audio tags in the editor and see if it fixes it for you. There are some areas of the site where it may show that message but it should work in forum posts. Sorry, your browser does not support the audio element.
  7. The Old Man

    anyone else watch Luther?

    Well I've been watching about 2-3 episodes a night, and I'm completely hooked on Luther. Pure class, some genuinely creepy scenes. Also some seriously funny dark humour! One of the episodes reminded me a lot of 19:19. Another has a Jeep Cherokee. The mournful MillenniumisticTM violins/cellos. Last night I thought I was seeing things, after several rewinds and freezeframes, there was an Ouro! Sorry, your browser does not support the audio element.
  8. The Old Man

    anyone else watch Luther?

    Last night I watched the second and third episodes, the third was definitely MillenniumisticTM !
  9. Sending you a ...

  10. The Old Man

    HDTV Frank

    Nope, still have it! Not sure if they ever fixed it, I must check.
  11. The Old Man

    anyone else watch Luther?

    Actually I watched Luther for the first time 2 nights ago! What a coincidence! I found they had the first season on iplayer so I was able to start at the beginning. Idris Elba was an excellent actor in the The Wire, I thought he was good in this too, but the writer let him down. I guessed the killer within minutes, and about 3 other plot points in no time, so I hope it gets better! I'm usually hopeless with mysteries, especially Midsomer Murders.
  12. The Old Man

    HDTV Frank

    We endured such a very long battle to get it released on DVD. It seems like such a long time ago. I remember Fox eventually sent me some preview DVDs ahead of the release along with a copy of Harsh Ream, and I recall letting them know that the Millennium S1 box had the wrong number of episodes on the back; they took it well and said they'd fix it!
  13. The Old Man

    Terminator Sequel

    There can never be enough Terminator films with the original producer and cast! Avatar you can keep, it was good until they introduced those awful blue cats!
  14. The Old Man

    Change of emoji style

    Sorry Earthy, I missed your reply. I don't think so. It's too old now and support (updates) ends this year. If it was me, I'd make backups of my data and upgrade to Windows 10, or grab a cheap Windows 10 laptop or PC. Few tips: Windows 10 ideally needs 8GB of RAM. Get an SSD! Windows is super fast and responsive on one. Fortunately SSD drives are much more affordable now, 256GB minimum, 512GB ideal. If you go for a PC, you can have a traditional 1TB hard drive for storing of all your files and media, installing your everyday programs on your SSD with Windows. If using a PC or laptop, you could use OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox for your bulk file storage.
  15. The Old Man

    Happy Birthday Merowig

    Hope you had an awesome day! Your birthday powers last a week, you know. 🎂🎉🎈🎁

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