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    Bucksnort, North Wales, UK
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    Pisces ♓️

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    Millennium Group

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  • Favorite Millennium Episodes
    Beware of the Dog
    The Curse of Frank Black
    The Mikado
  • Favorite Millenium Characters
    Frank Black
    Catherine Black
    Peter Watts
    Lt. Bob Bletcher
    Det. Bob Giebelhouse
    Lucy Butler
    Jim Penseyres
    Mike Atkins
    Cheryl Andrews
    Lara Means
    The Old Man
    Brian Roedecker
  • Favorite Millennium Writers
    Chip Johannessen
    Chris Carter
    Darin Morgan
    Erin Maher & Kay Reindl
    Frank Spotnitz
    Glen Morgan & James Wong
    Ken Horton
    Michael R. Perry
  • Favorite Millennium Directors
    David Nutter
    Perry Lang
    Thomas J. Wright
    Winrich Kolbe

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About Me

About The Old Man...

The leader of The Millennium Group, The Old Man was responsible for educating Candidates on the nature of Evil. Among them was Frank Black who visited Bucksnort on the request of Peter Watts (Beware of the Dog).

The Old Man travelled to Seattle and, through his death, reunited The Millennium Group, which had begun disintegration through the influence of Odessa. When questioned by Lara Means on which faction he believed (Owls or Roosters), he replied that he had already "seen the end of the world" when Rudolph Axmann had his parents gassed at Auschwitz (Owls, Roosters).

It is revealed that The Old Man approached Peter Watts with an offer to join The Millennium Group. Watts, going through an especially difficult period, saw comfort in The Group, and agreed (The Time Is Now).

Here's my thing...

Okay, here's my thing... (ooo, now I'm Lara Means!) ...

I love all things Millennium and 1013! I spend most of my free spare time running a few websites, the main and largest being Millennium - This is who are are. Originally created way back in Feb 2001 as Millennium Desktop UK, the website was later re-branded in September 2007, but still exists to promote the Millennium TV series together with the hard work and raw talent of the shows creators and crew at Ten Thirteen Productions, and of course its amazing cast.

I also created and manage SarahJaneRedmond.com for film and television actress Sarah-Jane Redmond, who played Lucy Butler in Millennium. I also created two local community group websites to support my local historic cinema and also our local annual Flower Show.

Aside from the endless tweaking and time consuming web design, I'm into sci-fi/horror, war films and television, PC gaming, reading if I get the chance, and building PC's and installing upgrades.

Finally, a few words about TIWWA

This Is Who We Are would be nothing without its amazing community members who have made this place so special. I really appreciate the time you take to visit this website and especially for your content contributions. I'd like to extend a huge, Millennium Group Hug to Libby (she will unleash Mabius on me for referring to her as The Old Lady!), Viivi and Alex from our volunteer Elder Staff Moderator team, and our community events team of volunteer forum members, The Blackcoats.


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