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  1. Our US based store is now open! Grab a 15% launch discount for the first 14 days!

    Plus there is a 20% off discount for just next 3 days in the UK-EU Store if you're quick. 

    No voucher codes needed, just click on the Redeem option at the top of your nearest store for details.



    Hopefully we'll make some sales so that I can renew our license which just expired!

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  2. Quote

    The US/Canada store will be available very soon at:

    Working as fast as I can guys, I've had to manually add and recreate everything from the EU store from scratch, so please bear with me!

    Each design may be in 70-100 products, and each one is available in as many as 20 colours, so as you can image there is a lot of work involved in checking the position layout and size of the design, checking every colour combination works and is visible and so on.

  3. Further update, I've now installed and switched image processing over to ImageMagick and set it to automatically strip EXIF data from uploaded images by default, in order to ensure sensitive details (such as GPS geolocation data from images taken with mobile phones) is not retained.

    This way, given that we're not a photography based website, is probably better than relying on the user when uploading to opt to disable the location map on their uploaded photos if they don't want a map to show.

    ImageMagick is an advanced image manipulation program available on some hosts. It provides benefits over the GD library such as more efficient handling of very large images and the ability to retain animation in resized animated gifs.

  4. Hi,

    Location and GPS data in photos can be really useful especially on photo gallery and photo mapping sites. However, in some usage cases you don't want to reveal a location.

    This query was resolved but for anyone else interested or concerned...

    If you upload photos into our Gallery taken with a phone/tablet device etc that you had previously or unknowingly left set to include location data in the image (embedded GPS coordinates inside the file's EXIF data), our Gallery will show an optional map near the image, showing where it was taken.

    Under the map is a tool setting marked Privacy, in which is a simple on/off toggle switch. You can switch it off, or on again.

    Standard device data like make, model etc, isn't really personal (identifying) data, but you can certainly opt to strip it/remove it using various image processing software and apps. This sort of data is like iris, exposure, focus, flash data, it gets stored by your device (usually automatically) when you take a photo and can be quite useful, especially for sorting images or seeing how you got such a great photo. Depending upon the device, it may be possible to select which EXIF data the camera adds to the image file.




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  5. Thanks for the support, Darlene!  :smile:

    I don't think it was an intentional attack, probably someone trying their luck at random or an automated bot thing. According to the logs, we get a lot of bots all the time relentlessly probing our Wordpress log-in page, it would be a concern if we had one but we don't use Wordpress!

    Same with our server, attempted hacks 24/7, after a couple of attempts they get automatically blocked by the firewalls.

  6. On 25 November 2016 at 5:53 PM, beerbelch said:

    BEER----> I'm a simple guy. What does all this mean? I just like to think and type.


    It's a blog post explaining what's coming up in the next update. Nothing to stop you doing just that, Beerbelch. You won't actually have to do anything different.

    On 25 November 2016 at 6:15 PM, Earthnut said:

    Mr. Belch, you're not the only simple person.  I so appreciate all of Graham's work, I just don't understand most of it.  Thank you Graham for all that you do for us. :401:  Will definitely have to come back and read all of this again.

    Thanks Darlene. The reason behind these blog entries is to let our regular members and also our 'staff' know about issues that have been fixed, explain new features, changes or improvements to the way current things work. 

    I wouldn't expect everyone to understand or even be interested in all of the software changes, or even these blog entries, some things relate just to staff moderator and administrator functionality which I try to highlight accordingly in the list. The things that are likely to be of interest to most I embolden so they stand out.

    Not only does it serve to keep people updated, but it also serves to generally promote the website as a whole.

    In this case, besides various smaller fixes/changes, it promotes a quite big new feature coming soon called The Leaderboard which some members might enjoy or find interesting, so it explains what it is, gives some example demonstration screenshots and tells you a bit more about it.

    Surely that's better than things just happening and us not telling anyone about them. :biggrin:


  7. Hi Darlene, 

    Youre looking at a list of Unread Content, so if you read a post, it won't show as unread again in the Unread Content stream. Pretty logical when you think about it. To do what you want, you can use the option for All Activity steam which would display all activity including the topic/posts you have read, or customise or create a stream to work how you prefer.

    Also, you can set any stream to be your default stream or reset the default back to Unread Content any time.

    It's a very flexible and heavily customisable system.

    Emoticon alert!

    Now I get it! The fool smiley is in the General category where I'd put it, but it only shows the first few in each category to make the pop up window more manageable. You can either click on the Category menu and choose say General to see them all, or if you know the name you can do a search. Recently used smilies appear at the top for convenience.

    The only thing missing is the option for Admin (or Members) to hide a category such as Christmas at other times of the year when they're not so relevant.

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    Emoticon alert!

    The idea is that all the smilies are clickable but you can jump to a specific category, so I'll have to figure out why the fool isn't showing.

    I had some smilies fail to upload (it just said failed) and after several attempts they still refused to upload so I skipped those. I couldn't see anything wrong with them.


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    Emoticon alert!

    Hi Darlene,

    I agree with that, good idea. I just put them alphabetical order after the General ones.

    Yes I noticed some duplicates remaining, same image but some are gif and other is png image for some reason!

    Loving that dancing turkey!

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