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  1. I too remember something about Seattle as well, but it seems it was only Carter visiting it to get a closer look at the peep-show club that inspired the one in the Pilot episode. I did some digging around and thanks to the image galleries, some searches, my working knowledge of X-Files shooting locations, I was able to identify a bit more! The image galleries tend to focus on the characters and not the background, so I'm sure more can be found by going through the episodes themselves more in detail -- and talking with a Vancouverite! Dead Letters: image 19 Molly's Coffee Sh
  2. I am familiar with what is on TIWWA, but I'm afraid you are assuming that the locations are the filming locations. As all of Carter's shows except the Los Angeles seasons of The X-Files, Millennium was shot 100% in and around Vancouver (apart perhaps some establishing stock shots of other places, like the San Francisco skyline in Gehenna for instance). Much of MM season 1 and 2 are set in Seattle, which is similar in climate to Vancouver, so the setting and the filming location are similar-looking. But I'm quite sure that the Old Man's cabin is somewhere in a natural park around Vancouver like
  3. Greetings! Where was Millennium shot? I have made some searching around including in these forums and there's not much I can find in terms of shooting locations. Of course it was filmed in Vancouver and surrounding areas in British Columbia, but what about the specifics? The X-Files was shot there in its first five seasons and there are some locations used in both shows, and since filming locations are better documented for XF it is possible to find some for MM too. Here is all I have: - The Yellow House (not the Pilot's; from Gehenna onwards): 321 Fourth Avenue, New Westminster
  4. There was a related to this that came out, in French! So I trascribed/translated it here: --- Marc Rosen, Producer-Director, GVTV Interviewed by 8 Art City (Alain Carrazé & Romain Nigita), October 8 2012, at MIPCOM, Cannes, France Poster: From the creator of the X-Files Chris Carter's "THE AFTER" What happens when the end is now? 13 x one-hour In fact it's not apocalyptic, it's very apocalyptic. In fact it's the first five seconds when it begins, the five minutes, the five hours, the five days, the five weeks. Normally, films -- and even series, like "Revolu
  5. MIPCOM is an entertainment industry market salon, where deals are made on TV shows: financing, ordering, sales to international markets, ... They tried to sell "Unique" to last year's MIPCOM. Now they're trying "The After" in this one. This year's is taking place in Cannes, France. I don't know whether Carter himself is there... Link to THR
  6. Hello all! Long time no see. After quite a few hours of research, writing and photo searching -- I worked on this on and off for ages -- my set of articles is up at EatTheCorn.com! Story and visual influences on the X-Files Feel free to read it, send me feedback, link to it... And a special mention to Millennium fans: check out the entry for the second X-Files movie!
  7. Thank you for all these informative posts. This goes a long way to confirm what I've come to understand by lurking over at FSM and reading various interviews with people involved in "resurrecting" soundtracks (LaLaLand included). The companies owning the rights to the films/series themselves don't care much what happens to the master tapes! How scary is that! And on the other end of the scale you have people like Christopher Franke who self-produced and released his soundtracks to Babylon 5 with no studio involvement with his own label, the result (link): 23 episodic scores (1 CD per episode!)
  8. FINALLY! Dark Skies is a very distant and faint memory from the 1990s. I do remember following it to the very best I could (without DVDs and VOD and illegal downloads and not even a VCR for me at the time it was very easy to miss a show on TV). And I remember being somewhat drawn in from the subject matter and from the enjoyable 60s atmosphere but not overly so -- then I remember quality picking up dramatically in the last third of the series! So I really want to check it out again and see it with fresh eyes. I remember reading that the reason it took so long to release it on VHS or D
  9. I read all your reviews a while ago -- never realized I had come across the writer of these articles in TIWWA! So thanks Alex! By the way (and this is in no way accusational!), in the Truth & Light review you reproduce the table of the tracks with the episodes the music comes from from Wikipedia. Interestingly enough, this same table appeared on Wikipedia shortly after my own page on The Truth & the Light was published. I hold no copyright of course, but the similarities between tables are too many not to see a causal link between them!
  10. The interview has been archived! Thank you very much Mark! So many 1013 productions seem to be but happy accidents -- like "Sound of Snow" here, not actually pre-meditated to be a "Frank's closure" episode.
  11. The pilot has aired over the other side of the Atlantic. Is anybody watching this?
  12. It seems The New Number 2 beat me to it, LLL did unexpectedly distribute some LG/HR CDs at the SDCC! As I thought it would be, it's a single disc for the two shows. 2000 is as much as for the MM release. I'm guessing they might make a double-feature offer of this CD along with the XF set, when the XF set gets released.
  13. AAAAAHHH!!! Must remember to do that backup I've been putting off for years...
  14. Thanks for this little reminder Libby! I had read that once but would have been unable to recall it by heart. A good show of, uh, sportsmanship (?) too, on behalf of Pillsbury! Today, a firm would be quicker to sue for copyright infringement rather than play along with a TV show. (That's my impression at least.)
  15. I'll certainly be congratulating Libby as well once I get a hand on these files too! I just wanted to point out that the "Cherish The Past" pages are still hosted online by who appears to be their original author/compiler here. And as far as I can tell (my actual online presence in the fandom came quite late, post series finale), the XF fandom has a long history of violent flame wars -- which enhances the positive experience of TIWWA even more.
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