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  1. Speaking of which, happy 25th anniversary Millennium! 25 October 1996. A quarter of a century!
  2. I never did reply to this thread, did I? The above was in preparation for a trip I did to Vancouver. I visited plenty of X-Files shooting locations, and a handful of Millennium shooting locations as well. Here's my report: Vancouver 25 years later The things relevant to Millennium: Pilot: the first shot of the Frenchman entering the peep show club: http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Screenshot000.jpg http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Wetwired-X-meets-CSM-Home-Again-homeless-alley.jpg Pilot: search for the "Peste" coffin (approximate location): http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Screenshot100.jpg http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/The-woods-so-many-episodes-6.jpg Gehenna: the discussion between Frank and Mike Atkins took place at this plaza: http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Screenshot073.jpg http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Wetwired-Mulder-meets-informant-Home-Again-homeless-evacuated.jpg Through the arch, looking toward the other side, is most likely where this Frank-Lara scene from Goodbye Charlie was shot: https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/img/dvd/stills/210/Screenshot054.jpg Gehenna and beyond: the Yellow House, of course: http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Deep-Throat-Budahas-house-Millennium-Frank-Black-house.jpg The Judge: glimpse of a statue: https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/img/dvd/stills/104/Screenshot057.jpg http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Beyond-the-Sea-vision.jpg Force Majeure: iron lung man's house: http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Home-Peacocks-home-Aubrey-Cokely-home.jpg Force Majeure: meeting between Frank and Brad Dourif: https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/img/dvd/stills/112/Screenshot020.jpg http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Fallen-Angel-FBI-HQ.jpg 2400 Motel, I still don't know which MM episode was shot there, I'll keep an eye out on a potential rewatch: http://www.eatthecorn.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Wetwired-motel.jpg I wanted to visit Bucksnort (Britannia Beach) but never got around to. Next time, maybe?
  3. I too remember something about Seattle as well, but it seems it was only Carter visiting it to get a closer look at the peep-show club that inspired the one in the Pilot episode. I did some digging around and thanks to the image galleries, some searches, my working knowledge of X-Files shooting locations, I was able to identify a bit more! The image galleries tend to focus on the characters and not the background, so I'm sure more can be found by going through the episodes themselves more in detail -- and talking with a Vancouverite! Dead Letters: image 19 Molly's Coffee Shop (demolished in 2009) Kingdom Come: church image 1 St. Paul’s Indian Catholic Church, North Vancouver The Judge: statue image 58 Angel of Victory, SeaBus terminal, West Cordova St, Vancouver (same statue as X-Files Beyond The Sea) Force Majeure: Iron Lung man's house 13275 Colebrook Rd., Surrey, same house as X-Files Home (Peacock house) Sacrament: church in the beginning ? Could this be St. Andrew's Wesley United Church, 1022 Nelson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4S7? (church used in X-Files Nothing Lives Forever) Beware of the Dog: Bucksnort Britannia Beach (Hotel in front of Mining museum; mining museum visible in the background when Frank is talking to Michael; RV in main street along the creek) Unfortunately the Old Man's cabin is more difficult to spot, as one could expect, perhaps a circle of stones protects it from prying Google cameras Goodbye Charlie: alley images 55-56: This looks like Gastown, where they filmed a lot The Pest House: the titular pest house, visible in image 13 Riverview Hospital, where they filmed a lot Human Essence: conversation on the seaside image 63, 65 CRAB Park at Portside, Vancouver Antipas: the mansion image 12: ? The maze garden is similar to the maze in VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, but there is no mansion behind it Forcing the End: final scenes images 128-141 Helipad on the roof of Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 630 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5N6 Unknown ? 2400 Motel, 2400 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5R 5G9 They have photos in their main office, as mentioned in the discussion here ? Simon Fraser University: apparently there was filming there (mentioned here) Could this be the discussion in image 18+ in Force Majeure? ? Cemeteries in Blood Relative, The Fourth Horseman (the Blacks' graves), Closure, Matryoshka: similar to X-Files Pilot (recreated cemetery in Queen Elizabeth Park) / The Blessing Way (Mountain View Cemetery) / Apocrypha (recreated cemetery in Stanley Park) ? ? Woods (Luminary), and road in woods ("Horse with no name" in Owls; teaser of The Sound of Snow): likely to be Seymour Demonstration Forest, where they filmed a lot ? IMDB mentions there was shooting in New Westminster, BC
  4. I am familiar with what is on TIWWA, but I'm afraid you are assuming that the locations are the filming locations. As all of Carter's shows except the Los Angeles seasons of The X-Files, Millennium was shot 100% in and around Vancouver (apart perhaps some establishing stock shots of other places, like the San Francisco skyline in Gehenna for instance). Much of MM season 1 and 2 are set in Seattle, which is similar in climate to Vancouver, so the setting and the filming location are similar-looking. But I'm quite sure that the Old Man's cabin is somewhere in a natural park around Vancouver like Seymour Demonstration Forest (where they shot a lot of X-Files, and I am guessing things like the burnt car scene from Owls or the forest scenes from The Sound of Snow); and that what is supposed to be Mount Baker is actually the mountains north of Vancouver (where they shot snowy episodes of the X-Files too).
  5. Greetings! Where was Millennium shot? I have made some searching around including in these forums and there's not much I can find in terms of shooting locations. Of course it was filmed in Vancouver and surrounding areas in British Columbia, but what about the specifics? The X-Files was shot there in its first five seasons and there are some locations used in both shows, and since filming locations are better documented for XF it is possible to find some for MM too. Here is all I have: - The Yellow House (not the Pilot's; from Gehenna onwards): 321 Fourth Avenue, New Westminster, British Columbia - Pilot: Frank hunts the Frenchman: Burrard Street Bridge, Vancouver - Force Majeure: The Atrium, Pocatello, Idaho: Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, 6450 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5G 2J3 - Luminary: Hydroplane arrival and rescue, and that iconic shot of Frank: I believe this is Buntzen Lake, XF also shot there and it looks the same - The Fourth Horseman: Frank's parents' grave: can't tell, but two sites where XF shot cemetaries are good candidates: Mountain View Cemetary, Vancouver, and Stanley Park, Vancouver - unknown episode: 2400 Motel, 2400 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5R 5G9 -- since there are MM photos in their main office What about the rest? Where is the hike in Lamentation? the Old Man's cabin? Frank's rental home during season 2? Peter Watts' house? the Donut Hole? the cabin at the end of season 2? that final shot of the show? How about all the interiors? Etc etc. Didn't ethsnafu attempt to collect these at some point? Good hunting!
  6. There was a related to this that came out, in French! So I trascribed/translated it here: --- Marc Rosen, Producer-Director, GVTV Interviewed by 8 Art City (Alain Carrazé & Romain Nigita), October 8 2012, at MIPCOM, Cannes, France Poster: From the creator of the X-Files Chris Carter's "THE AFTER" What happens when the end is now? 13 x one-hour In fact it's not apocalyptic, it's very apocalyptic. In fact it's the first five seconds when it begins, the five minutes, the five hours, the five days, the five weeks. Normally, films -- and even series, like "Revolution", but films normally -- they jump a period of ten years, twenty years, something that is ahead. Because you want special effects, production design, things like that. But with us, it's really reality, it's what happens if you and me we are here, something happens outside and we find ourselves in the middle of we don't know, if it's aliens, if it's biblical, if it's supernatural, à la Chris Carter in the X-Files. Each week our group of characters will try to find exactly what's going on. But as it's Chris Carter we're going to do twists and turns I think with the mythology. In fact it's -- he's going to say the same thing -- it's the closest to the X-Files compared to anything else he's done today. It's because there's a secret with what's going on, supernaturally or otherwise, and characters who are trying to find that out. At the same time they have missions themselves: to find the family of one of them, to find medicine for another, and for that they hold on together throughout the whole series. We are going to see the voyage between Los Angeles and New York in the first season, and afterwards we have twists and twists that Chris invented. I think that the audience who liked the X-Files will like this show here.
  7. MIPCOM is an entertainment industry market salon, where deals are made on TV shows: financing, ordering, sales to international markets, ... They tried to sell "Unique" to last year's MIPCOM. Now they're trying "The After" in this one. This year's is taking place in Cannes, France. I don't know whether Carter himself is there... Link to THR
  8. Hello all! Long time no see. After quite a few hours of research, writing and photo searching -- I worked on this on and off for ages -- my set of articles is up at EatTheCorn.com! Story and visual influences on the X-Files Feel free to read it, send me feedback, link to it... And a special mention to Millennium fans: check out the entry for the second X-Files movie!
  9. Thank you for all these informative posts. This goes a long way to confirm what I've come to understand by lurking over at FSM and reading various interviews with people involved in "resurrecting" soundtracks (LaLaLand included). The companies owning the rights to the films/series themselves don't care much what happens to the master tapes! How scary is that! And on the other end of the scale you have people like Christopher Franke who self-produced and released his soundtracks to Babylon 5 with no studio involvement with his own label, the result (link): 23 episodic scores (1 CD per episode!) were released, and one CD per subsequent TV movie special. There's one thing I've been thinking about and been holding on to as a secret whish, but seeing how the original company cares little for its own material there's little hope it might become a reality. In some foreign markets the show is dubbed. To do that, let's say FOX sends the dubbing company a complete version of the episode with original voices, a script (I guess), and an audio tape with everything minus the voices (I guess in feature films, where greater care is taken, there are separate tapes for music and sound effects provided to dubbers as well). The dubbing company records the dialogue, remixes the whole thing and distributes it to its own market. Now how likely is it that the dubbing company held on to the dialogue-less tapes? Do they have to erase it by law or is it not specified what to do with it and they are free to store it as long as they do not use it commercially and breach copyright? I've often fantasized about walking into a dark storage room with rows and rows of racks with audio tapes in them, labelled "MM 1XAB03 #1", "#2", etc. How viable does that idea sound to you? After all, the Ultimate Soundtrack is the music track of each episode, just like there are more and more "complete soundtracks" coming out for films. Sometimes the music track is available as an audio track on the DVD even! Maybe that will happen too when MM/XF is re-released on Blu-Ray? One can only hope.
  10. FINALLY! Dark Skies is a very distant and faint memory from the 1990s. I do remember following it to the very best I could (without DVDs and VOD and illegal downloads and not even a VCR for me at the time it was very easy to miss a show on TV). And I remember being somewhat drawn in from the subject matter and from the enjoyable 60s atmosphere but not overly so -- then I remember quality picking up dramatically in the last third of the series! So I really want to check it out again and see it with fresh eyes. I remember reading that the reason it took so long to release it on VHS or DVD, apart from the fact that it was not a huge success, was because of copyright issues. The show used extensively that wornderful music of the 1960s to dress up its episodes, and apparently the fees one has to pay for including that in a show that airs on TV and a show that is released on DVD are massively different.
  11. I read all your reviews a while ago -- never realized I had come across the writer of these articles in TIWWA! So thanks Alex! By the way (and this is in no way accusational!), in the Truth & Light review you reproduce the table of the tracks with the episodes the music comes from from Wikipedia. Interestingly enough, this same table appeared on Wikipedia shortly after my own page on The Truth & the Light was published. I hold no copyright of course, but the similarities between tables are too many not to see a causal link between them!
  12. The interview has been archived! Thank you very much Mark! So many 1013 productions seem to be but happy accidents -- like "Sound of Snow" here, not actually pre-meditated to be a "Frank's closure" episode.
  13. The pilot has aired over the other side of the Atlantic. Is anybody watching this?
  14. It seems The New Number 2 beat me to it, LLL did unexpectedly distribute some LG/HR CDs at the SDCC! As I thought it would be, it's a single disc for the two shows. 2000 is as much as for the MM release. I'm guessing they might make a double-feature offer of this CD along with the XF set, when the XF set gets released.
  15. AAAAAHHH!!! Must remember to do that backup I've been putting off for years...
  16. Thanks for this little reminder Libby! I had read that once but would have been unable to recall it by heart. A good show of, uh, sportsmanship (?) too, on behalf of Pillsbury! Today, a firm would be quicker to sue for copyright infringement rather than play along with a TV show. (That's my impression at least.)
  17. I'll certainly be congratulating Libby as well once I get a hand on these files too! I just wanted to point out that the "Cherish The Past" pages are still hosted online by who appears to be their original author/compiler here. And as far as I can tell (my actual online presence in the fandom came quite late, post series finale), the XF fandom has a long history of violent flame wars -- which enhances the positive experience of TIWWA even more.
  18. Yes. The first 3 seasons seemed to be building something grand, some pseudo-scientific basis for all that was happening on the island, they gave the feeling that whatever was going on with the Dharma initiative and the virus and the different stations, it was of paramount importance that could have consequences on a global scale. That was really exciting. In season 5 during the Dharmaville episodes I was eagerly waiting for all this pseudo-canon material on Valenzetti to finally become canon, alas not much happened during these episodes. And then the shift towards mysticism, "The Light" and two flawed brothers who pass as gods in season 6 utterly destroy all that.
  19. Yes, just like David Simon's "The Corner" and "The Wire" were shot on location in the city they're taking place in, Baltimore. Also, there are several parts which are played by various New Orleans residents, and several musicians appear as themselves. Simon is big on realism. So, season 1 ended. A peculiar mix of festivity and sadness, of joy of life and tiredness in front of huge odds. It does feel like "Treme" has a lot to say to the current state of things, in the post-economic-crisis period in the West. Not as addictive as "The Wire", but very good nonetheless! HBO often does that, renewing shows right after their first episode aired -- not the same can be said of FOX, right?
  20. Well it's been added. Thanks again! Now that's a complete answer that I like! My thoughts exactly! When CC talks about Frank Black, there's a feeling that this is much more personal than several interviews when he talks about Mulder & Scully. I think a lot of the Mulder character came not from Carter but from Duchovny and other season 1 writers (mainly Morgan & Wong and Howard Gordon). Carter gave him his motivations, but his humor and mannerisms were largely not his. Frank Black, on the other hand, behaves like Carter does in interviews: calm, certain of what he is saying, a man of not too many words but passionate when he wants to.
  21. The first 12 issues form the "Aquarius Project" mini-arc, which I enjoyed immensely and was part of my early XF fan obsessions! I haven't re-read them for years, but for the number of pages I remember the stories to be very dense and mysterious, like real XF episodes! Both artist and writer changed in later issues, and my interest waned at the time (and also the magazine became harder to find). I remember finding some great interviews with Petrucha and reviews of the first issues of the comic, but I can't locate them any more. I think it was on Petrucha's site, which just went through a re-design, but I'm not sure. As for the rare one, I guess you're referring to this post (cheers to Google for the quick find once more): "San DiegoComic Con Ashcan". According to the (one and only!) checklist Eth posted, it's just a special edition of #20. For what it's worth, I bought "Space" and "Beyond the Sea" off the internet last year for a normal price so I don't think they're the rarest.
  22. There were quite a few debates on exactly this point after "The Truth" aired. I'd certainly be inclined to agree with your point. However, Reyes' quote is problematic. If you accept it, then you have to accept that: - the "Valor Victor babies" are part of a government program. We both agreed that these babies were destined to become Supersoldiers, and that this whole thing is ultimately controlled by the older version of the Supersoldiers. So is it a "government program" like Reyes says or is it a program using military/government resources but led by infiltrated aliens? - when Scully was abducted in 1994 the Valor Victor project was already actively searching methods for creating these babies. But Scully's abudction was already fully explained throughout seasons 2-6 as part of the human/alien hybridization project controlled by the (human) Syndicate. So were the aliens/Supersoldiers already using governmental resources for their own secret goals right under the eyes of the Syndicate? The SS only "took over" in 2000; before that date they were pretty much waiting to be activated, and the Syndicate was "in charge". Reyes also says that the point was to create "alien babies" when technically they're hybrids, however calling them hybrids would be confusing as the term was already "occupied" in the XF mythos by pre-season 8 hybrids. So calling them aliens or alien facsimiles is a simplification for clarity's sake, which is what the above quote might have been. As much as this is indeed Carter's simple rundown of the mythology, the characters are still written as speaking through their own point of view, which was informed by only partial knowledge of the whole. Doggett doesn't accept the existence of aliens. Marita says the vaccine was being developed to save only the Syndicate when CSM had said it was to save everybody ("One Son"). There's even a quite blatant date mistake on Samantha's death in Jeffrey Spender's testimony, it's not 1987. Only Mulder and Scully can be said to know all the pieces (and again, arguably). What I'm getting at is that all sentences were correct in generic terms, but several did include some approximations so as to manage to narrate the whole of XF's mythology in an hour.
  23. Thank you for this! It doesn't seem to correspond with other Rolling Stone interviews I have archived. Do you have a date/issue to go with that? I'm placing it at MM s2 / XF s5 (talks of "Herrenvolk", "Home", "I was on, I would say, 20 of 24 of those for the "X-Files" last year"). And how did you get hold of an unedited version anyway? (Sorry to be so nit-picking!)
  24. The lack of clear direction and the "what not to do" instead of "what to do" list surely didn't play in season 3's favour. Also, despite the fact that Carter said he wanted to be much more present in season 3 than he was in season 2, it didn't seem to be all that much the case. He did write "TEOTWAWKI" to pretty much launch the season and give it some sense of direction, but he seems to have disappeared for the rest of the season, with the exception of "Antipas", which could be argued that it was the Traditional Annual Bulter Episode, and "Seven & One" for closure's sake. So Carter's contributions seemed to be a series of one-shots instead of a more general guidance, at least that's as far as I can tell. Overall season 3 was rather the work of Duggan and then Johannessen/Horton, and it didn't have enough time to re-build an audience before it was cancelled. That sounds really interesting! Was there artwork to go with that? I'm with you on that! And on top of that, putting Spotnitz & Gilligan on writing duty for that episode was not the wisest decision. Spotnitz wrote some MM episodes but was not really part of the story-breaking team and Gilligan who had never touched MM material before...
  25. I was going to add this to the XF 4 CD set thread but I decided to check this folder instead...I had missed this thread entirely! I am completely in love with this piece of music in the "Tango" teaser as well! I've ripped the audio too, it's been in my mp3 player for nearly a year now! I've listened to it so many times that if I had a "clean" version, the lack of Yves' voice-over would probably sound weird to me by now... Congratulations Eth and Diego for all your extensive research, that's some motivation people! Now I know that a lack of reply from Eth probably means the kind Jeff Charbonneau never did find what this track was all about, however one can still hope: what happened with this, Eth? Are we even 100% certain Mark Snow didn't compose this in a frenzy of Argentinian passion after testing several temp tracks on the episode?
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