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  1. Thank you! Got the Back To Frank book for my birthday!
  2. Yep. Definitely a spark between Frank and the veterinarian.
  3. It was cute...but I found everything Brittany Tiplady in that show to be adorable. Perhaps my own musical bias clouds my judgement...🤔
  4. Gotta love that Backstreet Boys song or whatever it was at Jordan's party in "Seven and One"...😂
  5. This too is ripped from the headlines. The media does this a lot.
  6. Yes on the music! Death Prayer is one of my favorite pieces from the show!
  7. I don't know that I have five that I dislike... Maranatha seems off to me. Frank just seems a little over the top at the end and I just didn't buy Yaponchik as the Antichrist, but that's just me. Owls and Roosters just didn't do it for me. As for Top 5 favorites it's hard to say but Midnight of the Century is up there. Every time I watch it I get "something in my eye" and my girl thinks I'm crying. Weird, right?
  8. I like it too but the subject matter is uncomfortable for some people I guess.
  9. If only poor Art had known about the little blue pills back then....but alas it was '97...
  10. Mark Snow's ability to make me feel music is extraordinary. At first I thought it was because I had a particular scene in a show to associate it with but that's not always the case. The piece from Night Sins above is really good and I've never even heard of that show.
  11. I've been out for a stretch. We'll say I was wandering the wilderness of Alaska...yeah, that's it. 😉 Anyway nice to see some new faces and some old faces that are still around. I hope to be posting more.
  12. Yeah The Old Man was a very cool character I would have liked to have learned more about as well.
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