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  1. Wow, it's been a number of years since I darkened this board. The incredibly intense discussions that once permeated TIWWA were certainly one of the highlights of my 2+ years here. I see that some have left, but some have stayed, Graham (Old Man), Libby, and a few others I recognize from years past. Life certainly has pulled me in all directions these past 4-5 years. 1 son is in college, the other a junior in H.S., still married to the same wonderful woman now for 20 years. Unfortunately, along with the smiles, comes the tears as my mother passed away April 18th of this year. Hopefully getting my feet wet here again will be a fruitful journey as it was in the past. Putting out a shout to Gunslinger, if he is still here, Earthnut as well. oh and Grahame, I still need to send you the Millennium memorabilia I have. Sorry its taken so long... best regards, 4th Horseman
  2. I can also confirm the SJR autographs as i too possess one. I also have autographed photos of Megan, and an autographed script from "13 Years Later" from all the members of Kiss, Lance, Thomas Wright, etc... 4th Horseman
  3. is mounting his steed

    1. Who Am I?

      Who Am I?

      ride em cowboy.

  4. H.R. Giger's version of the oroboruros... 4th Horseman...
  5. Hey...thanks everyone...yes, i admit, i lurked on my birthday..LOL...i miss you guys and think of you often...love to you all.. 4th Horseman
  6. Graham...expect a bit of a surprise as they venture up to Alaska where the driving is WAY more dangerous...i never thought i would be a fan of the show, but it has grown on me...Alex is a great guy, and there are some new faces, in particular Lisa Kelly (which by an incredible stroke of chance is my wife's maiden name)....if you haven't seen any of the epis yet, S3 is available on intunes and you can watch the episodes in their entirety on the History Channel website...happy watching.. 4th Horseman
  7. yeah, you have to know a bit about compassing, etc...i emailed the developer and he sent me a very nice email back saying he is going to include a tutorial in a future update....i am excited to see if i can figure it out...hopefully, its easy once you understand.... 4th Horseman
  8. For all you spacebuffs... this site projects time and location whereby you should be able to see the ISS for a few minutes each day...just go to the configuration section and its only a few minutes away...easy to do.. http://heavens-above.com/ enjoy.. 4th Horseman
  9. Hey, dear friend! Thanks for your kind message on Fb the other day, it was really nice of you to drop me a line. Have a great weekend!

  10. Thank you for all the support and kindness you've shown, not only to myself, but to everyone here over the years. You know where we are to drop by and say hello!

  11. any House fans here??? If so, i would be interested in knowing what they thought of the season ending episode Monday night...I thought it was STELLAR, not only in the acting but in the shock value it carried.... 4th Horseman
  12. hey belch...long time....hope things are ok in your neck of the woods...the season ending episode of Fringe was, i thought, outstanding....i had my doubts in the beginning, but i have come around to be a huge fan of the show...now with Nimoy poised to take a major role in S2, it appears that the show is really starting to hit its stride... 4th Horseman..
  13. first off, i am certainly not a NASCAR fan...however, in one of the more important races of the season at Talladega, Georgia, after racing for 499 of 500 laps, this accident happened...kudos to NASCAR for their safety rules in that 15-20 years ago, the driver and a number of spectators most certainly would have been killed.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDUDd-sTwws 4th Horseman
  14. sleep tight everyone.... 4th Horseman
  15. funny....when was the last time anyone heard from the CDC about anthrax or west nile???....i guess this is just another case of media overdrive...my bad....the best way to step into the abyss is to ignore that cliff that is in front of you.. CDC experts note that while it is possible to contain an outbreak of disease that is in one limited area, once it is reported in widespread locations, the spread is impossible to control. 4th Horseman