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  1. I can also confirm the SJR autographs as i too possess one. I also have autographed photos of Megan, and an autographed script from "13 Years Later" from all the members of Kiss, Lance, Thomas Wright, etc... 4th Horseman
  2. is mounting his steed

    1. Who Am I?

      Who Am I?

      ride em cowboy.

  3. H.R. Giger's version of the oroboruros... 4th Horseman...
  4. Graham...expect a bit of a surprise as they venture up to Alaska where the driving is WAY more dangerous...i never thought i would be a fan of the show, but it has grown on me...Alex is a great guy, and there are some new faces, in particular Lisa Kelly (which by an incredible stroke of chance is my wife's maiden name)....if you haven't seen any of the epis yet, S3 is available on intunes and you can watch the episodes in their entirety on the History Channel website...happy watching.. 4th Horseman
  5. any House fans here??? If so, i would be interested in knowing what they thought of the season ending episode Monday night...I thought it was STELLAR, not only in the acting but in the shock value it carried.... 4th Horseman
  6. hey belch...long time....hope things are ok in your neck of the woods...the season ending episode of Fringe was, i thought, outstanding....i had my doubts in the beginning, but i have come around to be a huge fan of the show...now with Nimoy poised to take a major role in S2, it appears that the show is really starting to hit its stride... 4th Horseman..
  7. first off, i am certainly not a NASCAR fan...however, in one of the more important races of the season at Talladega, Georgia, after racing for 499 of 500 laps, this accident happened...kudos to NASCAR for their safety rules in that 15-20 years ago, the driver and a number of spectators most certainly would have been killed.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDUDd-sTwws 4th Horseman
  8. sleep tight everyone.... 4th Horseman
  9. funny....when was the last time anyone heard from the CDC about anthrax or west nile???....i guess this is just another case of media overdrive...my bad....the best way to step into the abyss is to ignore that cliff that is in front of you.. CDC experts note that while it is possible to contain an outbreak of disease that is in one limited area, once it is reported in widespread locations, the spread is impossible to control. 4th Horseman
  10. https://hotair.com/archives/2009/04/25/cdc-...icos-swine-flu/ - suddenly, i dont care much for my screen name anymore... 4th Horseman
  11. Joe...the last two epis of Fringe really saved the season...i am looking forward to S2 with Nemoy......that is of course, if we are not fighting a pandemic of swine flu...LOL...i knew i took my screen name for a reason... 4th Horseman
  12. https://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSTRE53N22820090425 https://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/04/25/swine.flu/index.html and we we worried about H5N1.... 4th Horseman
  13. https://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...refer=worldwide https://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090424/ap_on_...e/med_swine_flu https://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N24524032.htm 4th Horseman
  14. that is wonderful....absolutely outstanding...why dont you incorporate the image within the signature ouroboros? 4th Horseman...
  15. MilenniuM has ALWAYS been on the edge when it came to public expectations. Cutting edge shows almost always derive purer boundries of love/hate than those typically made to placate the masses. Consider yourself one of the privledged few who "get" the show and forget those stray or random voices that utter dissent.. 4th Horseman
  16. yes, quite the statement...very nice indeed.. 4th Horseman
  17. congrats...yes, the music is simply wonderful. My preference, having both the official release and the "bootleg" is that the music on the latter is ever so slightly better. There are cuts from "Lamentations" and still my favorite " Power,Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions" that send chills up your spine... anyway, again, congrats, and good listening.. 4th Horseman..
  18. interesting topic...i dont think much was ever discussed concerning this issue... i did find this however in my search....kinda creepy... 4th Horseman
  19. Fellow TIWWA members...over the years i have accumulated several items with regards to MillenniuM....following is a list of various memorabilia that i would like to, at this time, offer for sale to my fellow members. Any interested parties should contact me via PM, i will not respond to inquiries on the board.. Thank You, and now without further ado: ultimately, my most prized piece, the origional script from "13 Years After" which is personally autographed by Lance, all 4 members of Kiss, as well as the director, producer, etc will not be auctioned off because i have unfortunately misplaced the COA for now... 1. MillenniuM crew T-Shirt, x-lrg, black, never worn/washed once, Fox insignia on left sleeve cuff, "MillenniuM" and oroboros on left side at chest level, xlnt condition 2. MillenniuM 18 month wall calendar from 1998, xlnt condition 3. MillenniuM 18 month desk calendar from 1998, xlnt condition 4. 12' Frank Black mini Action Figure...perfect condition, never removed from box 5. Various COA autographed pictures, Megan Gallagher, Gabrielle Union (Kolchak: The Night Stalker) - all in xlnt condition and in their origional sleeves 6. Various other nicknacks - 8x11 black/white professional photo of Lance and members of Kiss on set of "13 Years After" PLEASE REMEMBER - any and all interested parties should contact me via PM ONLY... 4th Horseman....
  20. i cant vouch for his health other than to say he looks lean and trim for his age...his voice is very gravelly, but he has always talked a bit "off the norm"....most likely its used as a character identifier...the voice fits who he plays to a tee... 4th Horseman
  21. Laurant.....dont listen to Joe!!!! LOL....just kidding....The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is probably the quintessential Eastwood movie..."spaghetti" westerns are filmed is somewhat of a dramatic fashion which includes extreme close up of the characters eyes as the look quickly left to right, etc...also, the intro and ending are filmed with a special type of lens that makes everything "tall"....i guess the aspect ratio changes, but it gives the protagonist as he rides off into the sunset a more authoritative presence...its hard to explain, but you will know it when you see it... plus, you have to experience the legendary soundtrack to the movie as done by Ennio Morricone....its an absolute classic... p.s. dont expect any dialogue for about the first 10 minutes of the movie...
  22. Graham..thanks for asking...at his last doctor's appointment, 12/24, we were informed that he has not even begun to heal yet, even after 5 1/2 weeks. The x-rays looked just like they did the night he was injured. We will know more 1/7 when he goes back in again for x-rays and assessment.. this link is from a recent game played over the holidays in which this receiver, just like Logan, goes up for a pass, and comes down wrong on his left leg, breaking it between the knee and ankle...this is EXACTLY the same way our son was injured..except this receiver is 20 or so years old and Logan is 11.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF1yiBsHA7Q...feature=related 4th Horseman...
  23. I went and saw the new Clint Eastwood movie "Gran Torino" today. Theatre was absolutely packed...For whatever reason, it has currently only been released in New York and Los Angeles. Country-wide release is scheduled for 1/9/09...when you can: GO AND SEE IT...Eastwood reprises a bit of his Dirty Harry persona as he plays a retired Marine "stuck" in the prejudices and sentiment of an earlier era... It was surprisingly hilarious at times, poignant and intense in other moments...and although the ending was a bit shocking, yet somewhat predictable, it most certainly is a movie i would not hesitate to recommend...and it is VERY, VERY RARE that a movie "hits the spot" for me.... p.s. - one caveat however, there is extensive use of non politically correct names used to describe minorities in this movie, but this should not deter you from seeing this film...its what you would expect from an old retired curmudgeon ex-Marine...
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