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  1. Noah


    I understand what you mean, but at the same time I am doubtful that we will ever fully understand ancient drawings and texts because our frame of reference is so radically different. When we try to interpret this drawings and texts, we can also only speculate. I believe ideas and interpretations can be as easily - and less obviously sometimes - contaminated as actual samples. Just think of paradigm shifts in practically all sciences. And there are bound to be more. And in addition, of course, you cannot use drawings and writings for the same purpose as DNA samples. To get back to the 2012 issue: I am surprised that it has not really caught on in the media. At least it hasn't here. And right now, TV stations are competing hard to bring the worst-case-scenario ... ... but as Y2K I would still put the whole 2012-will-bring-the-end-of-the-world issue into the new-age-let's-make-some-money category. And I came across this quote on wiki, and I really liked it: [Wiki/Long Count Calender and 2012]
  2. Noah


    I've been following this thread for some time, and now I want to throw in my two cents. As to human nature, for some reason I find it hard to believe that we have changed so much in our nature as some of you suggest. Certainly, the rules of society have changed, yet some of the biggest atrocities have been committed in the last hundred years. Of course, man (and I include women here too) is not corrupted by society - because man is society, man is corrupted by other man. And it's happening, everyday, everywhere. This summer five people were found shot at a train station here in Germany. They were part of a mafia clan family and shot by members of a rivalling one - a vendetta where the police counted more than seventy shots fired at only five people; many of them had multiple wounds, when a single one of these was enough to kill them. And it will continue. When I try to imagine living in caves, in cold and rain and snow, without food for my family, killing rivaling tribes to bring my family through doesn't sound all that bad. It's always a matter of perspective. And from today's perspective, with what we know and what we have forgotten about it, it's always easy to condemn the past. What makes any of us so sure we would not kill were it for our immediate survival? We kill and let die for far lesser reasons every single day. And to get back on topic: Recently I saw a documentary on Nostradamus. And it was interesting how his prophecies were sought after especially in times of perceived crises. There has been a rise in sales numbers of Nostradamus books since the 1980s. Far more than each man thinking he lives in a very important time, I think each generation likes to believe we live in a time close to the end of the world, or at least human civilization. I'm still waiting for the first connection to be made between global warming, the bird flu and 2012. Don't you agree that in 2012 the polar caps will have melted to an irreversible point, entire regions will be flooded to a degree that we're all close to drowning - and to top it all of, the avian flu will finally have mutated into a highly dangerous human variant. And then it's Christmas season 2012, and we will all find ourselves wet and sick, stacked with books that will no longer help us, and soon, scientist have found out, an asteroid the size of England will hit the earth, but at least we know that our end has come because the Mayan predicted it; because sun, earth and center of our galaxy are all neatly ligned up. And it's probably for the better anyway. Happy 2013! To sum it all up: I think it's easy to take anything and find precisely what you were looking for in that - like predicting future events from a single text because certain letters appear at every 3. position of a sentence, or something like that. (Funny how these things always predict those events that have come to past, isn't it?) It's easier to claim the Mayan - or anyone - predicted the end of the World, the coming of a (new) God in ten years or a hundred than it is to open your eyes and try to understand why things are the way they are right now, and why some of them scare us while others really should. It's easier to believe an asteroid out of the blue will kill us, or a deadly flu that suddenly appears, than it is to see that, if the end were near, we ourselves had brought it upon us ... Oh yeah, and lest I forget: Have a nice Sunday.
  3. Noah

    And the EU just keeps on amazing the world...

    Yeah, that's our bureaucracy at its best. (Although there are studies which imply that the increasing amount of livestock does produce an unprecendented and unexpected amount of methane etc.) There are laws for how big apples have to be and how much bananas must be curved in order to be allowed to be sold. Then again, one of the weirdest ideas regarding global warming, I heard from an American who said that if all Europeans stopped smoking, emissions would be reduced tremendously. I believe that all of these are ineffective ideas when it comes to global warming, but I am also certain that no-one wants to hear what is really necessary to stop, let alone reverse it. Funny article/idea though. Thanks for sharing. :)
  4. Heute läuft um 11.30 Uhr Powder auf ProSieben ... ist ja auch richtiges Stubenhockerwetter heute. :)
  5. Noah

    Cryptic artifact or toy?

    I would doubt this plate to be European and very old. Snakes, I think, aren't very unusual in medieval coat of arms, but the shape of the plate and the helmet sort of throw me off. I think at least it's somewhat usual as well, but it is very plain, yet so dominant. Overall, the entire design looks too young to me. If the plate was found in Utah, wouldn't it also look a lot more battered if it was really old? Besides, why would you spell out "Alpha Kappa Kappa" in Greek Letters - and not just AKK, which would come down to the same? I found an entry for Alpha Kappa Kappa at the Utah Valley State College for 2002 (http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G1-135425058.html) ... maybe it was some student's art project or something?
  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... wie passend: Genau zwei Jahre nach Ersterscheinung hat mich heute Morgen die Post aus dem Bett geholt, um mir die erste Staffel MLM (und die erste Staffel Akte X) zu überbringen. (Beide gab es jetzt nämlich sensationell günstig für unter 20 € bei amazon. Da konnte ich nicht widerstehen.) Dabei sollte MLM gar nicht so schnell lieferbar sein, das Päckchen erst in einer Woche kommen. Aber so kann ich beides schon voll genießen, wenn ich in der nächsten Woche frei habe ... jetzt stellt sich nur noch die Frage: Womit anfangen? Naja, ich wünsch Euch allen was ...
  7. Noah

    Has anyone read this?

    I'm wondering whether "they don't want the public at large to know about" things like that because no one would believe them anyway. And if so, is because we (I include myself in a rather sceptical public) have lost all faith*, or are they really just ... well, you name it ... On a side note: Where did you get from that Martin Luther burned people? The most violent thing he ever did from all I know was nail his theses to a church door. The conflict that erupted was between the Catholic church and Luther's followers, but I don't think it was Luther going out there and burning people himself.
  8. Noah

    The Time Is...NOW

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the link directs me towards The New York Daily News which doesn't have anything to do with the NYT. And Wikipedia writes about the Daily News: "The Daily News is generally seen as politically midway between the two other major New York City dailies, the more liberal New York Times, and the more conservative New York Post, though tending more in the direction of liberalism."
  9. Noah

    Hapy Birthday Sadeyes!

    I jump in on that one and throw a little cake into our round: Happy Birthday.
  10. Das wäre ja perfekt! :) ... aber nur, wenn es nicht zuviel Arbeit macht.
  11. Sure we can: Stuttgart - For all fans of Chris Carter's second TV series "MillenniuM" this announcement may be very notable. Surprisingly, as is being reported from the Monster Mania Con 5, the series' lead actor Lance Henriksen spoke out about a first big-screen movie. Negotiations between FOX and Christ Carter are likely to have moved to a new level, which is apparently not only about an X-Files movie but also about a Millennium film. Says Lance Henriksen, "I think we will see Frank Black on the big screen. That's what they (the studio) are talking about right now." If Henriksen had his way, nothing would be in the way of a Millennium movie. He still wants to embody Frank Black. Fans may stay anxious to hear more from Lance Henriksen on this issue as well as to receive more information on the X-Files movie communicated on this loop way.
  12. Noah

    Observations on a paradox

    "Any of those Europeans" responding (which is as (in)apt as "any of these Americans" would be, by the way): I see the point you're making, and thank you for that insight into how these events are viewed abroad, but being in Germany (and German, but we can't usually say that without getting odd looks - which is a different story) I feel I must clarify a thing or two: Those were (mostly) British hooligans (375 British and 3 Germans were arrested, all but 3 British have been released again, but I doubt whether all of them really were hooligans or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time - which is not an excuse though) ... and they went wild in Stuttgart - where they only played this afternoon (Sunday), and there wasn't another game in Stuttgart yesterday when they rioted. While I absolutely agree that hooliganism is not tolerable at all, I think a comparison between hooligans' riots and a preemptive war is somewhat skew. You have mostly average guys - albeit with a somewhat aggressive potential and in no way representing average people nor average soccer fans - on the one side, and a government on the other. My point is: Your comparison would make sense (to me) if Angela Merkel (German chancellor) or Horst Köhler (German president) had gone through Munich last night (after the German team won) and rampaged, but both of them seemed to be very happy. As a lot of other Germans. By the way: German police had expected big riots by hooligans (especially from within Germany, from England, Holland, and Poland) before the world cup started, so they are really well equipped, with a lot of support from other countries, too; and this far it has really been rather quiet. Let's hope it stays this way. PS: I apologize ... because I do think that no blog comment should be longer than the blog entry. Sorry.
  13. Vielen Dank für die wiederholten Updates ... aber ich würde dafür plädieren, selbige jeweils in einem neuen Posting hier rein zu stellen. Denn beim Klick aufs Thema landet man ja jedes Mal beim jeweils neuesten Posting dieses Threads - und wenn dort bereits die Filmhinweise drin stehen, dann muss man nicht jedes Mal wieder zum allerersten Posting zurück. Just a thought though ... und ich freue mich natürlich so oder so über ein Update.
  14. That's spooky! PS: I've found out that the symbols for each number change every round ... and they are not spread evenly. I think I might have figured out how it works. It's less spooky then, but I don't want to spoil the fun for you. So I try to make this invisible ... which I can't ... so, if you want to know, PM me. (But it's not that difficult to figure it out.)
  15. Noah


    Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it. And I know better than to judge all by a few. After all, I think it is great when people can live their faith without any reservations. (I just can't because of how I grew up, but that's a different story.) I think faith is a fantastic thing - as long as it does allow other people to disagree. As for the U.S., I think the country's great strength lies it its religious plurality. We've never had this here really. (That's why we're struggling so much with Muslim immigrants.) I also enjoyed going to church with my host parents when I lived with them. I disagreed with certain things, but it was very insightful and part of getting to know their culture, their lives. And I really, really do like my host mom and her friend. It was just that I didn't remember nor expect them to hold such all-out views. And their absoluteness really just threw me off because I didn't know how to argue with them. (And that doesn't happen very often.)

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