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  1. Are you saying us Americans only want to see things that blow up? Though there *was* a car explosion! I love the esoteric and the ancient, I just think they could have handled it better, a bit less of a heavy/obvious hand, if you'll pardon the pun.
  2. An exceedingly tough call, but, after a series of coin flips, Lamentation wins the day over the Pilot. I was kind of surprised to see The Curse of Frank Black having garnered so many votes. Love the episode, but a mild shock, nonetheless.
  3. 1. Monster 2. The Hand of Saint Sebastian 3. A Single Blade of Grass 4. Siren 5. Anamnesis The thread running through each, for me, is that of a lost opportunity. Too much schmaltz and/or cliché trapping appear in multiple places; hell, *I* could have spotted those pseudo-Nazis following me.
  4. The top four or five for me have remained unchanged, but the next 10-15 always vary depending on mood, and sometimes, even if a particular episode is "lesser" you still enjoy watching it for whatever reason.
  5. Frank, of course! Here's a toughie, though give me the nine for desert island voyaging: Beethoven or Bach?
  6. @ethsnafu, I didn't realize AOL was still around. Terrible service years ago, see it hasn't changed. Dump 'em!

  7. Perceptions about a particular episode are bound to change over time and I've found that I enjoy this one more than I used to. Not that it was terrible, but given that season one is so incredibly strong IMO, this might be considered a 'lesser' episode. Plus there are always bonus points for blood.
  8. Man, I haven't seen Terror Train in years. They used to show that on Cinemax all the time. Nothing beats a slasher flick where the bad guy resembles the mutant offspring of Albert Einstein and Mark Twain.
  9. Is a "subliminal" messaging tape any more ridiculous than angels and demons? :) As Frank said, the group will either get her power on their side or destroy it. I don't think a point-by-point explanation is necessary, as Millennium was never a procedural cop show (thankfully) but something much more layered. Concerning Catherine, much of Frank's grieving occurred off-screen, this was merely a chance at closure. Regardless of how one feels about the group's machinations in 3.1 and 3.2, Frank was still a bit on the angry side of the fence and less prone to contemplating on just what his wife meant to him, so I think it played a bit better later on. Just my opinion. Whether 3.12 was written with any ulterior motive, others are far better equipped than I to say, but I think it was a very moving episode (how could you not feel for the dude when coming back to 1910 Ezekiel) and given that the MG was now the bad guy, done with restraint. I still think they should have had Watts more open (to Frank) in helping him out (you know the group held the sword of Damocles over him and his family), but that's veering into another topic. I think this episode was less about carefully plotted intrigue than one man coming to grips with the loss of 'his center.' Plus it's always cool to see Giebelhouse again.
  10. 1.Via Dolorosa/Goodbye To All That (obviously can't separate the two) 2.Omerta 3.Antipas 4.The Sound of Snow 5.Thirteen Years Later...
  11. Can't forget about the pickaxe of the Nostradamus Nutball.
  12. For me, season one is, outside of particular seasons of The Simpsons - admittedly, a genre nearly 180° from Millennium - the finest season of television that I have yet seen. But I've got no problem straddling the fence and praising two and three, both of which have some of my all time favorites. I've actually vacillated a bit on season two over the years, mainly because I prefer the the Group confronting Evil® bit by bit as a "new" thing (I'm thinking specifically of the reactions of Frank and Peter in Maranatha; "do you really believe that?") versus the thousand-year old deal, though since I love the arcane and esoteric, two is higher on some days than others. I wish more people realized just how good the proverbial red-headed stepchild of the franchise is. Even some of those probably forgotten episodes such as Closure or Nostalgia benefit from reviewings.
  13. Normally, I'd fully expect 1000 years of the same old crap, but assuming humanity hits 3012 might be a bit of a stretch.
  14. Hell, I'll pretend to be a believer for a free trip. I haven't been on a vacation in years. Eternal city, here I come!
  15. Now there's a fresh angle, stick figure renditions of Millennium. Good luck finding Fabricant's kidney now, Lucy Butler!
  16. I enjoyed it. Definitely a nod to Indiana Jones in a few spots (and even Friday the 13th The Series, with the 'grab the cursed objects' angle), and the humor was definitely dry and snarky in spots, not surprising given that Jane Espenson co-wrote the thing. If you dug the comedic episodes of The X-Files, for example, you'll probably be inclined towards this, though coming up with interesting artifacts will be key.
  17. "It's another comic for Frank" certainly did fall on the side of misleading! Not against more X-Files, but come on, a Millennium comic, with some show veterans, could be excellent.
  18. Yet another batch of excellent shirts. I might have to get a second job to pay for all of these!
  19. Wasn't The Coupe DeVilles John Carpenter himself and some other musicians? I might have read that in Muir's book about his films, but that was years ago so I could simply be senile, though not enough to know that song is terrible. And I have to second model217 on Aliens. Aside from the computers (and what can you really do about that), that movie has aged wonderfully well.
  20. Prequels to such classic flicks could be interesting, but I'd trade them in a second to finally see the ball rolling on Del Toro's take on At The Mountains Of Madness, which, with him doing The Hobbit, is turning into vaporware.
  21. Finally got around to reading your piece, excellent stuff! There's so much symbolism within Millennium, and even if the writers only utilize one particular fragment of such a symbol, there's so much underneath providing that subconscious context. The surface of the palimpsest is all that we initially see, but the text of our past, personal and societal, is still there, and I think we can appreciate the show (or any creative act) more profoundly if we have that context.
  22. The original Thing IS excellent (the 50s really did churn out some classic sci-fi). As for Carpenter's score, agreed, except with the wondrously campy Big Trouble In Little China. The score is fine (and the movie is genius, a six-demon bag!), but I can't help but cringe at that overly artificial, too bright mid-80s synth sound that seemingly every entertainment medium was using. Even The Thing's score felt organic, and that was only four years earlier.
  23. Certainly a powerful episode, and underrated, but that's understandable given the fact that it's not a serial-killer-of-the-week deal, always easier to deal with on a fictional show than something far more common and personal. An hour like this one shows some of the options that Morgan and Wong, in my opinion, lost when they went all apocalyptic cult in season two. Not that there weren't "personal" episodes (the brilliant Midnight of the Century, for starters), but we didn't get all that much of Catherine, and like a previous commenter stated, it was great to see Frank support her for a change, expand the family dynamic.
  24. I got the same impression about the last X-Files movie as you did from anyone who was a fan, or at least knew what to expect. Sure, there might be some large set pieces, but look, people, it's X-Files: there's going to be a decent amount of exposition and it's not going to be directed by Michael Bay. And, Frank-ly, I'm glad it had a Millenniumistic whiff. Martyrs IS magnificent, just don't let your kids see it, kids! I still want to check out Let the Right One In, and I probably should and simply avoid the subtitles. Not that I know Swedish, but what the hell. It's not like years of French have helped my crappy linguistic skills with French flicks!
  25. Didn't Ice also use a couple of long-distance blizzard shots leftover/borrowed from Carpenter's The Thing? Sorry to hijacked the hijack.
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