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  1. Precisely because it IS small and unknown. Easier to experiment with biological weapons in the ultimate out-of-sight, out-of-mind continent to the average pair of Western eyes.
  2. The vote here was easy, but unless you have still-working VHS copies of the show (naw, mine burned out years ago) or imported S3 like some others, OR have a photographic memory, it's going to be hard to truly remember the eps. I have a rough idea of what each was about and can remember certain scenes or lines, but I'd have to truly absorb them again to pass any final judgment. Still have two more months here in the states. Ugh.
  3. ...and continues to spread. https://www.reuters.com/printerFriendlyPopu...storyID=8127712
  4. Come now, there are many definitions of scary. I'm thinking an insane, yet creative psychopath. A dude with a gun isn't scary in a truly psychological way, he's just a dude with a gun. Plus, all we have to do is work some mojo on Mr. Mitchum and voila, instant undead. Who ain't gonna pee their pants at a shambling skeleton?
  5. Robert Mitchum, Cape Fear. Now, if you want a classy villain, hire the Brits.
  6. One of the better descriptions I've heard is just watch the first six seasons, then Independence Day. There's your invasion. Yeah, ID was cheesy Hollywood junk, but the special effects were cool.
  7. And the fact that he feels so detached even there, amidst all the surrounding darkness. Yes, it's a death, but his family is there and grief often brings people together yet he gives that remark. It's such an extremely dark episode.
  8. Eh, it sort of is, but I'm sure it would soon go completely off topic. Could always move the discussion to PM if anyone wants, or not. Either way is groovy with me.
  9. Remember that doctor in the early seasons of The Simpsons? He gave them the electroshock therapy, was a guest on Kent Brockman's show and diagnosed Homer as insane.
  10. I won't argue that it needs to be revamped in spots. The USFWS themselves have admitted that certain protections don't help that much. I always fear rampant pollution and construction on these lands. You have to remember, YOU may be a conservationist, but these companies are all about the green. No one argues with those tactics being necessary at times, but this isn't happening. Virtually every bill passed by this adminstration is pro-business. Pro-loggers, pro-credit card companies, pro-Wall Street. Equating the vast majority of the environmentally-minded with the ELF (assuming they even did that) is akin to saying all christians are as radical as Randall Terry. So the fact that some break the law means chuck the law out the window? If there are certain areas designated off limits to vehicles, no slaps on the wrist. Generally, not even close to an incentive. I don't see a massive push for more fuel efficient cars in the US, do you? DuPont, Alcoa, TVA, etc etc. Oh there's no question other parts of the world have much less regulation, but no one emits more greenhouse gasses and consumes more fuel than the United States. And instead of taking a lead on environmental issues, we continue to make the dollar our god. And hey, wasn't that last line from Jurassic Park?
  11. A lot of people on here like to use the flashing man icon. Signs of sexaholism? (Marvin Monroe!)
  12. There are dominionists that feel we should use everything up because then Jesus will come. Anyone remember James Watt? Extremity on either side is ridiculous, but unfortunately, too many people think natural resources are only for human consumption, everything else be damned. That's the point I was trying to make.
  13. I don't recall anyone advocating not using the land.
  14. So you don't think limiting driving on public lands will help at all? I'm not trying to be a smartass, just trying to see what you're saying. I don't feel that when they instituted the national park system they had trucks and jeeps and snowmobiles in mind. And I AM for access, just of a much more pedestrian, non-polluting variety. Snowmobiles: https://www2.nature.nps.gov/air/pubs/pdf/Sn...bile_Report.pdf And to show that they can be cleaned up more: https://www.kettering.edu/newsArchives/Wc43a4eb30e86.htm The standard traffic will cause more non-noise pollution than snowmobiles, but those things are f***ing loud. And you're comparing offroading to high-polluting industries that are known to cause great environmental damage. Of course, industrial runoff from factories and large-scale farms are worse than offroading. It's obvious that you're passionate about offroading, but I'm not attacking that, I'm attacking the major polluters of the planet, and those are those of the large industrial base. And what environmental legislation are you talking about that supposedly causes these massive amounts of damage? You think the constant western fires are because environmentalists are protecting undergrowth? Lastly, there is barely any incentive to improve gas mileage for cars in the US. That's another major problem. It was easier to push through changes concerning safety because you could see the death. Blood is more obvious than a few extra coughs. That's why environmental issues will never be sexy. It's a gradual change for the worse, not an obvious 9/11.
  15. In all honestly, you might be the first off-road fan I've ever heard that believes people shouldn't be driving on public lands. I agree 100%. I love to experience nature. You don't need gas-guzzling polluters, and I'm thinking specifically of snowmobiles in Yellowstone, for example, to do that. And again, I agree about forest management, but the Healthy Forests bills, and others, are merely designed to help the timber industry. We all use wood, this is understood, but there are more environmentally-friendly ways to do it. How do environmental wackos like me help? Countering the arguments of the capitalist wackos for starters. Heh. Public transportation to work, my wife and I separate cans and papers, etc for the garbage. Unfortunately, not enough towns have ANY kind of recycling program, so in that way, we're lucky. Conservation is a must. Don't turn the heat up if you're cold, put on a sweater. The little things can add up if enough people did it. The average household is going to generate a lot of waste. I just think more can be done with the individual, and with the industries of the world. Your point about those industries is spot on. I don't want them obliterated, but more than a slap on the wrist is required, and the punishments should be severe. They're making money. People go on about the doom-and-gloom environmentalists, yet nary a word is heard about similar sentiments with corporations. Not an earth issue, per se, but the bankruptcy bill. Oh, frivolous lawsuits, debt, poor MBNA. These companies have record profits. As do the oil companies. Ah well, I could rant all day about this.
  16. https://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs...rdstatement.pdf It was stated in the main article that the report itself runs to about 2500 pages. And if you're referring to the "Healthy Forests" bill, I wouldn't exactly call that a wonderful piece of environmental legislation. Then again, this administration doesn't care one bit unless it's bill that lines pockets. I'm probably more of an environmentalist than you are, but our common theme is probably the same. You cannot fence off the entire world from humanity, but you can go after pollutants and ridiculous strains on natural resources. If there was SERIOUS conservation and actual consequences for polluters, there would be a sizable improvement.
  17. I completely forgot (purposely, I think) about William The Amazing Wonder Child From Beyond the Stars. After the US branch of the syndicate was nuked, they should've upped the ante. You can't build up 6 years of mythology then essentially forget it while going on about other, tangentially-related crap. Bah.
  18. I pretty much share the same assessment. Three of a Kind, Field Trip, Triangle, the Dreamland eps, all good stuff. Arcadia is okay, but every time FX used to show some fan-picked marathon, that was always up there. Um, Memento Mori, anyone? Seven could've been so much better. You had the three parter with the whole cosmic backdrop, then you turn into a pale version of a season one monster-of-the-week. Though I'll admit that X-COPS is great. Requiem WAS cool, but just stop there. I thought Robert Patrick did a very good job, but was just saddled with diminishing scripts. And of course, Annabeth Gish is always easy on the eyes. Let's not talk about nine anymore.
  19. They really blew it after Two Fathers/One Son. Get the colonization started already. Then CC got all spiritual on us, with Mulder's sister, following a star to find Scully. Yikes. Can I have some aliens, please? And some fries, but hold the super soldiers.
  20. He wasn't wearing one of those horrendous aquamarine suits, was he?
  21. Naw, just my tongue. I should get a wheelbarrow for it. Dog Soldiers was great! One of those movies that I nor anyone else I know had heard of. Saw it on a whim on cable and was pleasantly surprised. Visceral, the characters weren't as one-dimensional as your typical horror flick.
  22. This is one of those movies where it doesn't even matter how good of a movie it is, given that she'll be in it, and scantily clad.
  23. That's some good information, but bloody hell, yet another DVD I still have to get. These things are like crack, I tell you!
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