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  1. Peas_&_Corn...the secure base has nothing to do with financial considerations; here we are referring to a base of emotional support. Vv
  2. Did Frank provide Catherine (I believe it was a C not a K yes?) with a secure base? I am struck by those who argue that she was the one to blame for their issues and related relational matrix....not that she is absolved from any sustained analysis, but on the face of it, let us not be blinded to the flaws of our hero... Vv
  3. Has anyone heard of what fans of the show Jericho have done to prevent, and possibly persuade, CBS to not AX the show? Fans sent a heap of peanuts to CBS headquarters and there was such fervor on internet boards etc. that CBS has reconsidered axing the show.........if only we had done, or can do something similar for MM.......even now it would turn heads............ Best Vain
  4. Some of the Abyss' ratings seem off kilter to me, this being one. Vv
  5. Good day mates, First, I want to say that the kinetics of this board continue to impress me given the fact that MM was a three season show that certainly went unknown by many. The fact that we continue to discuss this show a decade+ later is inspiring by itself. Having had a cloud of extremely intense academic work pass over me within the past few months, I have recently had the time to begin a second viewing of select episodes of MM that I have chosen for a particular reason, as they struck me--one way or another--during the first viewing. Below is a list of the episodes I have recently
  6. 4th, could you expand on that unforgiveable sin? I know you have discussed this previously, but I kinda enjoyed A Room although I have an idea where your concerns may lie. Vv
  7. Raven, you should just be able to edit her name vis a vis editing your profile as you normally would.
  8. Raven, isn't it Lara, not Laura....?
  9. Raven, where could I find that thread?
  10. Seems Lucy Butler also has a myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/lucybutler
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