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  1. Peas_&_Corn...the secure base has nothing to do with financial considerations; here we are referring to a base of emotional support. Vv
  2. Did Frank provide Catherine (I believe it was a C not a K yes?) with a secure base? I am struck by those who argue that she was the one to blame for their issues and related relational matrix....not that she is absolved from any sustained analysis, but on the face of it, let us not be blinded to the flaws of our hero... Vv
  3. Has anyone heard of what fans of the show Jericho have done to prevent, and possibly persuade, CBS to not AX the show? Fans sent a heap of peanuts to CBS headquarters and there was such fervor on internet boards etc. that CBS has reconsidered axing the show.........if only we had done, or can do something similar for MM.......even now it would turn heads............ Best Vain
  4. Some of the Abyss' ratings seem off kilter to me, this being one. Vv
  5. Good day mates, First, I want to say that the kinetics of this board continue to impress me given the fact that MM was a three season show that certainly went unknown by many. The fact that we continue to discuss this show a decade+ later is inspiring by itself. Having had a cloud of extremely intense academic work pass over me within the past few months, I have recently had the time to begin a second viewing of select episodes of MM that I have chosen for a particular reason, as they struck me--one way or another--during the first viewing. Below is a list of the episodes I have recently re-viewed, and then I want to offer some brief commentary. Some of this commentary may have already been discussed in my relative absence over the past few months, so please do overlook if this is the case. Without further ado, the episodes I have re-viewed with associated commentary include: 1) Pilot (parts) 2) Gehenna *It struck me here that when discussing 'Legion' broadly speaking, there is always associated mention of 'numbers.' For example, during the interrogation towards the end of Gehenna, the 2nd victim clearly indicates that 'we' are only 'numbers.' Of course, the concept of numbers seems to return in just about every episode in which Legion takes a very direct role. In A Room with No View, we see the teacher talking about numbers, and how students are reduced to numbers. In Antipas, discussed below, numbers are everywhere--clocks etc. Indeed, numbers seems to be a linking concept in many episodes. Of course 666 being the number of Legion, this makes sense, but the emphasis on numbers...it would seem that there are many possible reasons/philosophies for the symbollic usage in many MM episodes, particularly those in which Legion is featured prominently. 3) Force Majeur *Interestingly, it struck me that this SI episode is very much an introduction into where SII went, and I thought this episode was very well done. Particularly moreso the second viewing around. Clear linkages with SIII's 1&2 episodes scream out at me, yet I have not re-watched these quite yet. When Jordan spins the planets at the end, is this a harbinger of her insight? 4) Amanesis *Another fantastic episode in my opinion. In light of the recent release of the DaVinci code, I have reason to review this episode (I will say that I have not seen, nor intend to, the DaVinci code per se). I thought Catherine and Lara played off each other well. Interestingly, at the beginning of this episode, Lara's vision of the angel in her jeep---I saw this more of creating a dualism in that whereas some have the gift of seeing evil 'or feeling its presence' some have the gift of seeing 'good' or some other entity. Interestingly, in this episode, Lara specifically reiterates this when she tells Catherine (and I do not directly quote) that 'Frank sees evil' with his gift whereas her gift is the ability to understand something quite distinct. Indeed, we see that Lara's angel may have abandoned her later in the episode as Clare indeed I think states this. This presentation of 'dualism' inasmuch as it is both inherently present in the world as well as some having the gift to see both, are I believe central to understanding where Morgan and Wong were heading. Such was not tha far off from something like Force Majeur in SI. Another poignent piece is Amanesis is Lara's plea to not abandon Frank, clearly stating that he is alone. This reinforces the concept of the genius, the need for isolation, the lack of understanding by mere mortals. It stirred me. We see this theme played out in many movies and in many greats. I have talked about this with Rilke extensively. A Beautiful Mind is a good portrait of this. Lara as well is alone and we see this quite clearly at the beginning with her dysphoric-like smoking of cigarettes. 5) Antipas *A lot of the same themes play out here as from above. Lucy as the succubus would, by default, rob Frank of his gift, since it requires isolation. In many ways, it can be argued that the dictum that priests not marry is in the same vein (at least in the CC). The play on Se7en with the pasta I thought was a little tacky, but the point was not missed. It makes sense that these themes again were prominent as Carter was heavily influenced by these pieces. This overall was a great episode, and was particularly striking for its set. 6) Weeds *This was a wild-card. The episode seemed hastily done at points. Out of curiousity (and this may have already been discussed) does anyone notice that in the opening pan, there is snow on the ground, then there is not from other shots presumably on the same day. Something tells me this may have already been discussed. Additionally, during the cemetary scene immediately at the beginning as they pass over bystanders, is it me or is that Giebelhouse...it is a very quick pass, would require probably one frame right at the beginning. Aside from these pragmatic concerns, the theme of the episode in terms of 'judgment' is a theme we see repeated in many movies such as even Saw I at least (in spite of just shock and awe). Franks visions of what I presume to be of death at the beginning (or perhaps decay of persons) is quite striking and it would seem there is room for discussion beyond mere 'evil'...perhaps something along the lines of death, decay, putrification which are not necessarily directly tied to evil per se. At any rate, Excuse the lack of substance to these brief rejoinders as I am still in the midst of a modest load of academic work. I look forward to coming contemplations as the summer winds up. Vv
  6. 4th, could you expand on that unforgiveable sin? I know you have discussed this previously, but I kinda enjoyed A Room although I have an idea where your concerns may lie. Vv
  7. Raven, you should just be able to edit her name vis a vis editing your profile as you normally would.
  8. Raven, isn't it Lara, not Laura....?
  9. Raven, where could I find that thread?
  10. Seems Lucy Butler also has a myspace page. https://www.myspace.com/lucybutler
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