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  1. Wasn't "Ravenous" a disturbing movie, Eth? My wife actually left the room after the cannabalism started. I, on the other hand was laughing like a lunatic the whole time which only hints at how screwed up my taste in movies is. I remember her remarking at the time that my laughing at that movie confirmed my status as a "True Ghoul". :) It was very original, there wasn't much in the way of horror movies coming out at that time, I remember the movie had good "taste" ok, that may have been a ten on the cheese meter....oh well. Have a good week!
  2. Some great shows listed....anyone remember the cartoon M.A.S.K.? I wanted to be Matt Tracker when i grew up:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQdgbs0IUDg And another one, I rarely run across ANYONE who has heard of this one. The Galaxy Rangers. Probably my all time favorite cartoon as a kid.....these were great!!!! I ran across them a few years ago, all episodes had been put on DVD finally, I snagged all of them and they are still great...here's a link... Being a grown up just sucks somedays....
  3. Great movie. Lance's segment was great, my personal fav was "The Bishop of Battle." Great anthology....
  4. Man, Carnivale...I really enjoyed that show, I was completely bummed out after it got canceled after 2nd season. Didn't ever see an episode I didn't enjoy. Creepy characters, helluva a good plot and the time frame it was set it was ripe for mysticism and mystery. Hadn't thought about that one in a while. I may go throw in season 1 DVDs....
  5. LOL, the newest installment is as addictive as the first COD modern warfare. I've already wasted countless hours playing online and convincing myself that the other players are cheating and that my reactions are not just slower because I'm old.....my five year old son is beginning to get a handle on how to play the XBOX 360. My wife says I have officially corrupted him and that we are both hopeless:)
  6. If there are any fellow "gamers" out there who like the Call of Duty series as I do, Mr. Lance Henriksen did a helluva good job voicing over one of the main characters in the newest installment, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Lance is the voice of the shady "General Shepherd", an Army Ranger speical forces General who is not quite as loyal to the country as he first seems........the voice fits the character perfectly in my humble opinion....
  7. I can't remember who it was, but someone said about the American justice system "In an American court room you will not get justice, you will only get the law." I've been in law enforcement for almost 14 years now, and I can't agree more. Blow for blow, I'm not sure whose justice system is more flawed, our or Great Britain's, but it would take a very poor justice system indeed to be marked worse than ours in the states. Every once in a while we get it right, but more often than not, someone who should be condemned for life ends up on easy street with no more remorse for their victim than is necessary to sway a parole board.....
  8. Amen on the butchering of remakes. Speaking of crappy ones, I finally got around to checking out the remake of "The last house on the left" this last weekend. I sat through this tool of a movie thinking the whole time, "If Wes Craven were dead, he would be rolling over in his grave...twice". Geeezzzz, what a waste of 2 hours.......can't anyone make a decent remake??
  9. I do think some of the Halloween movies are a bit better than others, but there isn't one I'll turn off if I start watching it. All of them remind me of Halloween as a kid after I saw the first Halloween. You just don't think about Halloween the same after that. Every time I see Michael Myers in any of the movies with that menacing mask, its like a time warp back to 1978 sitting at the drive-in being scared senseless. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
  10. Here's one that is funny, yet almost turned out tragic and put my old man in the doghouse for months!!! Halloween 1989, I'm just shy of my 17th birthday. I go to my high school halloween carnival until a little after 10pm. Mom and little sister are with me, Dad is working late so he can't go. We pull into the driveway and see our front door is standing wide open. A little background, my dad and I are both very paranoid of our fellow man, you will rarely, if ever, find a door to the outside unsecured in my family if we are in the house. I notice this immediately and like a good son, tell my mom and sis to stay back even though i can see my old man's truck is in the driveway. I yell from outside the house several times into the open door "Dad, you home? Dad?, No response. No response for several minutes. I then have my mom get in the driver's seat of the car with my sister also in the car. I tell my mom to start the car and be ready to go, I'm going to go inside and look in the living room. I peek inside, my dad's recliner is turned over, several kitchen chairs are kicked over, quite a few signs of a struggle. By this time, I'm almost hypervenilating I'm so scared, I yell several other times for my dad, no response except I catch a sound from the utility room on the other side of living room. The sliding door is closed but I can see the light is on under the door and someone looks to be in the utility room. I yell several more times, still no response. Here's where things get weird. I back out of the house, tell mom what is going on, then go to my dad's shop he has. This shop contains all the tools you could ever want. It also contains a very nice assortment of firearms. I use my key to the shop and select a Colt 1911 .45 handgun, a gun which I have been shooting ever since I was a kid. My dad and I both were into competition pistol shooting (IDPA) if anyone is familiar with the sport and this is the handgun I've used for years. I'm very comfortable with it and am a pretty good shot. I walk back to the front door, with my mother protesting the whole time, no cell phones yet remember....I tell mom to go next door and call the police, I'm going in the house to see if Dad is alright. My mother is freaking out and doesn't really want to leave me, but ends up just sitting in the car while i go in. I proceed down the hallway, a round in the chamber and the hammer back "cocked and locked" trying to remember all of the things i've learned in pistol training classes over the years, nothing going on in the back of the house, no dad. I then start to wonder if maybe dad had a heart attack or a stroke and ended up in the utility room where the cordless phone is. I approach the utility room yelling "Dad" at the top of my lungs. To my surprise the door begins to open verrrrry slowly. I see a hand with a glove on opening the door, and in that moment, i know this is the real deal. I had decocked the hammer coming back up the hallway, but when I see this gloved hand opening the sliding door, I cock the hammer again and just wait to see what happens. I'm completey scared out of my wits. What happens next is my dad comes out of the utility room wearing a ski mask, and wearing his army fatigue jacket. He is also carrying a large butcher knife. My dad walks directly into my line of fire about three feet away. He then looks at me and drops the fake utcher knife on the ground. He speaks in the weakest, most tame voice i've ever heard him use before or since. He says "Shannon, it's your dad. This was just a joke. I was trying to scare you and your mom. I wanted to jump out when you came to check the utility room and give you a scare. Please don't shoot me." I then secure the pistol and let out a deep breath and begin yelling at him. My dad was and still is somewhat of a prankster, but to my knowledge, he has never pulled any further pranks on me. I was literally a half pound of trigger pressure away from most likely putting a bullet through my old man. I have never seen him look so scared in all my life. He has told me several times as the years go by that there was absolutely no doubt in his mind that he was about to die. We laugh about it now, but its still the stupidest thing he has ever done in his life. He readily admits that. I thought my mom was going to divorce him after she came inside and heard what had went on. He staged it very well, but he went a bit too far. True story folks, my mom would be happy to verify it for anyone. She still yells at him for it 20 years later...:) that's my most vivid halloween memory.
  11. Only thing interests me in this show is all the hotties. Been trying to sell my wife on the fact I like the show for its plot but.......don't think she's buying it....no fooling her after 15 years......can still DVR..HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  12. I have 4 teams this year, seems like football season is always busy, so many leagues, ten dollars here, twenty dollars there..lol, maybe someday I'll acutally win one of my leagues...but probably not...how about "Profiling pigskins"?:)
  13. Thanks Eth!!! That's why you get paid the big bucks to be an elder:) What a great movie huh?
  14. Can't remember who started the thread a week or so ago about a movie called "Trick r Treat" but wanted to give kudos to whoever it was. I downloaded it this weekend and was very impressed by it overall. No spoilers here, but a definite new kind of Halloween thriller. Whoever recommended the movie, great call, it was one of the better horror flicks I've seen in a while, and I've seen a bunch:) If its available in your area, it's worth the time in imho. Everyone have a safe week. Gunslinger. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0862856/
  15. I'm curious, what would have been the Government motivation for a cover up regarding the OK city bombing? I understand that the political climate in our country was much different on 9-11 than it was in 1995. It is my sincere belief that the only conspirators were cohorts of McVeigh who were never rounded up, unfortunately. McVeigh had the motive, the expertise, and the commitment to set up and execute the OK city bombing. If I remember correctly, he was at the top of his class in just about everything in basic training and A.I.T. during his time in the military. Thoughts?
  16. Continuing on the topic of 80's horror flicks, I downloaded "Visiting Hours" the other day and gave it a day in court. I originally saw this movie as a 2nd feature at the drive in in 1982, if I remember correctly. I can't for the life of me remember what the main feature that was that night, I think it may have been Carpenter's remake of "The Thing", but I couldn't say for certain. Visiting Hours stars Michael Ironside as "Colt Hawker" a serial killer who keeps coming back to a hospital trying to finish off a female news anchor he didn't get a chance to finish killing the first time. It scared the hell out of me when I was ten years old, I remember that very well, but now it's just kind of amusing. Pretty predictable overall, but I always like to watch Michael Ironside. I have thought several times he would have made a helluva good cast member on Millennium......if anyone has a chance to check this movie out, it's worth it if you enjoy 80's slasher films.....
  17. I have heard of the chemical castration Laurent, although thinking about it too much tends to make me cringe, I would have no reservations about test marketing it on some ex-prisoners convicted of sex crimes. Good to hear from you. Gunslinger.
  18. Amen, AD Skinner, I would watch a movie about Kate Beckinsale selling life insurance if she did it in a bikini!!
  19. What's on your mind?

  20. Very valid points. Our justice system is set up where the rights of the accused sometimes outweigh the rights of the victims, unfortunately. Somewhere down the line over the last two hundred years the scales were tipped in that favor. Being well into my second decade in law enforcement, I can pass on a few tips I have learned about child molesters. 1) For every one that is put in jail, ten more don't get caught (at least ten). 2) Rarely have I seen a convicted or accused child molester that did not look like someone's average joe next door neighbor. 99% of them have no prior criminal history. There are very few child molesters who look like "monsters" per se. All the better to fit into your neighborhood as teachers, coaches, etc. 3)An accused child molester will rationalize his behavior at all costs once confronted with evidence (DNA, fingerprints, etc.)"He looks older than he is." "She acted like she was 18, I didn't know she was 10." I will concede one of your previous points. Most of the sex offenders I have dealt with do lust after children to the same extent that men lust after women and vice versa. Here is the problem. They lust after the power they have over the children, not the sexual gratification. Hurting a child, making them submit to their will, dominating them, is much more important than the sexual gratification part to sex offenders. Most of them are remorseful only to the extent in which it will help them obtain leniency. But, if you listen in on their jailhouse phone calls to their relatives and friends, you usually hear a very different version of the events. These calls are very useful in front of a jury on the rare occasion an offender actually goes to trail on a sex crimes against children charge. If you can get an offender to admit they had sexual contact with a child, to come clean, the actual story they tell is usually grim and the look in their eyes as they describe the act is chilling at the very least. There is a very valid reason they are often deemed "sexual predators". If you are a parent, as I am, it makes you want to pick up your kid right then from school, take them to your house, lock the doors, dig a trench around your house and fill it with oil. They know exactly what they were doing. They know exactly how wrong what they are doing is. They come up with intricate, completely fabricated stories before the fact in case they are caught. That is pre-meditation. You have just now forfeited your rights to re-join the human population in my humble opinion. Personally? I think possibly giving them a choice of alligator wrestling with their hands tied behind their back or skydiving with no parachute should be the only two options available on sentencing. I have no sympathy or remorse for their plight if/when they are releasd from prison. A mandatory/minimum life sentence might make a difference when it comes to sex offenders. We have lobbied for many years on the law enforcement side of this issue but it always gets marked off with the legislators as "too harsh". Gunslinger.
  21. Luminary definitely comes to mind, of all the great dialogue in that episode, I can still can't find any one line or lines that sums up the feeling of watching Daniel walk into his class all by himself. I am already beginning to sense the small cracks in my facade of thinking I can always be there for him in every situation every minute of the day. He's so self-reliant already at five years old that it seems like my role as "watchdog", which I don't mind saying, suits my mentality just fine, is diminishing in his eyes to some extent. Until this last few months, Daniel always seemed to look to me to confirm anything and everything, but now, especially the last few months, you can see a personality of his own developing so quickly.....not that this is a bad thing, not at all, just......I don't know....a little sad. As grown ups, you know what is out there, you know what kind of bad things lurk in alleys and just beyond the horizon. I have took great pain and pride since the day he was born in watching over him even when he doesn't know I am doing so. He plays in the park, I watch the street. He shops for toys, I watch everyone in the aisle coming and going. I don't want him to worry about anything at all. If I'm around, I want him to be able to let his guard down knowing his old man won't fall asleep on post. The pride I feel in being his dad, the absolute fact of knowing I would give up my life for him, no questions asked, no regrets if it came to that.....its the greatest feeling I've ever known, even if he doesn't have any idea. Nothing in my life even comes close. I hope he does well in Kindergarten, I hope he makes friends and has a wonderful life. I hope he knows how much his boring old man loves him no matter what......Well, there I go again, the incessant ramblings of a late 30's first time dad. I'll get off the board and back to my reading my book. Safe night all Millennium fans everywhere. Thanks for the reply Libby, I hope your daughter's wedding goes off without a hitch. Gunslinger.
  22. As I watched my five year old son walk into Kindergarten for the first time today, I have to say, it was a very strange feeling indeed. Along with all the normal trepidation and paranoia I feel when he's out of my sight, today seemed to mark a very melancholy occasion even by my jaded standards. It literally seems like we just brought him home from the hospital nursery yesterday!!! Time seems to be slipping gears a bit nowadays. Is it just because you are so busy as a working parent? I know time flies as you get older, but it seems I was just holding his tiny fingers in the nursery a few days ago. Wasn't he just learning how to walk yesterday and cutting teeth a couple of weeks ago. Can this 5 year old boy with the knock out grin and his eyes and ears buried in a Nintendo DS really be our tiny little baby we brought home? Geezzzz, I'm getting old at a geometric rate, time seems to move in blocks now instead of days...you blink your eyes and 6 months have gone by. I understand the fact that time is a constant, but it sure seems subjective when it comes to your child. Weird.......have a good week everyone. Gunslinger.
  23. ....ya know, I never really thought about that Laurent, but it's a good point on my signature. I might just put "Stephen King" under the quote.....i would hate to spoil ANYTHING about The Dark Tower series for anyone being as it's my favorite series of all time. Thanks for the tip. Thankee sai, may you have twice the number.
  24. Completely agree about the score on Big Trouble. A great movie but the song during the closing credits is atrocious!!!!! I actually watched the credits all the way to the end one day just to see who the composer of the song "Big Trouble in Little China" was. Some group called "The Coup De'Villes".....truly terrible song..lol, great movie though....
  25. On the subject of remaking movies. I think John Carpenter did the ultimate remake in 1982 when he remade "The Thing". That movie has such a paranoid, creepy feel to it from start to finish. I saw it at the drive-in originally when it came out (showing my age....I know)....As always in a John Carpenter movie, the background score throughout the movie makes it that much scarier. John Carpenter is a true movie genius IMHO. Anyone else enjoy The Thing?
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