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  1. The Miscellaneous Thread

    A couple of computer funnies: And:
  2. The Miscellaneous Thread

    Made me giggle. Watch to the very end.
  3. I've now caught up the news. Wow! Joe is really doing so very well. Sending more positive vibes from across the pond.
  4. Thanks for the good wishes. I hit another bad patch a couple of months ago, but I’ve recently started feeling better. Got good meds from my helpful doctor. On the timey-wimey subject, earlier today I was idly wondering how old I’d be in another 15 years’ time. So I figured out that – ok, yes, I used a calculator – and that doesn’t seem too bad. But then I thought about my grandson, who turns 4 just after Christmas. Good grief! (said in my best British accent) – in 15 years’ time, he’ll probably be at university! Just as well I was already stretched out on my sofa, otherwise I’d have had to do a quick sit down. This time thing really is very strange.
  5. I’ve been mulling over this 15 year thing for a little while. I alternate between “OMG 15 years – seems like yesterday” and “OMG 15 years – seems like half a lifetime”. It’s said that time moves differently as one gets older; but I take the optimistic view that being older means treating time as one wishes. And however long 15 years feels like to me, it's the 15 years of quality that really matters. So, happy anniversary TIWWA.
  6. Whether the Weather

    Currently, we have Storm Brian. Cue many British internetters riffing the Monty Python film: "He's not a storm. He's a very naughty breeze." Here are some photos (taken from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5003265/Storm-Brian-batters-Britain-70-mph-winds.html):
  7. Happy Birthday Libby!

    Thanks, Beer. Yes, I'm hoping for many more, just for the sheer delight in seeing my grandson grow and develop. He'll be 4 years old soon.
  8. Happy Birthday Libby!

    Of course I'd pick you, Earthnut! Thanks for the love and huggers - always makes me feel better.
  9. Sending my best wishes to Joe and family from across the pond.
  10. Happy Birthday Libby!

    Thanks Walkabout. I had brunch with my daughter this morning, which was really good. Family lunch next Sunday. (My mood is improving, thanks to anti-anxiety meds I've started taking. Thanks for asking.)
  11. Happy Birthday Libby!

    Thank you Graham! But five? Only FIVE?! Wait a minute. Five is 101 in binary. So I can invite a hundred and one members to my tea party. Much better. (Bit squashed, though.)
  12. Graham has announced in his status that he's been made redundant from his job. Being made redundant isn’t easy. I think it’s about the connotations of the word. But Graham isn’t redundant/not needed, it’s the organisation that’s failed in some way. So, can we all show support for Graham, because he’s certainly needed here. And maybe donate a dollar or two for the cost of hosting our community here?
  13. The Miscellaneous Thread

    I went on to Youtube this evening. For some strange reason that I can't fathom (given that there's no possibility of relevance to any cookies from other websites I've visited recently) this was a listed suggestion:
  14. Meaning of Your Name

    I thought of posting here, having researched some of my family history, but decided otherwise. Because it's personal, and I don't want it automatically visible on the Twitter feed.

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