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  1. The Miscellaneous Thread

    I went on to Youtube this evening. For some strange reason that I can't fathom (given that there's no possibility of relevance to any cookies from other websites I've visited recently) this was a listed suggestion:
  2. Meaning of Your Name

    I thought of posting here, having researched some of my family history, but decided otherwise. Because it's personal, and I don't want it automatically visible on the Twitter feed.
  3. The Miscellaneous Thread

    Ooh, I clicked on "All Activity" and saw this: So obviously I had to do something about the number of replies, lest, you know.....
  4. The Miscellaneous Thread

    A couple of animal-related pics. This one is from a Twitter account. Funny, but not sure if it's true. However, a good reminder that little creatures, either toddlers or pets, can end up in trouble if you're not alert to the multitude of possibilities. I used to be owned by cats. I'd like to get another cat, but I know I'd end up with one like this:
  5. The Miscellaneous Thread

    Some time ago, I very carefully and specifically added the 4th of July to my electronic calendar so I could post something interesting here. In due time, a pop up reminder popped up. Could I remember what it was I wanted to post here? Could I heck. Well, it's taken me almost a week, but eventually a couple of brain cells connected. Now, I know the origins might be a bit contentious, but there is something about this song that, to this Brit at least, says something quintessential about our transpondian cousins. Royal Albert Hall in London:
  6. I know you don't make a big thing of your birthday, Darlene, but It is kind of nice to have a date in the calendar when we can acknowledge who you are and what you bring to our community here. So, instead of a big fuss, I'm sending you a hug from across the pond.
  7. That's just about the clearest case of justifiable homicide I've ever read. Cash Freeman is indeed one of the great and the good.
  8. There are loads of people who are great and good because, even in small ways, they make our lives just that little bit better. I went to one of our small local supermarkets today. I would never want to work in retail, because they can get so much abuse from customers, especially the drunks. The young woman on the checkout was lovely, and we had a giggle about how slow the card machine was working, "must be because it's Sunday". Such a tiny little thing but it was just that human connect, if you see what I mean. When I developed the rash, and google-diagnosed it as shingles, I phoned my GP practice just after 8 a.m. on the Monday (their busiest day). When I mentioned "shingles", the person on the phone immediately booked me in with one of the practice's nurse-practitioners for 11 a.m. that day. The nurse diagnosed shingles and prescribed meds to reduce the effects, approved the pain-relief schedule that I'd already put myself on, treated me as a sensible individual, and encouraged me to come back if things weren't going well. That's two people who cheerfully looked after me that day. The great and the good aren't always the big and the famous.
  9. There has been another terrorist attack in England this weekend, in London. They call themselves Muslims, but that’s not what they really are. The following showed up on my Facebook timeline, because it was “liked” by a FB friend. This is what true Muslims are:
  10. The Miscellaneous Thread

    I don’t know how much of this was staged, nor how many takes were needed:
  11. Tidbits

    A bit of French history: There was Napoleon the First, and Napoleon the Third (I always get them mixed up). But there was no Napoleon the Second. That was supposed to be NapoOne’s son, but he never got to be emperor. The Bonapartist lot decided when eventually NapoOne’s nephew became emperor, that he should be NapoThree, to acknowledge the emperor who never was.
  12. Tidbits

    Love the fact about kangeroo metabolism. There's lots of fascinating stuff about the flora and fauna of Australia (and New Zealand) because they were so isolated from the rest of the world for so long and evolved very differently. I reckon animals such as kangaroos have had to be pretty smart in terms of their biology just to have survived over the millennia. Another interesting tidbit: Whitechapel in London is most famous for the Jack the Ripper murders. But like other areas in London, there's the overground national rail network plus the London underground system. What makes Whitechapel very different in modern times is that the underground rail goes over the overground rail.
  13. Happy Birthday Engine Comics

    Happy birthday!!!
  14. Tidbits

    This is probably the most confusing place to live in: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baarle-Hertog It's a municipality of Belgium, but most of it is bits within the Netherlands. "Some houses in the town of Baarle-Hertog/Baarle-Nassau are divided between the two countries. At one time, according to Dutch laws restaurants had to close earlier. For some restaurants on the border this simply meant that the customers had to move to a table on the Belgian side."
  15. This is excellent news. Thanks for posting it, Earthnut. I've been thinking for ages whether to get an Audible account, and this might well tip the balance in favour of that. Providing, of course, it's available in the UK, as not all Audible content can be accessed from the UK site.