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    Gnosticism/Occult/Phillosophy/Forteana/Cryptozoology - yup - if its got wings, floats through walls or has two many heads then I'm beside myself. Radionics, Orgonics, Ether theory, Protoplasm and Ectoplasm and a thousand fringe things from Doctor Caligari's Wunderkabinet. Wine and Song (more usually ale and slurring to be honest but it sounds less romantic.) Pharmacology (my job), Homeopathy (my next job hopefully) and Vibrational Medicine (my hobby.) Luff The Smiths, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Edith Piaf, Madonna and Ms. Love and Ms. Bush.

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    Glen Morgan & James Wong
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    Thomas J. Wright
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  1. thinking of you, friend!

  2. Miss you more than you know. Wish you were back, I need you. :(.

  3. I miss you so much :( :(:(

  4. What do we have to do to get you out of retirement? I miss our Millennium chats. I hope you and yours are well.

    This Is Who We Are.

  5. Miss you loads Eth, the internet isn't the same without you.

  6. I love and miss you. In your heart, you must know that.

  7. Missing you so much Eth - come back to us soon ol' Friend!

  8. I <3 you and miss you on here. :) Looking forward to your return. :)

  9. Dear friends, tonight's the night. Friday, 7th January sees us tackling the wonderful subject of Millennium: Apocalypse at 8 PM UK time (2 PM US Central Time, 3 PM US East Coast Time) and I do hope you can join us. There is a possibility that Jason Morris will be joining us. For those who are not aware of who he is, he is the director, writer and general made-it-happen chap behind the project so I am sure it will be a superb chat with a plenty of opportunities to chat about other things. This is who we are. Eth
  10. Mark Snow Fan Page on Facebook

    Hi Alex, Thank you for sharing this with the folk here. I hope all those who have a Facebook account will join you in celebrating Mark Snow and his work and I wish you every success with it. Good luck! Eth
  11. It sure is isn't it and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I am sure Josef will appreciate it. It's definitely going to be a staple part of my Christmas thanks to the fact that it is nestling on my ipod ready for next year. Ho, ho, sir Black indeed. Eth
  12. Out with the old, in with the new! Happy New Year.

  13. Millennium Alumnus on Lie To Me

    Ph Rapjael Sbarge. How right you are. Is it me or does his name always resemble a typo? I first paid attention to him in Voyager, as Sidenwinder states, when he played Michael Jonas. He then turned up in the X-Files inspired "Dark Skies" and then onwards to just about every show I watched. Evidently he wasn't in 'every' show but when you spot a face that keeps recurring you notice it more. Alan Dale is another who seems to have been in everything I choose to watch from X-Files, Lost, Neighbours, Burn Notice, Torchwood, Ugly Betty and on and on. I have to say I find him an irritant or, more accurately, the use of him as he is frequently cast as British. If you want a British accent hire a British actor. I wasn't aware there was such a lack of them that it was necessary to import Ausies to do the the job. Eth
  14. I think having something of a crush on Lucy Butler is fairly mandatory as it happens. Her appeal and beauty is part of what made her such a dangerous foe. She was certainly the only person (used loosely) who Frank ever seemed unnerved by. A genuinely memorable villain and a very memorable performance. Thank you for updating the link for folk Graham. I know it will make things easier for people wishing to download a copy. Eth
  15. Version


    The fantastic winning entry of our amazing Christmas 2010 short story competition, Star of Wonder by James P. Davies, read aloud by the presiding judge, Sarah-Jane Redmond (Millennium's Lucy Butler).