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  1. Saw a huge collection of Halloween items in a shop today and nearly had to be given first aid I was so excited. If you were in Sheffield and heard SQUEEEEEEEEing at considerable volume then I'm afraid it was yours truly.

    1. ethsnafu


      They have Halloween Tress in the US Richard. Christmas-type trees with horror-thingies hanging off them. Could you imagine? I'd need to be defibrillated.

      Lara one year I'm coming over to your big store with oxygen, a paper bag and some valium. Bring it on people, the best time of the year bar none.

    2. Who Am I?

      Who Am I?

      I need ideas on what to wear for Halloween this year. I was thinking of going as something Millennium-esque, but that's prolly not gonna happen.

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