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    Mark Benjamin Hayden
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    Yorkshire *Out on the wiley, windy moors*
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    Gnosticism/Occult/Phillosophy/Forteana/Cryptozoology - yup - if its got wings, floats through walls or has two many heads then I'm beside myself. Radionics, Orgonics, Ether theory, Protoplasm and Ectoplasm and a thousand fringe things from Doctor Caligari's Wunderkabinet. Wine and Song (more usually ale and slurring to be honest but it sounds less romantic.) Pharmacology (my job), Homeopathy (my next job hopefully) and Vibrational Medicine (my hobby.) Luff The Smiths, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Edith Piaf, Madonna and Ms. Love and Ms. Bush.

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    Not selected
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    Glen Morgan & James Wong
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    Thomas J. Wright
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