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  1. Congratulations to Laura and to Richard for the ascension to the upper echelons of The Millennium Group. :whistling:

    Seriously folks, I don't think two finer people could be chosen and I know they will be a wonderful addition to the team and as an Elder myself I can say they are going to enjoy every minute of the ride.

    Congratulations folks, this is very well deserved indeed.


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  2. Many thanks for the kind words Graham but it has to be said that the revamp is almost squarely down to the sheer hard work of your good self and I, like many others here, will no doubt enjoy that hard work for many moons to come. Congratulations on such a sterling achievement. It looks superb and will no doubt grow into a community as respected as TIWWA. Congratulations Graham and here's to the next phase of LHM's life.

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  3. Absolutely superb work Graham. I know how hard you have been working to get this together and I join with everyone here in saluting you and looking forward to seeing all the good people here taking a look over there and joining in the fun. I know there's plenty for Lance Henriksen fans to look forward to in the near future. :clapping:

    Take a well deserved bow and accept my apologies for being away for a while. I'm rolling up my sleeves as we speak and ready to jump back in.


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  4. :notworthy: This is all rather tremendous stuff. It's going to take some time to become familiar with the new features but we'll get there. I am particularly impressed with the interaction between Facebook and Twitter which is a superb idea and one I am sure I can exploit when I've had chance to work out just how I will do that.

    One possibility could be to consider a small game or a project of some sort that utilizes one of the new functions. That way members could be introduced to using it in a hands-on way. I'll give that some thought as well but by the time we move forward with TIWWA I feel the Facebook and Twitter tweaks will be of value to us.

    Of course, I couldn't help but change the background on my profile. I'm not sure I'll keep the particular tile I am using but I simply couldn't wait to try it out.

    All in all a superb set of changes, I'm very, very impressed. :clapping:


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  5. We are absolutely delighted to have you and whilst we are a Millennium Forum first and foremost all our members are seasoned Philes, lovers of the Gunmen, Harsh Realmers and more besides. You'll find some great Ten Thirteen content here on a daily basis and as for the folks? Well they truly are they best people you could ever wish to meet online. Thank you for supporting us.

  6. LOL Burgerlicious indeed.

    As I work a lot of strange shifts I have eaten food at all sorts of strange hours. A nurse I used to work with, called Micky, would end her night shifts by going home, sitting in the back garden with a packet of salted nuts and a glass of vodka watching the sun come up. Her daughter once chided her for drinking so early in the day when the rest of the family were eating their cereals and then she asked her daughter "...what do you do when you get home from work on a Saturday..." and the daughter had to confess, she had a glass or two of wine. Same thing, different time.

    Now back to food. Best meal I ever ate was at 2.00 am one morning and it was toasted cheese sandwiches. Being an absolute political junkie I rushed home from a night on the town on 2 May 1997 and watched Tony Blair sweep to victory in the historic Labour landslide whilst eating cheese toasties and drinking coke. Food has never tasted better.

    Keep it burgerlicious Laura and down with the food police :)

  7. Wonderful post and it's why some companies in the UK have begun to employ people of your age and older as they can see the benefits of doing so as you describe. You are unlikely to phone in sick after too many ales on a wild weekend out, you're unlikely to go off on maternity leave in the near future, you bring a wealth of life experience and maturity to any role you do as well as countless transferable skills you have gained in the jobs you have done along the way. Any lady who has raised kids and kept a home has proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that she is more than capable of dealing with whatever life throws at her and that can't be said of the youth of today who struggle to communicate in anything resembling English much less anything else.

    I wish you untold luck in your job search, I know times are difficult, but if a prospective employer can't see what you have to offer then they don't know what they are missing.

    :thumbsup: Eth

  8. Ladies and gentlemen. We had a superb evening yesterday and our Skype chat was thoroughly enjoyable. Just to let you know we announced the winner of our exclusive competition to win the glorious signed photograph of Sarah-Jane Redmond and the winner, as drawn from a hat, was Laura Chambers. Join with me in offering her a huge round of applause and as soon as this lazy Sunday is over I will post her winning entry for you all to see. Well done Laura. :clapping:

  9. LOL Before I up sticks and relocate for a life of candy in The Pink Kingdom could I trouble the Queen as to her welfare policy, views on civil liberties and the provision of healthcare for her citizens or can we rest in the knowledge that your governments mandate will primarily be one of free candy and pink things lol

    That said, on the basis of that alone it still sounds rather more appealing than Blighty.

    On a serious note, welcome to the world of Blogging Miss L, good to have you here and I look forward to your pink and candy filled updates in the future.

    This is who we are!


  10. What a superb review I have made it the featured entry despite having the staff blog in that position already today I feel this needs to be given its moment of glory.

    Interestingly, there was a huge storm here in the UK about the graphic nature of the Pilot. So much so that a number of big names in scheduling condemned ITV's decision to even pick up the series. The then controller of ITV was so unnerved by the attention that even he was forced to say that if the content continued to be as graphic as the Pilot, ITV would reconsider its decision to show the series.

    It's even more incredible when you consider that comments like that were made prior to the show being aired. The station that fought so hard to secure the rights to broadcast Millennium was publicly reconsidering its decision. Hardly a great start and sadly this was only the beginning of the poor treatment the show got in the UK.

    Some, myself included, herald Pilot as Chris Carter's finest work. To this day it stands as sublime television.

    A wonderful review and a wonderful way to revisit a superb episode.


  11. I totally agree with the chief that they are absolutely chilling movies. My abiding memory of the franchise is the somewhat disturbing scene in which the young boy (if I recall correctly) is trapped beneath the ice and dragged by an unseen force as people desperately fight to save him. Absolutely spine chilling stuff and the absolute worst way to go. Special nod to Patrick Troughton of Who fame who was just superb as Father Brennan, a really convincing piece of acting.


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