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  1. Sheila_Kurtz.jpg

    Dear friends,

    I heard from Sarah-Jane Redmond and shared with me the very welcome and very wonderful news that she is to begin filming for "Fringe" next week. Whilst her part remains confidential and she is unable to share very much with us at the moment I am sure you will join with me in wishing her well and looking forward to seeing her in a show that is at the height of its popularity. She has also gone further by promising to take photographs, as and when she is able, to share with us all exclusively at TIWWA.

    From Millennium to Fringe and I am sure you will agree with me that Fringe will be all the better for her presence.

    Photographs will be shared here as soon as we receive them.


  2. Hi zombie,

    It's great to have you back my friend and we hope you'll stay around a while. I'm not one of those who believes that recent events are tied to Biblical phenomena. That said I don't have such a blinkered view of reality that I don't think such things are possible. There's definitely a vibe so far that something is different about this year. Maybe it's a repeat of 1999, and the very Zeitgeist that Chris Carter seized upon, and people will grow more unnerved as we approach 2012. There's certainly been considerable hype about that date for many years now and many expect the world to end. It's definitely a year which could be exploited for a Millennium style story but it's equally suited to XF who already have 2012 as part of their own mythology as it is the date on the colonisation. Whatever happen,s Ten Thirteen would be wise to have something in place for next year and I have a feeling we'll see two FBI agents back in business shortly. :oneeyedwinK


  3. Good Lord it is definitely worse than I realised. I think we can now safely toss the fireworks nonsense out of the window [the scientists that suggested that really ought to have their competency questioned methinks because it was preposterous from the off] and I hope that scientists across the globe will coalesce in order to uncover exactly what is going on. Here's another great article detailing the incidents that have been occurring across the globe.



  4. Methinks not. That's another type of dream entirely Joe. :whistling:

    I have done some digging around and it does seem that the website is owned by an individual who is involved with viral marketing campaigns so this does seem more of stunt that a genuine bit of psychic phenomena. However, viral marketing campaigns market something and though this has been around for a few years no film, book or product related to it has emerged. Maybe it was just done as a hoax or an internet urban myth much like The Slender Man. If you haven't heard of that either check out the link below.



  5. Here are two more films that are hotly anticipated by horror aficionados and I have to say I join them. The first is "Rubber" which is about a psychic tire. Yep, you read that right. Just when you thought horror had lost any or all originality something like this comes along. If you are wondering how it can possibly work then join the rest of us but what's been seen so far really does pique my interest just for the sheer sake of watching something so insane.

    On a more serious note is JJ Abrams "Super 8" which seems to be another "Cloverfield" but as I enjoyed "Cloverfield" so much you'll get no complaints from me.

    Oh and of course, everyone is waiting for the next "Human Centipede" movie right? Or is that just me.


  6. I wasn't a fan of Wesley Crusher at all and he did become something of a hate figure amongst TNG fans and the wider SciFi community generally. I do, however, sympathise with Wil Wheaton who I think could well have had a promising career (as you mention, Stand By Me is superb) but any serious chance of such a thing was tainted by that role. Probably more so than any other member of the TNG cast, he will always be his character. I find it very hard to divorce him from the role.

    One thing I can give him a great deal of credit for is his proud advocacy of the nerd/geek community of which he has been a vocal part of for many years. Good for you Wil, geeks rule!

    That said, I'm not sure I would wait in line for an autograph. :oneeyedwinK

    Thanks for sharing Sidewinder,


  7. What spooks me Laura is by all accounts, those who claimed to have dreamed of him seem to say that his benign but I get nothing but bad vibes from his image. I know that's a little metaphysical but I can sense something evil about that image. I know you all think I've taken leave of my senses don't you. :p


  8. Hi folks,

    My friend Jen pointed this out to me and after the briefest of looks around I was already chilled to the bone.

    "In January 2006 in New York, the patient of a well-known psychiatrist draws the face of a man that has been repeatedly appearing in her dreams. That portrait lies forgotten on the psychiatrist's desk for a few days until one day another patient recognizes that face and says that the man has often visited him in his dreams. The psychiatrist decides to send the portrait to some of his colleagues that have patients with recurrent dreams. Within a few months, four patients recognize the man as a frequent presence in their own dreams. All the patients refer to him as This Man."

    Make of it what you will.



  9. Indeed we are. Something interested was posited elsewhere that I thought worthy of interest. Someone suggested that what are seeing could be the experimental stage of the holy grail of biological weapons - DNA specific pathogens. At present, if we create a pathogen we have no way of targeting specific groups which always runs the risk of the outbreak running out of control but imagine, if you will, if Russians had had access to a pathogen that would only effect people with a DNA strand common to citizens of the USA back in the cold war or if the Nazis had only had had access to a pathogen that could be targeted to those of Jewish descent. It doesn't bear thinking about does it? What if the recent mysterious single-species deaths are the result of advances in such weapons programs?

    I know it's all tinfoil hat stuff but it does make you wonder.

    It's easy to become hysterical isn't it but news is in that thousands of turtle doves have now rained down dead from the skies in Italy. I think scientists need to become a little more radical in their thinking than 'fireworks' now and an explanation needs to be found quite quickly.



  10. That's a great share Darlene. I especially liked the footage of the chap trying to put his sandals on and failing, I think we've all been there a time or too.

    I got sent the following link in an email today and figured I would share it with you guys as it is related to the topic. It is the worst TV shows ever as compiled by heavy.com. You just never know folks, there could be a show or two in there that you recognise.



  11. The image is indeed stunning and yet startling at the same time. I am a great admirer of subversive art that takes that subject and turns it on its head. Darlene, have a look at the links again as the first two link to the same article and the third returns an error notice.

    A great share Darlene, thank you.


  12. milllogo.gif

    Dear friends, tonight's the night.

    Friday, 7th January sees us tackling the wonderful subject of Millennium: Apocalypse at 8 PM UK time (2 PM US Central Time, 3 PM US East Coast Time) and I do hope you can join us. There is a possibility that Jason Morris will be joining us. For those who are not aware of who he is, he is the director, writer and general made-it-happen chap behind the project so I am sure it will be a superb chat with a plenty of opportunities to chat about other things.

    This is who we are.


  13. Good Lord I didn't realise how prevalent this type of thing is and be it land or sea or air it only seems to strike one species at a time. Conventional wisdom states that if water poisoning is the explanation for certain deaths then more creatures in the water would be affected than just one. I know different physiologies will react to different compounds differently but sure more than a single species would show evidence of something unusual. Here is a list of the Top 10 mysterious animal deaths.

    Very, very strange indeed. :suspect:



  14. There was a bit of a scandal in the UK in the not too distant past when Coca Cola launched their own brand of mineral water but had to confess that it was simply bottled tap water after a inquiry uncovered the facts. Water is water and as long as it is clean and sanitary your body will thank you for it. Mineral water is by and large a preoccupation for those with more money than sense.


  15. The biggest problem that I could identify with the film is that it is too long and it felt too long. Being a long film is not a crime in and of itself but making the audience feel like they are watching a long film is. It's a failure to immerse your audience as well as a film should. A lot of time is taken up with backstory and what's odd is that none of the backstory seems to service much of what is happening in the film. If it helps develop the plot then I'm all for it but if it is infodump for the sake of it then cull it. Another problem for me was how much seemed to be a simple remake of the first film. The Grid is no longer what it was so rather than simply show us a modern imagining of the lightcycle race and the disc tournaments be creative and create your own set pieces - it's far too easy to adopt a plot of a) introduce characters b) just remake a lot of the first film with a new veneer. To my mind the thrust of the movie can be summed up in one line - the characters have to get from Flynn's house to the portal and that, folks, is the film in a nutshell.


  16. Ah I see. I have to agree, it is a real jolt to the senses as far as Millennium episodes go but for yours truly it was a welcome one. In essence the episode serves as a humorous critique of the show. Darin Morgan takes a lot of the shows conventions and either parodies them or pokes fun at them. It's always a risky thing to do but the X-Files did this on a number of occasions and I guess it was felt worth the risk to try it with Millennium.

    I know Glen Morgan was unsure about letting Darin write for the show. He didn't think his style would fit the format at all but I think he got it just right. It's a good balance between off the wall humour and not straying too far from the intention of the show.


  17. Dahmer is a particularly unpleasant case if you ask me. I read a book written about him by his father and it made me feel dirty on more than occasion. A friend of mine loaned me a sizeable collection of serial killer books and I had to put them down after a few of them. It doesn't make for pleasant reading at all. That said, I have seen an alarming number of fansites for Jeffrey Dahmer over the years which beggars belief. A considerable number of them were started by women who seemed enamoured of him which I could never fathom as he was a) a homosexual so their chances of anything being reciprocated were nill and b) a revolting killer and cannibal so why anyone would want him to reciprocate in the first place is beyond me.

    The cult of the serial killer is a truly deranged thing to see.


  18. Ah. That's something I never quite understood either. I know on various forums I have frequented in the past there has always been debates about MP3 vs Wav vs Flac and so on. I know Flac is very much sought after as a format though I have no idea why and some people seem to be believe that the differences between them really only depend on the acuity of the hearing of the listener. I've even read somewhere that vinyl rips are preferable to CD rips but that's even more out of my league of understand. The curious world of audio collecting I guess.

    Have you thought of creating a topic solely for your offer/request thing? I only mention that because everyone who wanted the UFO soundtrack has now gotten it and it is unlikely that this thread is an active thread as a result of that. People would probably be surprised to know that such an offer has been in this thread.

    I do hope we get the numbers we need. I am very hopeful that will be the case.


  19. I've seen it. I had a huge crush on Michelle Pfieffer back in my teens. I have to say she still ranks as one of the most beautiful women in the world for me. I dragged my chums to see The Fabulous Baker Boys just because she was in it and I have to confess to loving Grease 2 solely because she is in it and wearing skin tight clothing. *wink*

    What Lies Beneath is another great movie of hers and let's not forget her take on Catwoman as well. Halle Berry couldn't hold a candle to Michelle as that character.


  20. Lets' not forget that cats and seals were found in Vancouver and the UK respectively I believe. I know the seal deaths in the UK were especially chilling as they were most definitely caused by some strange technology. Something is going off, that's undeniable and on each occasion it targets only one animal. If you want to refresh your memory about these events here are some links.




  21. Still very much Human Essence for me folks and it's even more telling considering it was written by the then showrunner of Millennium. The episode is so removed from the heart and soul of the show that Michael clearly did not understand his brief at all. It is write that he was let go and whilst I applaud him for doing his best I am relieved Chip was able to steer the season into calmer waters.


  22. They did have chemistry and I say this as an admirer of Lara's so I'm not bery objective.....but......I fail to see how anyone around someone like Lara Means could not develop some chemistry with her. I'm not saying it would have been reciprocated but she was a very beautiful, very enigmatic and very funny lady.

    As for the scariest episode - it changes for me from season to season but Lamentation still leaves me cold. I watched it again recently and the Lucy Butler/Bob Bletcher scenes were absolutely chilling. Kudos to the Bill and to Sarah for injecting so much dread and malice into them.

    I'd be curious to know why you consider Jose Chung as a potential for the title? Do share your views.


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