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  1. LOL That's brilliant. I so hope it's true. I recall watching an episode of Nigella Lawson in which she proclaimed that her family didn't approve of her keeping fish in the toilet cistern. Because this particular fish (the name escapes me) needs to be rinsed many times over she realised she could keep it in the cistern and every time it was flushed the water would drain and refill and the fish would be automatically rinsed. Apparently other people do the same. I can safely say they don't in this house. Eth
  2. Hi Bima, Here's bidding you a very warm welcome to TIWWA and a very happy new year in the process. I have high hopes that if a third XF gets the go ahead that Chris Carter will use the opportunity to insert a little role for Frank Black. It seems the most logical, and least risky, way of satisfying the fans as well as bringing Frank back in a format that Fox will support. Here's hoping you enjoy your time here and make many new friends in the process. Till then, this is who we are! Mark
  3. The rot set in when they toggled the name from SciFi to SyFy. On one hand I guess it was understandable as they were running out of scifi shows on their schedules and the original mandate was rather tight but in relaxing the rules it has allowed them to abandon SciFi altogether. Stargate Universe did have low ratings. I understand that they thought it couldn't be recovered from but I was told they were hitting their stride as the axe fell and that there was every chance that new viewers would give the show a chance. With BSG gone, Trek now a film franchise and the Stargate franchises dormant there is no scifi on our screens at all. I know the Beeb's 'Outcasts' is due to drop shortly but I think that is a 'soap-in-space' affair rather than a scifi oriented space show. Here's hoping the future is a little more scifi than things are at the moment. Eth
  4. Cancelling SGU means that SyFy no longer has a single scifi show on its schedules. Lots of genre and fantasy of course but nothing remotely close to scifi. It just goes to show how far that channel has moved from its original remit. I didn't watch the show because I haven't watched any of the Stargate shows but I had heard good things about it. That said, considering Atlantis and Universe were both cancelled it does look like the support for the franchise is weakening although I hear they still plan to continue with a few TV movies though this looks to be in jeopardy as well due to the poor performance of Universe. Eth
  5. This case will probably remain as enduring as Jack The Ripper in terms of who, what, when and why. I do recall a minor flurry of interest a few years ago when Deborah Perez claimed that her father was Zodiak and for a while it looked like there could have been some truth to the claims until it was revealed that she has also claimed to be the daughter of JFK. A bit of a loon I guess. Arthur Leigh Allen is largely considered to be the prime suspect although DNA evidence did rule him out in the not too distant past so the police simply found another DNA expert to explain why this was the case and he could still be the killer. That's the danger with DNA evidence to some degree, it means what you want it to mean dependent upon the point you are trying to prove. I don't think we'll ever know to be honest. Eth
  6. The end of the year always brings about these types of polls and lists but this is a great one and by the very respect io9. Have a look and see how it compares to your own 'TV Moments'. Eth https://io9.com/5721510/best-and-worst-tv-moments-of-2010
  7. Well I didn't think this warranted a thread of its own but once you have finished with Christmas horror, how about a little bloodshed for the New Year. Anyone but yours truly seen this? Eth
  8. Out with the old, in with the new! Happy New Year.

  9. What made me pause, if there is any degree of truth that she said this, is that unlikely David she has a very good track record of accuracy. She did distance herself from talk of a script during the lost in translation saga. If she is stating that she believes the film will be made in 2012 then something makes me think the gears are in motion. The most Gillian has ever committed herself to is to state that she would like to do another film - she's never said there will be one. It's annoying that the line in question does not come with a quote. I'd love to know the context of what she said. Eth
  10. I've seen a great many documentaries around moon conspiracies and the moon landing 'hoax' in particular and they make incredible claims but claims that seem to have some foundation in truth if the evidence is to be believed. The Van Allen radiation belt alone is a reason to suspect that people didn't make the journey at all. It's one if the few conspiracy theories I have some slight belief in. Of course, there are aliens on the moon as well which doesn't help. Eth
  11. Hi guys, The following article appeared as a result of Google Alerts today and I will have to rely on your opinion for how valid it is but it contains a quote from Gillian on her willingness to do a third X-Files film and goes further to say she believes it will be filmed in 2012. Now there is no direct quotation so make of it what you will but I wondered if anyone had a direct quote of what she said. We don't want to repeat the 'lost in translation' debacle I'm sure. Eth https://www.coompax.com/gillian-anderson-set-for-x-files-return
  12. Carrie Henn bless her. It must be awesome for these people who aren't really names or industry notables to raise a little pocket money and have a further fifteen minutes of fame thanks to the conventions. I bet she never guessed that that role she had as child would one day become a decent source of income for her. I wouldn't mind her signature, I have Lance's and Janette's so she would be a welcome addition. Apparently she's a teacher these days and had no intention of ever making a career for herself in the acting biz despite giving such a memorable performance as a child. Eth https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/3620/whatever_happened_to_carrie_henn.html
  13. Ph Rapjael Sbarge. How right you are. Is it me or does his name always resemble a typo? I first paid attention to him in Voyager, as Sidenwinder states, when he played Michael Jonas. He then turned up in the X-Files inspired "Dark Skies" and then onwards to just about every show I watched. Evidently he wasn't in 'every' show but when you spot a face that keeps recurring you notice it more. Alan Dale is another who seems to have been in everything I choose to watch from X-Files, Lost, Neighbours, Burn Notice, Torchwood, Ugly Betty and on and on. I have to say I find him an irritant or, more accurately, the use of him as he is frequently cast as British. If you want a British accent hire a British actor. I wasn't aware there was such a lack of them that it was necessary to import Ausies to do the the job. Eth
  14. I recall watching this footage some time ago and realised three things. If the footage is genuine and depicts what people believe it depicts than.... A) We consider the visitors to be threats hence our decision to fire upon them. B) Despite their advanced technology we seem to have concluded we are in a position to declare war with them. Would they not simply return and obliterate us as you would assume? Fascinating footage though and I know some have tried to explain it away casually but most explanations of natural phenomena seem to fly in the face of our understanding f gravity for example. I shall keep an open ming. Eth
  15. I think having something of a crush on Lucy Butler is fairly mandatory as it happens. Her appeal and beauty is part of what made her such a dangerous foe. She was certainly the only person (used loosely) who Frank ever seemed unnerved by. A genuinely memorable villain and a very memorable performance. Thank you for updating the link for folk Graham. I know it will make things easier for people wishing to download a copy. Eth
  16. I've always considered him to be more a spiritual entity. I know some researchers have proposed various spiritual entities that seem to match descriptions of the mothman. Now call this hyperbole if you will but I can't help but think that this thing is demonic. It's just a gut instinct I have. Every time I visualise the entity or even read about it I get an uneasy feeling. I had not heard of The Cornstalk Curse so I'm grateful to Laura for sharing that but of information. If you're curious, here's a link that explains it somewhat. Eth https://www.prairieghosts.com/cornstalk.html
  17. I certainly am a fan of it. I do believe the gift/curse issue has been discussed her before and I am sure notable examples were found of its use pre-Millennium. I guess it's just one of those phrases that readily springs to mind for writers as it has appeared in a great many shapes and forms over the years/ I think even Spiderman has gotten in on the act. Now I finally, finally, got the opportunity to see this yesterday. I absolutely loved it. It was head and shoulders above the recent homages to XF that have appeared in Bones, Fringe and Supernatural. They didn't so much allude to "Twin Peaks" but go all out to drop in as many nods and references as they were able. It was great to see the old faces from the show back again and to see a show do such a warm and shameless love letter to Twin Peaks. A wonderful hour of television. Eth
  18. 431 downloads

    The fantastic winning entry of our amazing Christmas 2010 short story competition, Star of Wonder by James P. Davies, read aloud by the presiding judge, Sarah-Jane Redmond (Millennium's Lucy Butler).
  19. Thanks for your warm words folks. I honestly didn't think Chip would be a possibility. Dexter is very now and very big and I assumed, wrongly as it happens, that if he was going to give an interview it would be with a notable entertainment site or magazine. Considering how busy his schedule must be I am incredibly grateful to him for his time. We want to get the best possible interview from him with regards to Millennium but if you're a fan of Dexter it would be a shame not to capitalise on the 'now' as well as 'then' and ask a few questions about his present work. I am sure the spooktalkular team will consider any questions you have folks. No deadline as such but move quickly, I am sure the spooks will want to have this under their belt as soon as possible. Eth
  20. I remember that Joe. What I will do is see if I can find it and I will send it to Frank and Laura as one of the suggestions for a question. I don't know if Chip's memory will be such that he can recall such details but it may be something the folks would like to ask all the same. Thank you for your suggestion my friend and I hope you and yours had a lovely holiday. Eth
  21. No deadline as such my friend but I know Chip wants to move fairly quickly so the sooner the better I guess. Don't hold back folks. Be frank, honest but respectful and if there's something you really want to ask then ask it. We want to provide something even the seasoned fans with years of knowledge under their belt will enjoy so we need to probe, dig and rustle up what we have gleaned from many years of fandom to create an interview of some real substance rather than a lot of platitudes. We only get one shot at it so lets make it count. :) Eth PS I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
  22. Hi folks, Chip Johannessen is the hottest of hot properties right now as he is currently helming Dexter which I know a great many of you are fans of but I'm sure our introduction to his work can via Millennium. Chip wrote such memorable episodes as Force Majeure, Walkabout, Maranatha, Sense and Antisense, Luminary, In Arcadia Ego, Exegesis, Skull and Bones, Saturn Dreaming of Mercury, Borrowed Time, Bardo Thodol and the very final episode of the show Goodbye To All That. Not only did he write such memorable episodes but he was credited as a producer for all 67 episodes of the show and helmed the show in its final season when showrunner Michael Duggan departed abruptly. No one knows better than Mr. Johannessen about the changing face of Millennium and the behind the scenes decisions that contributed to three fascinating years of television. TIWWA and Spooktalkular have come together to bring Chip Johannessen to Spooktalkular and they will be recording a special show with him in the new year which will be a superb celebration of his work on Millennium but also on 24, Dexter, Moonlight et. al. We want you, the fans, to shape the course of the interview to ensure we get the best possible interview from Mr. Johannessen so I want you to put your thinking caps on. Think of a question you really want the answer to and send that question with your name to show@spooktalkular.com and any questions chosen will be put to Chip along with your name read out on air. So get those thinking caps on folks and here's to 2011 and a superb start to it for us Millennium fans. There's plenty more of this to come believe me. Eth
  23. Oh I've heard "Tokoloshe Man" but I have to confess it was the version recorded by the Happy Mondays back in the 90's. That said, I didn't pay any attention to the words and certainly didn't realised a cryptid was being referred to. You live and you learn I guess. Here's a great video of nature's oddities and evidently a great many of them are caused by nothing more than congenital birth defects but some are highly intriguing. Eth
  24. Just throw them Miss C. I'm a relatively good catch although I'll never get picked for a baseball team. I've decided to enter into the festive season and offer a little help so here are a few clues to get you going. 1) A song about something edible. 2) If one of these falls over it means another angel has got its wings. 3) What it has been doing rather a lot of lately for most of us. 4) What you spied your Ma doing.... 5) I prefer Halloween but some people think that Christmas is the....... 6) A campanologist would appreciate this song. 7) A modern day hit from a lady with a big set of lungs. 8) Santas mode of transport. Well you can't say fairer than that can you folks? Eth
  25. It was horrendous for me. I guess the wind wasn't blowing in the right direction. That said, thanks to modern technology, I was able to download the video from the website and convert it to a DVD friendly format and it looks great on the small screen as well. I shall be putting it into the vaults for next year methinks. Eth
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