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  1. Wowzers, your profile page looks awesome chief. I have to have a piece of the action. That's this evening's tinkering taken care of. The updates are fantastic. Facebook? What's Facebook? :)

  2. Testing, testing.....

  3. Testing, testing one, two, three.

  4. Me too Graham, especially liking the Christine picture. It's amazing.

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      I love the Christine photo too! My favourite Stephen King book of all time, well aside from It!

  5. Hi Darlene,

    No site other than ChrisNu as far as I know sunshine although there are some images at the M-TIWWA gallery that are not included amongst Chris screencaps at his website.

  6. Are you OK Darlene? I heard there was a tornado in your area? Myself and Laura have been thinking after you all do. Hope you are safe and well sunshine.

  7. You've just been e-squeezed (I could have hugged you but The Old Man got there first so I'm doing a variations, it's just a wee bit tighter lol)

  8. Lovely to have you home Ma, we missed you and I hope you enjoyed your trip and found blessings aplenty. Sorry to hear about the tree pollen, from one who also suffers with such things you have my sympathy.

  9. *son (ooops I can spell, honest).

  10. Great news about your sun Darlene and I hope he has enjoyed his restful weekend. Thanks for joining us last night, I had a blast.

  11. Sorry to hear about your sun Darlene, how is he doing. I shall keep you all in my prayers.

  12. Dropping by to send you some hugs Ma. Hope you are well and we are all thinking of you (((HUGS)))

  13. Well I sure hope things get easier for you angel, I'd hate to think you are having a hard time. You are so right about the cake competition. I shall look back through the thread tomorrow and see if we can get a winner chosen. Love and light! M x

  14. Hello Mom :)

    How's things with you angel? I do hope the 'problems' are not bigger than you can bear. Sending you love and light from across the sea.

    M x

  15. ((((HUGS)))) for Monday. Let's face it. Who doesn't need a hug at the beginning of the working week. :)

  16. Merry Christmas my friend. Enjoy the eggnog (fat free I hope). Ho ho ho Sir Gunnarsson :p

  17. Merry Christmas Vivi, I hope all is well in Finland and my angel has got her winds. May she fly over any troubles in 2010 and may her halo light her way. ((((HUGS))))))) M x

  18. Merry Christmas Old Man and thanks for the wonderful spread you laid on at Peter Watt's Christmas get-together, the Lara Means pole dance was a very touching moment for me, I felt very moved. Could I ask, next year can we have sausages on sticks and can Cheryl Andrews not do the karaoke? She was shocking on "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" :p

  19. Vivi was dontbesodark for moons before she changed her screen-name to Vivi. Jim was Laredo and Laurent was Laran so people change from time to time (from screen-name to their own name usually). Me, I'm just Eth, I can't imagine being called anything else here :)

  20. Got it my friend and no, I wouldn't have worked that out at all :) You can change your screen-name if you fancy down the line for something Millenniumistic. FrankBlack is hotly sought after and Graham usually announces when a profile using that name has gone and the name is up for grabs then it's a race to the finish line.

  21. Hmmmm, still trying to work out your screen-name old chap. It's going to be something so obvious right?

  22. Possible futures exist, like branches on a tree. Most of us only see the path we're on, but some people – the gifted ones – see those branches. To the midnight of the century.

    Well I've just put my Christmas tree up so I thought I'd spread X-Mas ((((HUGS)))) your way. Hyvaa joulua sunshine ;)

  23. Hello sunshine - sending you a (((((HUG))))) and boy could I do with one back I am absolutely freezing. It feels like the UK has been plunged in to an ice age. Hope it's warmer where you are :)

  24. Hey Vivi, Nice Shot!

    Put it this way angel you should most certainly check out our music video tomorrow. Methinks you will love it :)

  25. Ah bless you. I should put a picture back but I deleted them all from my PC to make room for the one million BTFB files I have stored there. I have some pics from Halloween that I am going to upload soon so I will rectify the damage. Hope you are well my angel! (((((((HUGS))))))))))))

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