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  1. Here's hoping you had the spookiest Halloween possible (but in a good way not a sort of 'Friday 13th'-horror sort of way). All my creepiness, love and bright blessings to you and keep up all your good work at the Filter page sunshine. I know your followers will appreciate it.

  2. Where's my sunshine these days? I miss you so much angel. Sending you lots of loving thoughts and hoping you are well (((((HUGS)))))

  3. How's life in Vivi land? Sugar-coated I hope and with a chocolate filling. (((HUGS))) and doughnuts - M x

  4. Typos again dear Eth - more haste less speed man. They came through believe it or not. I wonder if Myspace is being affected by an ever expanding cosmic bubble bringing about a new Myspace with consequences that are either inconsequential or catastrophic? :)

  5. I will never wipe you comments I shall never was that part of my profile again lol Although feel free titivate your own and get rid of my gubbings :)

  6. Well someone sure doesn't like us angel. I wonder what the 'to do' is, the comment hasn't appeared for verification again. Never mind sweetie, we tried. Luff and light M x

  7. Same thing has happened with us angel and I know how you feel. Some people have had issues with the verification images and if they don't get it spot on the comments never reach us. We can only apologise I guess, I'm sure your followers will understand it's beyond your control.

  8. Vivi could you leave the comment again my angel, it hasn't appeared or has been rejected. Very odd.

    Luff and light M x

  9. Look at the bloody typos in that Eth lol Forgive me sweetie.

  10. News just in, hot off the press (or video editing suite that should be) the Avatar Vision is the Filter track. A montage of 'The Judge' using either "Consider This" or "So Coll" - he's in two minds at the moment :)

  11. Big Monday-style-hugs coming your way from a a little island across the sea ((((HUGS))) *hope you catch them* :)

  12. Chocolate, gimme more, gimme more. Is my chocolate addiction apparent enough angel? BTW *hush hush* BTFB may well have a Millennium/Filter video to preview in the not too distant future. A marriage made in heaven for you I would assume. Love and light, E x

  13. Feeling a little better thank you. Not a good night mind but the pain has subsided. Still have a swollen face and not likely to win Britain's Next Top Model but it could be worse. Thanks for all your warm wishes they made me, well, warm :)

  14. One 3D Peter Watts coming your way missus!!

  15. Missing yo so much angel. Here's hoping you hurry back to us soon. Wanted to share a little love so you know we are thinking of you when you get back. (((HUGS))) Eth

  16. Hope you have a super Birthday chief. I too have man-flu, rampaging it is, making everyone else miserable lol! Enjoy the festivities!

  17. Happy Valentines Day sweetie!

    Gosh, a big hug would go down a treat right now.

    Hope you and Terry have a truly special day.


  18. Hi Chicken.

    Ethsnafu is the original title of 'Jose Chung's From Outer Space'. It is an anagram of 'The' added to S.N.A.F.U. meaning "Situation Normal: All F*cked Up."

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