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  1. Personally I've never had a problem with the ending of this episode (even though it was somewhat necessitated by Gallagher's break from the show). Frank and Catherine's relationship was put under huge strain during season one: Jordan's illness, Frank's secrecy about his work, Helen's abduction, Bletcher's murder etc. Catherine's own experience was the final straw; having someone you love lie to you and then to see them acting in a fit of violent rage is shocking no matter what their reason for doing it. Sure we all like to think that we'd do anything to protect our families but in reality violence destroys previously strong relationships. Only last year a friend of mine split from his wife despite their apparently happy marriage. The reason? He'd come clean to her about his military background, she then decided that (despite her feelings toward him) she couldn't live with someone who'd killed. Sad but true.
  2. I'm from Nottingham, England and this is my first post by the way. Nice.
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