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  1. Hi! Curiosity brought me home! It it seems like masks are a great way of protecting oneself from the COVID-19 Coronavirus by protecting others, and hopefully the follow suit. But also, it could be a great way of sharing your fandom. I’m sad to see there aren’t masks to buy, but I thought a black mask with the white ouroboros would be a good start. A partial ouroboros like on the masthead for M-TIWWA would be good too, especially if it had some series quotes like, THIS IS WHO WE ARE, THE TIME IS NEAR, THE TIME IS NOW, and others. I checked the store and didnt see any there. Is anyone thinking of doing this?
  2. Hello everyone! Thanks ethsnafu for your further research. I'm sorry I wasn''t around to recieve it in a timely manner. In answer to Thomas' question, no progress was made beyond my first chapter. It's been a ridiculously busy time since I set aside the project. In the meantime it seems my writing has improved which is a good thing with respect to this project. II have a project I need to finish before I can come back to this one, but I'm making notes so when the way is clear I may start down this path again!
  3. Reading "Back to Frank Black" and loving it. Do you have your copy?

    1. davidmarx2000


      Yes, hardcover copy. Wife got it as an early Christmas gift. I'm about 300 pages in. Excellent!

    2. seesthru
    3. The Whisperer

      The Whisperer

      Hi Maxx, yes, and reading it has enhanced my viewing. I am going through certain episodes with a heightened awareness. Pilot, Lamentations, Powers..., more to come. Who else has a copy?

  4. My copy of "Back to Frank Black" came home to roost a few days ago. I'm on page 157 right now reading a fascinating analysis of themes of family and secret societies in Millennium. I'm so very pleased to have this book and to further plumb it's depths.
  5. Has anyone noticed that the Gardener in Antipas looks something like "The Old Man"? And that he was attacked in the Maze by German Shepherds like were in "Beware The Dog"? And the gubernatorial candidate is even refered to him as "The Old Man"? Coincidence? i think not. But what exactly does it mean about "The Old Man"? - Maxx
  6. Thanks Earthnut and Libby for your input and ideas. Earthnut, I like your idea of Frank and Jordan working together, in some ways a passing of the torch. Libby, I like your observations and suggestion of working it up as a fanfic, maybe as part of the Virtual Season. I have to check out what's been done with the virtual seasons - having been off the radar for so long I've lost touch with them. Thanks for the input. I'll put that into the old brain and see what starts percolating. Cheers, Maxx
  7. Hey all! I've been watching Millennium again and listening to the Back to Frank Black podcasts. I've ordered the Back to Frank Black book. You've been busy as a community since I last participated! Anyhow I've been thinking about the whole Millennium comeback thing and I have a great idea for the basis of a crossover movie. I haven't really started developing the idea as a storyline, and it's almost so obvious someone else may have has this idea and made an episode for the virtual season based on it. Lucy Butler discovers Fox Mulder and starts taking an unhealthy interest in him, and Mulder being Mulder responds with an unhealthy interest in Lucy Butler. Fox disappears. Scully searches for Mulder and enlists, once again, the help of Frank Black and possibly Emma Hollis. Does The Millennium Group get involved? If Legion has infiltrated The Group, maybe they already are. What does everyone think?
  8. It's been a long time, but I'm back, for a long time I hope! I come back to the page and what do I find, but my poll is front and centre as a Hot Topic! Awesome!
  9. Hey Tanya! I'm so happy to see you made it to the board and as a member! (By the way Old Man! You're welcome for the referal!) How lucky am I to have found another Millennium fan way up here in Nunavut - in Iqaluit no less - and among friends I met through my wife! Tanya's fab and I think she'll be a great addition to our little family here! Welcome Tanya - you Inuk Cowgirl!
  10. Is the time disparity problem really a problem? I think when Una sees Lucy pawing at her husband's pants she's seeing her just after she gets down on her knees - a time reveral for the exterior shot. And we mustn't forget the power of the supernatural to make the unsuspecting look like idiots. Of course there is a third possibility. Whoever said the devil had good aim. "OK, now hold still." "Ouch!" "Sorry. Missed it. Let me try again." "Ouch!" "Whoops!" "It's OK. Luc... OUCH!" "Sorry about that! This won't take a minute longer. Let me take another stab at it here!" "s***! OUCH!" I mean lets face it. She's trained as a nurse and apparently can't even keep a job there!Yu think she's bad with a button remover. Just imagine her trying to get a blood sample! "Uh, what are you going to do with that?" "OK, now hold still." "Ouch!" "Sorry. Missed it. Let me try again." "Ouch!" "Whoops!" "It's OK. Look... OUCH!" "Sorry about that! This won't take a minute longer. Let me take another stab at it here!" "s***! OUCH!"
  11. Thanks for the various responses since I posted my message. If you're wondering why I haven't posted a new reply - I got my copy from Amazon just this week and have been reading in between tasks. It's a great read and thought provoking. Maxx
  12. Hello all! This looks like it could be a great thread! Thanks for all the contributions so far! My last year since being turned onto it through this forum has been to start looking at Gnosticism, The Knights Templar, The "Magdalene Conspiracy", the life of Jesus and also peering into the dimness surrounding Freemasonry / Masonry. It's been a most amazing year. Unlike most people I came late to "The Da Vinci Code" reading a lot of works on Gnosticism and things surrounding it before reading the Code. One of the main works that inspired the Code was The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. Michael Baigent is of course the author of the new book The Jesus Papers. My wife has ordered it for me as an Easter gift and I'm awaiting it's arrival. The question of the crucifixion's authenticity and how it panned out is an amazing one. There a number of theories as to what happened including one which states that Christ was drugged while on the cross which gave him the appearance of being dead. Another is that it wasn't Christ at all on the cross but rather Simon the Cyrene. Another theory I have read about is that Jesus had a twin. Apparently the name Thomas didn't exist in Jesus' time. Thomas was a word meaning Twin. Thomas Didimus's last name means Twin also. As Henry Lincoln puts it, "So he was twin twin. But twin of who?" The Cathars and the Templar Knights it is said repudiated Jesus who died on the cross. But, the did venerate Christ the son of Mary! So in the Languedoc area of France in Cathar territory you will often see crosses with the Virgin Mary holding a baby Jesus but not so much Christ crucified hanging on the cross. This is but one of the beliefs the Cathar's had that branded them as heretical by the Catholic Church and sparked off the Albegensian Crusade and the Inquisition. I have read also that Jesus never claimed to be the Son of God, but rather this was a determination or appelation made by the Jewish High Court (the Sanhedrin) later picked up and established as truth by the Council of Nicea. Michael Baigent claims to have seen a document and held it in his hands (albeit it was in Aramaic - a language he can't read) that was a letter from Jesus himself (after his death by crucifixion) to the Sanhedrin denying that he had ever called himself the son of God. There is of course a lot of thought surrounding Rennes-Le-Chateau and the rather unusual redecorating of the church there by it's priest Berengere Sauniere. One of the 14 Stations of the Cross which all-inclusive depict the principle incidents of Christ's journey to Calvary - specifically Station XIV which traditionally shows Jesus laid in the Tomb - shows Jesus being carried in the dark of night in relation to the tomb. Jesus had to be laid in the tomb before nightfall and yet the scene shows a dark night sky with a moon riding high in it. As priest Sauniere would surely have known that Christ needed to be laid in the tomb before nightfall it has been interpreted that rather than a depiction of Jesus being carried into the tomb, this is in fact a depiction of him being carried out of the tomb after nightfall. Put together with the idea that ... (a) Christ was drugged while on the cross to give him the appearance of death (b) Jesus bled when his side was pierced with the spear (although a dead body shouldn't) © Christ was crucified on a hill and witnesses were kept quite a distance away so accurate accounts of what was seen would have been impossible (d) Christ was taken down from the cross and placed in a tomb on the private property of Joseph of Arimthea (e) Nicodemus brought during the night to the tomb large quantities of myrrh and aloes - spices with the medicinal use of stopping bleeding and neither was used in the embalming process ... the possibility emerges that Christ was drugged to attain the appearance of death, taken down from the cross, placed in the tomb where he was treated for his injuries and finally was removed from the tomb under the dark of night. This possibility is further "supported" when one looks at the Gospel of Mark. In both the Latin and English versions Joseph of Arimethea asks Pilate to have Jesus' body. Pilate asks if Jesus is dead and is very surprised to hear he has died so fast. Pilate gives Joseph the body. But if you look at the original Greek text for the Gospel of Mark there is an interesting wording difference. Whereas in English and Latin the word for a dead body and a living body is the same: body, in Greek there are different words: ptoma is a corpse and soma is a living body. Joseph asks for Jesus' soma and Pilate agrees and says he can take away his ptoma. The reason for this deception - if I understand it properly - it is suggested is that the Jewish Sadduccee priesthood (who wanted to be rid of Jesus who by lineage was a King of the Jews of Holy Blood but abided by Roman rules and laws and sided with Rome's taxation of the Jews ) wanted Pilate to do away with Jesus. But Pilate couldn't just do that because it would have gotten him in trouble with the Roman authorities if he killed a high profile Jew who was supporting the Roman policy. So a scheme was cooked up with the Joseph of Arimethea in which Jesus would undergo a staged crucifixion (a crucifiction if you like) and then be banished from the holy land and in so doing the Sadduccee would be appeased and Pilate could claim that he didn't kill Jesus if the Roman authorities came after him. Interestingly enough the Koran actually states that Jesus did not die on the cross - "They did not crucify him..." I have not found this reference myself but I have read about it in a number of references. For those with access to it see Maclean's magazine APR3, 2006 edition - pages 32 to 40 for an article on the book and an excerpt from The Jesus Papers: Exposing the Greatest Coverup In History or better yet, buy the book! :) There's another possible long post with respect to the dates of his birth and death which again is potentially interesting but I'll leave that for another time. Hope all are well, and I hope everyone had a good Easter whether you believe in the crucifxion or not, or large bunnies traversing the world spreading chocolatey goodness wherever they go!
  13. Just a quick addition to the string. Nothing new to add at this time. (I wanted to be informed by email notification of replies to this string but can't select it from the edit menu.)
  14. Hello all! I've developed something of a passion for investigating the Templar Knights and Mary Magdalene, with thanks to these episodes and to various members on the forum here. And I don't know why this hasn't occurred to me until now, but sometimes this have a way of popping out at you. The latin phrase Et In Arcadia Ego has been associated with the search for the Holy Grail - the sangraal (san graal), which some of you may know has been associated with Mary Magdalene herself being the vessel that holds holds the Blood Royal - the sangraal (sang raal) - the offspring of Jesus and the Magdalene. On interpretation of the phrase it "In Arcadia Am I" but another is "I contain the Secrets of God". (There was a discusion concerning this phrase on this board but it seems to have disappeared! I can't search for it and when I searched out all my posts it doesn't appear. Graham, does material posted eventually purge a after a certain time perios after the last post?) At any rate one of the possible avenues of speculation that this phrase leads to is that Prince Henry Sinclair of Scotland brought a large number of Templar Knights - knights sworn to protect the Holy Grail - to North America and that they set up a settlement in Acadia (Nova Scotia) and then explored down the coastof the United States, and inland as far as the Great Lakes. With them they may have brought descendents of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. If the phrase is used to mean "I contain the secrets of God" then the baby which Janette carried in "Et In Arcadia Ego" is truly an immaculate conception as we are lead to believe. As God's child he/she may be the new hope - the promised second coming - in North America. In Anamnesis we have an episode that centres on The Family (members of the Merovingian family said to carry the blood royal) thus descended from Christ and Mary Magdalene which is looking after a girl to whom the Magdalene has revealed herself, and who herself may also be an embodiment of the Magdalene. Can it be conincidence that these episodes are back to back? Is it just two story's on the same topic that appear back to back? Is it more than that? Are we being told something? WHAT DO YOU THINK?
  15. Wow! This is all great news! I'd so like to be involved in some capacity but with the curveballs life is throwing at me I can't even keep up with other commitments I've made to the board. I'll keep an eye on this thread though for sure! Maxx
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