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    Stephen Maxxwell Frankton-Lowe
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    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (UTC/GMT - 5hrs)

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    The Mikado
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    Frank Black

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I am very much a fan of Millenniuum. I am a graduate of the Professional Writing Program at Algonquin College, as well as the Creative Advertising Program. I am currently available as a freelance writer. In addition, I'm working on establishing a career as an author of short stories, novels, comic books. and eventually as a screenwriter. Since the mid-1980's I have been a participant in roleplaying games, and for most of that time also the gamemaster / storyteller / dungeonmaster. All my life I have been a natural storyteller. It is in fact how I get through the world and remember things. Getting from Point A to Point B is a narrative of landmarks and turns. I have plans to return to Algonquin College to take a Business Program in Entrepreneurship and Management which I will add to my existing diploma in Creative Advertising. My wife and I have a home in Maitland, Nova Scotia and one in Ottawa, Ontario.

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