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  1. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/74308 “I have ideas how [“Millennium”] might come back but, it’s really, once again, it’s a Fox show,” “X-Files” creator Chris Carter told members of the press on a conference call promoting Fox’s new “X-Files” miniseries. "They own it. It’s really up to them whether or not they would ever want to go down that road.” With the X-Files new series doing so well with the ratings maybe this can finally happen?
  2. I guess the chances of seeing more of this show are pretty much zero these days eh? Too bad, I really enjoyed watching these characters. The premise was fantastic. It went off course here and there but I loved the character Frank Black and the horror's he could see. Are there any Millennium books out there, like there is for Star trek?
  3. Its a shame this has never been able to come to fruition. I would love to see a real Millennium ending or another real good serial killer type Frank Black movie. What else does Carter have to do these days? Is he involved with anything else? Will there ever be another X-Files movie after the last disaster he came up with?
  4. Is this ever going to happen? This show needs a real finale not the crap one it received on x-files
  5. http://scifiwire.com/2009/10/will-a-millennium-movie-h.php Related Sections: Movies News Rumors TV Will a Millennium movie happen without Chris Carter? Will a \<i\>Millennium\<\/i\> movie happen without Chris Carter? Lance Henriksen, the veteran sci-fi character actor perhaps best known for playing former FBI profiler Frank Black in the '90s TV series Millennium, has been talking about a feature-film follow-up/sequel for years and has reportedly been approached by investors interested in mounting an independent production, though Fox owns the rights. Now comes news,
  6. Say what you want but the box office speaks for itself. The movie was a complete bomb as far as box office goes. This movie may have killed the franchise. If your going to put out a small budget movie and not have it be a sort of ending to the mythology part of the show ( which IMHO would bring in a lot of X-Files fans ) then you better not release it during the time of year where every big movie is released. Those trailers were sleep inducing , I talked about this movie on a dozen or more forums and I found 2 things on all of them. No one was talking about the movie and anyone who did say the
  7. Just want to put my 2 cents in about this movie. I thought it would have made a great Millennium tv episode but as a movie it was really a dumb idea. A comeback movie for this series needed to be big in scope , and mythology based. Especially with the way the series ended on such a poor note. The series finale was abysmal and a real let down. Ghosts of past characters helping Mulder open doors and giving him important information. That ridiculous prison , a jury with an alien as one of the members. The only thing new that was learned was the date of the impending invasion. The horrible way CSM
  8. I just watched Antipas on Chiller network and I just love Lucy Butler heh...its to funny to me actually , Mcclaren never believes Frank yet by the end of every episode he is proven 100 percent right...next episode , there's Mcclaren not believing Frank again...Millennium is on every night at 7pm on Chiller ( EST ) and this saturday there will be a marathon of episodes...about 9 in a row.
  9. Well that was the show he put on tv in the millennium timeslot and was his last show that has been on tv as far as I know so it got the blame from me :( Also today it seems chris carter is suing fox over money issues so who knows if we will still be seeing that x-files sequel in the theaters anytime soon. ( I hope so , I cant wait to see it but I hope fox can't hold it up )
  10. Bush appoints the chairman position of the fcc , trust me all this god stuff and censorship starts at the top of this administration...GEORGE BUSH. I don't agree with it at all , but otherwise to me GB hasn't done a bad job in office. I think he dropped the ball on Millennium when he made the agreement with Fox to cancel this show and start on Harsh Realm which sucked hardcore..the lone gunmen show was also mostly horrible.
  11. I would love to see a movie but we may be better off with a miniseries...look at all the religious shows out there now..Frank Black would hit it off bigtime in this climate..Look at all the stupid ass made for TV movies that SCI-FI channel puts out every weekend. Imagine if they considered a Millennium miniseries , the show already has a built in fanbase of 2 million or more people. I think hoping for a motion picture as the way to see Millennium is asking a bit much but of course I would love it..
  12. I love Millennium and I love the character of Frank Black..it killed me when the show was cancelled but after watching the season 2 DVD set I think I can see why the show lost some of its luster with the viewership..IMHO the first season was real good..the decision to have Frank and his family split up was a bad one and also there was too much tension between Frank and the group to early on in the series as well. The first 8 episodes of season 2 were also for the most part IMHO not nearly as well done as the rest of the season or for that matter season 1. Of course we all know Friday night is
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