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  1. I guess I forgot to include that I was thinking of purchasing the one on ebay.... Still considering it. Thanks for the info, nothing
  2. Does anyone have a copy of the "Inside a Broken Dream..." fanzine/anthology? It has an 11-page Millennium story called "I Can Only Bring Your Sorrow " but I haven't been able to find anything out about the story. Author? Plot? Is it worth purchasing? Thanks, nothing
  3. welcome! wouldn't east from DC be, say, the Atlantic? and since it was during/after school, and thus the sun was more likely to be setting, and he was driving into an illuminated area, it's more likely west, eh? - nothing, who'd often thought he was driving south, though this belief may have been influenced by VS4
  4. i definitely ruined my family's viewing of the movie with my exclamation of 'Chris Owens?!' in his first scene. and i agree, good flick. i had heard of the case of course, but didn't know much about it before. also, it reminded me of this german movie called 'the lives of others', which is good as well. - nothing, who rarely actually sees movies
  5. now i don't want to open up the whole 'what is psychic' can of worms, and i strongly agree that Frank was not intended at least to be psychic. it is my understanding/belief that what we see/hear during one of his 'flashes', for lack of a better word, is, as others have said, largely based in what he experiences, but is rendered for the viewer to experience. there are certain limitations to an audiovisual medium, and those and the fact that the show (at least in my mind) is not told from Frank's pov mean that a certain amount of interpretation goes on. when i first started watching the show, i
  6. don’t want to step on any toes or anything, but wow. reading some of our reactions, especially those so eloquently laid out by ModernDayMoriarty, have opened my eyes and made me all the more appreciative of the diversity of fans’ reactions. there are some points i’d argue if I weren’t so tired, but i am so here’s this: i would have to say the innocents makes me a little mad, because of how much of the previous season is left completely untouched. i understand that this is a result of having to sweep up after m&w, but once those eps (T4H/TTIN) were written and were filmed and were canon,
  7. yes, i seem to remember often reading that 'grotesque' was one of the main inspirations for MM/early evidence of it. i'm not being very articulate, but i do remember it was singled out because it dealt so clearly with human minds, capacity for evil, the potential for corruption/obsession, and relationship between a mentor and a protege. i remember CC citing it specifically as one of the darker eps, and also as a taste of MM. the other one i remember is 'home', which wasn't necessarily so much a MM precursor but CC being given a bit of a looser reign to tell an xf story... and a fairly odd o
  8. :Wreath-1: boy, you sure know how to fling the compliments. or something. just kidding; i have been known at times to subsist solely on your MM caps and water crackers. - nothing, who appears less and less healthy each time she contemplates herself
  9. whoo boy, i could talk about hr for a while. i'd reccomend to almost anyone interested in MM to at least rent it. there is some very powerful tug of it on me that i cannot explain. while i do not rate the show itself as one of my top three (and not only because it was cancelled so quickly), there is something about the set-up and the mythology that i cannot let go of. i occasionally write stories for basically every show i watch, though some come much easier than others. there were 9 episodes of HR and i have written or outlined at least 15 HR stories. i know proportions isn't the only
  10. i'm not a uk-er, but i've been there. think about the two systems for a second, we have metric, and we have imperial. as in, british. they give distances such as to a detour or something in yards as well. threw me off at first too. here's a fun sign my friend took in oz. i didn't catch this one, but i have dozens of warning signs for penguins, kangaroos, ekidnas, etc - nothing, who misses oz
  11. not sure if this is the place to put this, but he're goes: i heard some time ago on another list about a book written by Chris Carter's wife. i can't remember her name, only that i think it began with a 'd', maybe Dory or Dotti or something, and her last name wansn't Carter; or at least, this was the name under which the book was published. i remember reading that it was fiction but sort of based on real life, and dealt at least a little with the behind the scenes aspect of creating a tv show, the scandal, etc (this was manly for the x files if i recall correctly). i kept meaning to find i
  12. WOW ..::calms down:::.. strange, i've been off TIWWA forever, and thinking a lot about the yellow house, and suddnely the two things intersect. I am insanely jealous of your opportunities in the yellow house! it's definitely on my list of places to experience. strage as it sounds i've been trying to see/walk through it in my head as a means getting to sleep (it's not really working, but it is leaving me with many questions and items to investigate). - nothing, who has as an insane goal to replicate that house as much as possible
  13. i agree in that i don't see any MM closure in txf ep MM. granted, we get Frank and Jordan back together in the end, but where the episode even starts raised too many questions as to what had gone on in the intervening time for me to sit back and say 'ok, they're here now.' and we got the two of them (f and j, i'm not talking m and s here) together in the end, as it should be, but i feel that the episode took too much on. they could have made a decent christmas/new year's x-files episode about zombies, they could've made a (i hope) decent x-files episode that (sort of) resolved the MM storyline
  14. http://www.chrisnu.com/millennium/s1/index...pgmFilters=#pic i know i've seen other versions of it (that is, stills from the same scene), but here is the one from chrisnu's site (22 of the lametnation pics if link doesn't work)
  15. i nearly burst out laughing in this public computer room, which would have been bad enought, except for some reason i also almost spit all over the screen/keyboard. ps. i love you and your capping ability - nothing (grad school apps are obviously affecting her)
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