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  1. ok, this is awkward. i'm going to derail this PMP train and ask a question about our TV god, for which i may seem irreverent and/or insensitive. so we all agree on the wonderfulness that is MM, and the innovativeness that is CC (et al). the dark storylines, the questioning of science, religion, reality, etc; the primal fears splayed out before us on the TV and characters' faces, the deep unease and conversely comfort which often dully result from partaking in XF or MM. but i'm wondering about the man himself. i know, roughly, that MM came about b/c he wanted to do something even darker and more realistically grounded than XF. i know the XF eps Fire and the Host are based, somewhat, on childhood fears and memories of CC. i know Grotesque was kind of a seminal moment in the preconception of MM. (and i know Home was Fox relaxing the rules a bit b/c of his new show but i don't think it's as related.) but my knowledge of what led CC to the ideas and concepts of MM is limited to my explanation to myself that "Chris Carter has demons." i don't know and have never known what these are or if they can even be summarized as events/in words, etc. i seem to recall hearing something about one or both parents, and seem to remember a Rolling Stone clipping i have at home that may independently confirm this. i'll look it up as soon as i get home, but it was only five or six lines, and obviously very vague. i just came across someone's post here - unfortunately i can't remember where, exactly - that basically stated CC believes in the actual good/evil struggle, and demons (? can't quite remember), which to me is something wholly outside of having literarily expressed demons. i get that he's an intensely personal man. i get that my questions may be incredibly out of line, insensitive, nosy, rude; if you think so don't hesitate to say so. i'll stop asking (others), edit my post, whatever. it's just, i've *always* wondered (since whenever i formed/heard this phrase – can’t remember) what exactly it meant for CC to have demons. this was driven home the other day in my class, where it was iterated and reiterated that characters aren't people. to paraphrase: "Frank Black is not a person, and nor should it be thought of as one." but these and other characters have their basis somewhere, in someone, about whom i’ve always wondered, and the explication of whom, in my opinion, could shed even more light on MM. - nothing
  2. i agree, very nice - nothing, wishing she remembered her rudimentary computer skills
  3. i have done the 'asking for a sign' in a Buddhist temple in China, and as it was explained to me, the lower the number on the stick the better. (granted, it may have been simplified for visitors and the 78 sticks in the cylinder may not have actually represented the numbers 1 - 78 (i got a very low number).) they had pre-printed fortunes, in Chinese of course, which they scanned for me and said was very good. so as far as i know it's simply low numbers are more fortunate; 5 would be very good. (although, maybe it wasn't....) - nothing
  4. not being dark or anything, but, just as an experiment if you're so inclined, flip the ouija board letter/number side down, and proceed as normal - 3na3hj5 (that's 'nothing' as random numbers and letters)
  5. while the particular ororborus may be claimed somehow (trademarked, copywriten, i'm not at all sure how these things work) there are hundreds of other ouroboruses available everywhere on the web and in one's imagination. same with the font. i used to have a huge file of them - some in space, some with other designs, some with bridges, etc. they may look more or less accurate, but i'm sure a creative individual could come up with something. - nothing, wishing she had time to be a 'creative individual' at the moment
  6. so i was wondering the other day if anyone knew of any MM music videos? i have collected a ton and a half from many other shows that i don't follow with near-MM devotion, but since i wasn't so technosavvy back when MM was on the air i never really looked for any. any sites or other outlets for 'em? additionally, does anyone have the interest/capability to make MVs to order? i first listened to a CD i've had for years, and the second song sounds perfect for a MM vid, but i don't have the skills/techonology/etc. - nothing, seeing if anyone else is as good as wasting time as she is
  7. ok, so i may be a *bit* biased, but i think 'overcome' by live could've worked, maybe in a contemplative!Frank slow, almost surreal, motion as he's driving to get Jordan in GTAT. probably the first verse, not the chorous and definately not the end of the song. hmm, i'd never thought of that before. maybe 'close your eyes' or something else by nineh cherry, somewhere else. hmm, some more plotbunnies i *really* don't need right now - not that i mind. - nothing, off to ... crap, i totally forgot the witty thing i was going to put here aah yes - nothing, sorry Jordan's musical tastes were limited to "... am i sexual? yeah..."
  8. wow. that's powerful. i have no idea of dvd sales; you could check major retailors for info and then add...? surely there's something slightly more scientific. - nothing, crying about not having s3 dvds yet and not being at home
  9. i'm sorry, i may be dating/antidating (if that's possible) myself/proving i do indeed live under a rock, but: MA-1? am i seriously missing out on yet another brilliant sliver of MMness or is this something else entirely? - nothing, who's still thrown off by NZ just having gone through daylight savings time that she can't create sentences with well-conjugated verbs
  10. there seems to be some confusion about M=1000, which i haven't yet had a chance to address because i seem to be on another continent. so: M=1000 is/was a fan-created tribute. there are 11(? i think) songs by the following titles, but not in this order: each song had a corresponding picture. they were available on the website i provided earlier, on .mp3 format (pic format i don't remember - i'm hoping i have them somewhere). these songs were NOT music by mark snow, at least not entirely. many of them were existing songs (inside my head by bobby darin, arabian nights by tchikovsky (sp i know) the middle eastern sounding song i'm searching for, etc) which were mixed with what the creator termed 'effects' - breathing, a monkey screaming, a shrill bell ringing, heart beats, helicoptor blades, a muzzenin (islamic prayer caller) etc. at least one of the songs had several different voices repeating what sound to me like biblical phrases, and one had a recitation of 'the second coming' by w.b. yeats. also included were sound clips from the show, 'you can't stop it' from the judge (i believe), peter telling frank something like if not exactly 'you should know by now your daughter doesn't just dream' (in firebrothers - it's sort of about t4h/ttin/a bit tI/E, and sort of about none of those, but not ASBOG), several of frank's lines clipped together in 'frankly speaking', etc. the one mentioned earlier, called world serpent, has the MM theme played on piano at a slower tempo, to the background 'effect' of waves washing onto the ocean and gulls cawing. each song has a scene and a wider idea that's being focused on, included with the description. like i said these went off line feb 28th of some year and i was damn lucky to stumble across them on maybe the 26th. (took me forever to dl, with dial up... but i perservered). i must have but don't remember e-mailing the creator an applausatory note, because a few months later i recieved a strange e-mail. i am forever greatful i opened it, b/c it was the artist of M=1000 saying that the songs part of the project was going to be put on CDs and available for sale. we recieved this e-mail b/c we'd expressed interest in the project. i was floored, i probably put the money and a letter in the mail within two days (that says a lot for me b/c i'm not very trusting). i got the cd maybe a week later, with a very nice cover/insert - not printed on any old home printer. and i've listened to the half-hour cd so often that i'm very worried about its stabiliby. b/c it's not a professional cd, it's computer burned... so that is the story of M=1000, with which i am absolutely in love. i don't think i was on this board at the time, or i would've posted the link. i can't say anything about trading it on a p2p network, b/c while i know it's illegal i'm not innocent. i know i'd really want it, and rationalize MM to myself. i hope The Old Man is able to finally make contact, though i realize how hard it can be. like i said i can check to see if the letter i got back has any screen names/contact info. to reiterate: they're not mark snow's work, they're not and never were intended to accompany any bit of MM on-air, they're fan-created, not solely music/clips/lines from the show, and unfortunately have slipped under the radar and out of most peoples' grasps. so. i think i may just have to go listen. oh, and as for the middle eastern-sounding song that comes in at about 1:34 of the track 'Jerusalem'? the artist info is not on my cd case, iirc. i'll have to check again when i'm home, again. six weeks, baby. - nothing, hoping she hasn't caused too much confusion/agony/illegal downloading
  11. hmm... a quick google search doesn't bring up any Dostoyevsky, only MM quotes/transcripts. so it's either not actually a Dostoyevsky quote, or Frank's paraphrazing. coincidentally, those astrology books which Catherine was searching in luminary were mock-ups. i saw and bid for the artwork on e-bay a few years ago, but unfortunately the price got too high. i would've done almost anything for them.... sigh... - nothing, now depressed
  12. i'd go, cautiously. i think MM taught me 'do everything with caution.' i'd also be interested in the transferrable membership, given i'm in new zealand now (does nz even garner a MM outpost?), will be home for about 2 months this (north american) winter, and back most likely to the southern hemisphere, Australia most likely, for 5 months after that. so if they want me to dig up anything in, say, germany, it may have to wait. - nothing, conviently explaining why she hasn't been on board in *months* oh, and i don't have caller id
  13. so would turning our attention and expressing interest to 20th Century Fox be advised/recommended/not recommended? i'll admit to be a (forced - friend held me hostage) fan of firefly. but firefly only had what, nine episodes including the pilot, and the original, two-hour, most expensive pilot ever was actually held back and shown last. focus on the nine episodes: that'd be like getting a harsh realm movie (which i would love - a whole different topic there though). MM had three years to build up (and admittedly loose) a fan base. we're still around what, six years (sigh) later, wasn't firefly on less than two years ago? (granted, the studio could've been wanting to make up some of the money it spent on the series - movie with actors and set more or less in place, not too bad, but still...) so those are my rambling arguments. should we express polite and multitudinous interest? i know demanding that 20th C make a MM movie will get nowhere, but it'll probably stay at nowhere if they don't know/realize the size of the interest. - nothing, admitting she herself doesn't know the size of the interest.
  14. wow; if graham's the only one who knows what i'm talking about, i hate to say it, but you all missed out. hope your requests get answered some time soon - the songs and art are wonderful showcase of dedication and talent. - nothing
  15. try under millennium caveats, Obscure Episode Titles. some titles are discussed there. i have a list of the millennium titles, and the meanings i could find/come up with. i think it's on another computer, but i remember most if not all of them. it's kind of strange where i found or realized what some of them mean. any titles in particular that you wonder about the meaning/s of? -nothing
  16. (forgive me for replying to my own post) What about the (first) names of the families? Frank, Catherine, Linda, Tom, Henry Black, (I've forgotten Tom's wife's and baby's name, if it had one); Justine and Tom Miller; Barbara, Taylor, Chelsea, and Peter's third daughter, whose name I can't remember right now. Any meaning behind them or connections between them? Morgan and Wong use the name Clear a lot - Clear Knight in O/R, and Clear Rivers in Final Destination. Is this just one of their names like Winslow, or what? - nothig, who hopes we're not bored with the topic yet
  17. Hmm, I must say I haven't heard of the professor Fabrikant before; frankly I kind of thougth his last name was pretty normal. Look who was wrong! ... never heard of Aleister Crowley either... both of these are probably my fault... I should look them up once I have some free time, though I may have to go into the past to find any (sorry, random Douglas Adams joke...). arcanamundi - nice reference on Ben Fisher. I was on the IMDB link pulling out names of guest stars and didn't get much through s2 before I thought I'd already listed too many. I think it's great how even the most 'normal' sounding names can have a lot of embedded meaning, not just names like Lhasa. Raven - like I said it took me several viewings to figure out what Lhasa's name was! It hit me in an instant when the teacher wrote that word on the board, and made perfect sense when he explained what it meant and how that definition was formed. And as for languages, I've taken a lot of French (though I'm certanily not fluent], am in my second year of college Arabic (that's as high as it goes here, though I'm not stellar in that language) and I took a quarter-long class in Tibetan. Basically all I remember is how to write the word 'om' (three different things go into it), but I have all my copied alphabets and a few pages of words in a 'language' notebook. I can also write my (real) name in Tibetan, not that I get to use that skill too much! Another name I've wondered about is Matthew Prine from 19:19. For some reason, I cannot remember his name. And one I forgot: Jessica Cayce, and thus her father, probably named for renoun psychic Edgar Cayce. I guess Nostradamus would've been too obvious. -nothing, who indeed enjoyed her chocolate. and wishes she had some more. 42
  18. hope this works, I tried last night and it didn't. Here it goes: Character names and sources: Frank Black > singer of the Pixies; Lara Means for a friend and a producer (or someone who works on the show, bts) (that is to say, two separate people)... actually that's all I can think of at the moment. I know a lot of the main and guest characters were named for friends of CC, fans of the show (exemplified by our own Brian Dixon), sports figures, other TV/book/radio references, and sometimes for something that's harder to get at. I have a couple of examples, but first, and I'm sure this has been asked and answered a thousand and one times, who/what are the sources of Peter Watts, Catherine (a popular CC name, also a saint), Jordan (river/etc), Brian Roedecker, Emma Hollis, Andy McLaren, Giebelhouse, Bletcher, Barry, Lucy Butler (Lucifer), Cheryl Andrews, Mike Atkins, and other serious regulars I've forgotten. It's kind of funny for me to question these names because they're so 'normal' sounding, like he could've pulled some of them out of a phone book. (The Old Man I've got figured out though! Legion too) But as for the guest characters, I have found that learning a definition for a character name can give much more depth to an episode. I know not all character names have 'in-jokes' but some do. Lhasa and Rose from Omerta - the Rose I understood; as a symbol with many meanings; beauty, fraility, death, love, blood, etc. A rose is also a sign for a goddess (forget which), appropriated to the Virgin Mary. So it has a holy aspect. It took me a viewing or two just to figure out what Lhasa's name was, and it wasn't until I was sitting in Tibetan class last year that I understood Lhasa though. Lhasa is the name of the capitol of Tibet, and it means 'place of the gods'. So Rose speaks to the divine powers of the women, and Lhasa the enchantment of the place (not to make it sound like a fairytale). I read in someone's review of the episode that the reviewer's friend (and this was so long ago that I've forgotten where I found it) that Lhasa and Rose together form a version of 'Lazarus', which is also interesting. - Mr. Crocell. (copied from another thread I wrote): so i just did a google image search of the keyword 'crocell' and was wondering why a particular image came up . So in a fit of curiosity I actually clicked some of the links, here's what I came up with: CROCELL.--The Forty-ninth Spirit is Crocell, or Crokel. He appeareth in the Form of an Angel. He is a Duke Great and Strong, speaking something Mystically of Hidden Things. He teacheth the Art of Geometry and the Liberal Sciences. He, at the Command of the Exorcist, will produce Great Noises like the Rushings of many Waters, although there be none. He warmeth Waters, and discovereth Baths. He was of the Order of Potestates, or Powers, before his fall, as he declared unto the King Solomon. He governeth 48 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, the which wear thou as aforesaid." https://www.sacred-texts.com/grim/lks/lks05.htm "Crocell is the Forty-ninth Spirit listed in the Goetia, who governs 48 Legions. He appears as an angel & knows of mystical & hidden things. He teaches geometry & liberal sciences, & can produce noises like rushing waters. He is known for warming waters & discovering baths." - https://www.deeptrancenow.com/solomonspirits.htm ...granted I don't actually know what a lot of this means, or exactly what the Goetia is... ...so i looked it up: "Goetia (Latin, "howling") is a word used to describe a class of magick which emphasizes the summoning or calling forth of lesser spirits and demons to visible appearance, with the intention of binding the spirits to perform the magician's will." https://heru-ra-ha.tripod.com/topics/goetia.html ...that didn't really clear things up too much. But it's an interesting revelation that Mr. Crocell's name was not just pulled out of thin air. I know Chris Carter often imbues much meaning into the names of his characters, especially the main characters, but I hadn't heard anything on this one yet. That he was a Power is interesting with PPTD, and angelic figures/demons in general, and the rushing waters thing made me think of the flood idea (Force Majeure, other religious texts), as well as next season's 7&1, though they're probably not actually related. Now for a couple I don't understand: - Ephraim Fabricant: Ok, I know Ephraim is a character in the Bible, and ancestor of the Tribe of Ephraim. I don't know who/what he is/does in the Bible, other than be the son of Joseph. I have no occasion and little want to read the Bible, so things like this tend to confuse/anger me, partially because different sects sometimes believe different things about different people. Fabricant means (thanks to my French verb roots) a manufacturer. So does this mean that he makes (whatever Ephraim means) occur in people, or he is made or manufactured, for the time being or always, as Legion? Can anyone clarify the Ephraim thing? Am I reading way too much into this? - Alistair Pepper: He even has a line about why he goes by Al, because of infamy or something attached to his name. What does this mean? As far as I can tell he's not a Biblical figure. I tried googling two variants of his name (I can't remember if the second 'i' is there or not, it is) and nothing remotely related popped up. The only time I've heard this name was on a bus tour of the highlands in Scotland, the driver pointed to a house where a serial killer whose first name was Alistair had killed some people, I think at least 20 years ago. This sounded to me to be a pretty damn obtuse reference, even for 1013. Am I totally missing something, like was 'Alistair' the pseudonym for a US SK or is it from the tarot or something? - is there a story/known story behind these names: Jack Meredith, Doug (the Tech Guy at the FBI), Jim Horn (if the character was written for James, does the name have a story?), Ardis Cohen, Joe Bangs (creeps me out just thinking of him!), Dickie Bird Perkins, Dennis Hoffman, Agent Boxer... there are more but I'm sure you've all died in your chairs of boredom. More here, I may cull additional names later: Guest Stars at imdb.com - no guarantees. And I know the Sammael (PPTD)/Samiel (Borrowed Time) debate/discussion's been had, but it still confuses me, as does the MOTC Simon, Casper, Balthazar, and Melchior. (I know B is the one in the garden; I just need to look up the meaning of their names and correlate it with their lines... when I have some of that so-called "free time") - nothing, who hopes this works this time, and who needs to eat some chocolate and go to bed. and take a shower. and finish reading...
  19. I tried posting in the 'help' section but didn't get a lot of help. I'm wondering if anyone has the information about the fan-created MillenniuM music and art tribute called m=1000, specifically the name of the song from song 9, Jerusalem, that the woman begins singing at about 1:36 into the track and the man joins her at about 2:10 (the instruments for that song begin before the singing). It's the song that begins with the muzzenins (Islamic prayer callers) and I'm pretty sure it's in Arabic. I just want to make sure before I ask my Arabic prof about the artist/s. Pleeease help if you have any info; this is my last semester of Arabic. I know I'm not the only one who downloaded it off its now defunct site; it was free. The artist had the song information available for free as well, and if, like me, you bought the CD, that information was included on the CD cover. -nothing, who swears this CD/song is not a trick/product of a demon... unlike my alarm clock
  20. Agree! I know it can be really hard for 'child stars' to transition into teen/adult actors; here's hoping her carreer takes her wherever she wants it to! MovieMaker, are you talking about that movie Door to Door? It was a made-for-TV movie starring William H. Macy, made by TNT in 2002. Brittany Tiplady played somebody's daughter, I think his (IMDB's not so helpful in tracing the lineage). I must admit I didn't watch it, but probably should have. I caught her in an episode of 'Night Visions' a helluva long time ago (like 2001) - it was a short-lived series basically like 'Twilight Zone' that had half-hour episodes. She was in an episode called 'Neighborhood Watch' and I have to confess I can't quite recall what happened in it. I seem to recall she'd be scaling back from TV/film to work/concentrate on dance - is that true/still true, anyone? - nothing. p.s. has anyone mentioned the hummer commercials yet? I think that's the last time I saw her on something newly-run on TV. and she's 14 now - birthdate January 21, 1991 (has late momentary birthday celebration ) I only remember more or less b/c she's a year older than my siblings
  21. According to CNN today, the Marburg virus has claimed 253 people: CNN.com - Ebola-like disease kills 253 people more info on Marburg, from MSDS lab in Canada , and the WHO Just a couple things: Those who study it trace Ebola to Kitum Cave in Kenya (just double checked that), though what in/about Kitum Cave was not clear in The Hot Zone - the rocks, the dust, the bat guano, plants, etc. (the book does a better job of explaining these possibilities than I can even attempt). I can't remember offhand where Marburg is thought to be from, besides Africa, or if there's even a source tentatively pinned down. It was discovered at, and thus named for, a town in Germany. A host has not been discovered for either virus. Certain monkeys are suseptable, but die very quickly. (Ebola Reston is fatal in some simians but has little to no effect in humans.) I'll admit to not knowing very much on the subject, but one of my classes is on Native American history. I'm pretty damn sure smallpox blankets were distributed to some people some where, but my specifics aren't so good. See here for transcribed historical evidence: Jeffery Amherst's letters discussing germ warfare against American Indians . However, I think the idea has permeated pop culture and may be thought of as having occured more often than it did. Many native populations were decimated by smallpox and other European diseases before they ever encountered a white face. There are four strains of Ebola: Zaire, Sudan, Tai, and Reston. Ebola Reston has never been lethal to anyone who tested positive to it, and, IIRC, those who tested positive actually had no symptoms of it. Despite their high virulence, Ebola is hard to catch. There is only one strain of Marburg virus, and it is less virulent than the three Ebola strains that affect humans. Again, The Hot Zone, by Richard Preston, is highly reccomended. - nothing, who maintains what we saw on MM was not Marburg (exactly)
  22. good to know In a veeeeeeeeeeeery tangentally related note, Morgan and Wong's movie 'The One' (which I've yet to see), with James Morrison, Steve Rankin, Richard Steinmetz (Mr. Smooth in Jose Chung's), Tucker Smallwood, and Harriet Samson Harris (Maureen Murphy in Loin) (each with 1 MM ep under their belts, as pointed out above) is airing on FX at these times (eastern): Sun May 22 06:00P, and Mon May 23 11:00A. The day before I get home to cable! (True, it's edited, but it's also free.) What's the wining movie in terms of movies with the most MM alums, in, I guess, credited, spotted, or speaking roles? I know M&W like to use the same people/throw bones, but... if they weren't all guest stars it's sound like a reunion PARTAY! - nothing, who needs to get off imdb.com and back to the demon paper... i mean, paper about a demon...
  23. i'll fess up to smoking on the rarest of occasions source of/links to this pic, se7en? it's not that i doubt you, i just love behind-the-scenes stuff -nothing just kidding
  24. Got my hopes up for nothing! (Well, not nothing, but a much more amorphous something than I'd like.) I hope it is released before I leave the country; otherwise I'll be buying myself an early Christmas present... in November... -nothing
  25. They were the 58th Squadron, US Marine Corps, sometimes abbreviated 5-8. They were also known as The Wildcards, but I don't remember who was which card. This was referenced in The Thin White Line, with the killer tossing half a card at his victim each time, getting through all five eventually. From Morgan and Wong's site: "The death cards that Hance and the other guy leave at the crime scenes have the 58th Squadron insigna on them, along with their tag line, “Expect No Mercy”. The card found at the liquor store is the Jack of Spades, which is specifically Cooper Hawkes’ call sign. As the episode progresses, (if I remember correctly) the entire 58th gets represented by the end of the episode in this way." Morgan and Wong Online - The Thin White Line (They do a ton of S:AAB references throughout, the most blatently obvious being the chig in Curse.) Then Angry Angels were the 127th Squadron - McQueen was a member of that squad. They were basically destroyed in a battle in an early ep of the show (like the pilot; way to remember, nothing!); McQueen was the only survivor and became the commander of the 58th. I remembered that Steve Rankin (thanks for the name, Old Man), Col. Butts (no laughing now) was also in MM, but I always forget when/who. He was Sheriff John Cayce in 19:19. He was also in the XF ep Orison and the X-Files movie. - nothing, who needs to stop procrastaiting and get to writing a stupid paper
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