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  1. I watched Seven and One about two months ago (which is as recently as I've gotten to watch MM), and while I didn't remember that the chair through the window scene was from this ep, I'd have to agree overall that it is among my faves. However, there's one thing I don't understand. In MOTC (as was discussed on the MOTC thread in this section), Frank has a brother two years younger than he. You can read it in the obituary he pulls from a box in his closet, not to mention the entire episode of Sacrament. In Seven and One, Frank tells Emma the story of why he's afraid of water (I'll not give it away, just in case), saying his "brothers" let him join them that particular instance. So there's at least one other brother and, given his/their action/s, at least one that's older. So... where does this phantom brother/s come from? Frank's father could have remarried, but there's not one mention of it that I can recall, and that would be pretty easily explained with a sentence or two (including one of why she's not in the picture anymore). Or another theory: if at least one of the boys in Curse is supposed to be an older brother, why muck around with canon in MOTC? Or, I could be that I'm very dull or that it's really been that long since I've been able to have myself a MM fest that everything's all muddled up in the brain. College'll do that to you. - nothing, who all the sudden has to go b/c of a damn firedrill
  2. ...but on a more serious note (and sorry for the double post), good god, what would it be like realizing (or maybe not quite realizing) that you'd hired the devil incarnate to nanny your child. My parents work full-time, so I had a lot of nannies, and my younger siblings still do. And while there usually aren't candidates pounding down your door, it's a rather rigorous screening progress, sometimes facilitated by an agency. Wow, what if you were in charge of the agency that LB worked for (if she did). That must've been quite some false resume. On the other hand, she could've had some of Legion's forms answer the referral calls... Unless she made up a glowing reccomendation, I doubt she'll be nannying any time soon... I guess this didn't really put forth a theory of what happened after, but... - nothing
  3. I was in this Japanese-owned restaurant in China (don't ask), and Love is Blue started playing... it was kind of surreal. I mentioned it at lunch (not that it was connected to MM or anything, just that it was playing) because we were trying to define the restaurant - connected to a golf course, serving Chinese food, decorated a little like an archaeologic dig... and then all the sudden "A Room With No View." It kind of fit too b/c the bathrooms were sort of underground... - nothing
  4. Damn. Well, when I read it there seemed to be some extra wordage somewhere. Might be the part about his mother... Or maybe my mind is atrophying due to such long spans of time and distance between me and my precious MM tapes... Bless this DVD... - nothing
  5. Getting back to deleted scenes... I know the script of MOTC was much longer than the episode which aired; I know I have a link around here somewhere that has the whole thing... here we go: MOTC transcript. It has more about Frank and his father's reconciliation, which kind of gives off an 'after-school special' feel because it's a little hard to swallow that a rift of such magnitude could be resolved in fifteen minutes at the end of which Frank invites his father to the church and/or dinner (haven't read it in a while...) He declines the mass invitation so he can stay home and listen to the radio. It also has a longer scene at the end, outside the church where Frank gives Jordan the angel to which she replies "She would have wanted me to have it." The two of them also watch a procession of fetches making their way down the road to the church grave yard apparently, of which Henry is a member. Thus the reconciliation was just in time, as Frank understands that, according to the script, his father has died (i think that's what it said) or, logically, according to Simon (?) the angel, that he will die in the coming year, which he does. This footage was shot, I have a pic of the giving of the angel and their watching... let me see... umm, yeah, don't know how to add a picture off my hd... and don't remember the website... if you'd like to see it pm me with an address -nothing
  6. Stupid finals keeping me from tiwwa. They're over, except that little paper thing, which will get done... Anyway when I was reading my art history this quote struck me. It sounded very similar to what Frank tells Emma at the end of Exegesis: Art History Book: 'The eleventh and twelfth centuries were a period of great building activity in Europe... as one eleventh-century monk noted, "Each people of Christendom rivaled with each other, to see which should worship in the finest buildings. The world shook herself, clothed everywhere in a white garment of churches" (Radulphus Glaber, cited in Holt, a Documentary History of Art, , I, page 18).' Coincidence, or did somebody do their homework? 'Cause frankly the churches in the art history book aren't white, strangely enough. Now I know the quote is something like "a thousand years ago everyone thought the world was going to end. A few years later the world was covered in a row of white churches" to which Emma replies "that's no answer. What does that even mean?" Can anyone supply me with the whole quote, I know there's something like "the world was supposed to end but it didn't. Maybe someone saw a different future," and spans their talking and the woman and child getting on the plane, but I can't recall or find in my stores the whole thing. Thanks - Nothing :xmas_ouro:
  7. Um, Laura? They 'mentioned' Harsh Realm by not explicitly mentioning it... -Nothing
  8. Ok, one last quandry then I'm off to bed. Is there still enough of a market for MillenniuM fanfic that I (and others) should try keep writing. I've written a few stories, none I've ever really shared with anyone except one friend of mine who hardly knows MM from, um, some other show she didn't watch (I tried to convert her, but...) But in reality I have at least double the number of stories and plotbunnies in my head. I'm one of those writers who finds it hard to sit down and write after it's been 'crafted' in my head. Maybe I should get a daughter to write what I dictate... (Milton joke, sorry). But, cynical me, sometimes I have to ask myself what I'm doing wasting my time, not with writing itself but with writing with copywritten characters of a TV show that hasn't played here for over a year. I love MM and always will even if I don't want to, but I guess a bit of me is telling me to get past my affinity, not just for MM but television. It's one of those things I'm actually embarassed about sometimes; like anyone (save that one friend) seeing my collection of tv i've taped, knowing I write ffiction, etc. And it's not only MM either. I only have one or two XF stories rattling around in my brain (which should be full of art, dammit), but I have several HR stories there. I think if I get all these down, plus the ones I have at home, and the two I've written since I've been here ('here' = college), I'll have more fiction than episodes of the series. It's one of those things I start to think about when I'm up at all hours of the night online (cause I'm not all that impressed with college - different story) searching for, say MM sounds, as I was maybe 2 months ago. And nearly every site I came across hadn't been updated since 1998 or all the links were dead and sounds and videos gone. Don't get me wrong, there are still sites out there, I think I have a list a page long, but.... And I suppose I will write my stories, which I've honestly been putting off for years, just to make me happy. But outside those in groups like this, how many actually look for new MM or HR fic? (and where, oh where, would I put them?) Natalie, sorry she types so damn much, and is so damn melancholic.
  9. All I can think of for vocal IDs aren't pop culture references but usually book lines, and other quotes. Tshe dato tshe chima - that's Bhutanese for 'what you do now is what you will get later. It's from one of Pam Houston's (one of my favorite writers!) short stories, "In Bhutan There Is No Way To Be Famous," from A Little More About Me. And from that same story, "We will be there after some time." And, from "Epilogue" in Waltzing the Cat "There is only one story." She goes back to this in a story in A Little More About Me but i like it better streamlined. But none of these is very, how you say, Millenniumistic :grin2: I love Douglas Adams but his quotes usually come at the end of long complicated sentences, sometimes the end of long, complicated paragraphs or pages, and involve actions... "nobody writes jokes in base 13" - which, of course, he did, Jean M. Auel: "... there is NO evidence of war." A talk I went to and another Pam Houston one, from "Three Lessons in Amazonian Biology": "is this what they tell you in your Ameica, that Paradise is a place without pain?" also in WTC; i have it underlined three times. And some of my favorite quotes are from songs (some are very MMistic ) but are definitely longer than the requisite six-sylable length. and like someone said earlier, I don't think my roommate, my family, or anyone else would enjoy me singing to my computer to activate it. lol there are some great ones from tv too, xf and L&O, and of course MM (which would greatly be mixing universes, not that MM didn't do that itself ) but a lot of them depend on delivery and scene. i'd be hard pressed to muster up the exact emotion of a lot of my fave quotes every time i wanted to turn on my computer, and a lot of them are only relevant in context. Natalie "the planet has survived everything, in its time. It will certainly survive us."
  10. There are a lot of post-MM (and, pre- ) ouroborous floating out there in pop culture. It's kind of one of those things that seems less used than it is. Besides having a rich history it's really modern. The first time I read In The Lake Of The Woods by Tim O'Brien, I think I underlined the first passage about the two snakes the husband came across, each eating the other's tail. He kept mentioning 1+1=0. Then there's Scully's tatoo on XF, which was a direct MM nod even if it was simplified. Then (and I always thought they stole it) on the Sci-Fi show the Invisible Man, Darien after some accident or something, got a segmented tatoo which turned red as his levels of quicksilver poisining reached theatening (that is, the substance that allows him to turn invisible [reflect visible light] releases a toxin, for which he must get an injected antidote when his levels get high or he gets 'quicksilver madness' or something similar). And what kind of tatoo, you ask? None other than a really fat, almost comical, ouroborous. I'm sure there are more, but given it's almost 2am, I'll get back to you. A friend of mine said that an outline of an ouroborous I'd drawn and shaded in (like I pay attention in class) looked like a sperm. And I got one henna'd on my lower back a few years ago - it wasn't in the design book so I told the lady what I wanted and it was really cool. I don't think I ever took a picture, kind of hard to do of your own back. And, like a lot of MM fans it seems, I am planning on, someday, getting an ouro tatoo. problem is, i like the reddish/yellow one on the black bg - it looks like flame colors, but i don't think it'd look so good with out black and wouldn't want a big square or something. and i don't really want a solid black one, though those are cool too. Natalie, who is also contemplating a white tatoo (maybe if I weren't so pale )
  11. love the 'ask another doctor' - 'you saw this on TV' My parents are doctors, and occasionally, esp. my father, would come home with a story about some patient, wanting meds or something... some of them are rather crazy, but he knows how to handle 'em. it is really scary that most health information is culled from the TV. the FDA won't even let advertisers say what a product is designed to treat or prevent for a year... Not only that, but Enya's Sail Away as the bg - ironically perfect. Anyone know if this was ever their liscened song? Natalie, who has recently discovered enya as a means of non-prescriptive escape... apply liberally, but don't over do.
  12. Yeah, that's kind of what I mean. According to what I can recall from similar discussion on a CJ list... they filmed six episodes, over the summer, which is usually time TV actors get off and do movies, vacation, etc. This was because, obviously, Jill Hennessy would not be noticibly pregnant or written as so. They're starting filming again either after Christmas or New Year's (what people've heard differs),and have another six or seven to do, I believe. Jill will not be in the first episode, but I haven't heard confirmed either way if this means first new one shot or first one shown, though the first option makes sense. And as far as I've heard, there's no significant time lapse between the first episode of s3 and "Pandora's Trunk II." They changed their shooting and showing times to accomodate their star's pregnancy (which I'm in no way criticizing), where as in X-files, Gillian wore a whole bunch of trenchcoats (there's an entry in, the x-files lexicon i think, could be wrong, that's somethin like: "Trenchcoat: useful for hiding a pregancy" and many mentions throughout about the little green men trenchcoat in miami/maybe even in puerto rico), go a few episodes off, spends most of her time back sleeping in her character's hospital bed, and has footage of her pregnant belly used in a later ep (again - names fail me). It changed the entire story and mythology of the show, where as in CJ, the show (as far as I've heard) continues with the 'circumstances of mother's death' theme developed in ep 1, and doesn't mention the real-world gap. Of course this isn't a phenomeon unique to 1013; in Xena for example, Lucy Lawless's broken hip resulted in a season, 2 i think, maybe part of 3 that is shot and shown in completely different order. It's almost a feat to try to image how the writers, directors and actors coped with that. Not only that, she was gone a lot in the first 2 seasons pimping it in the US. (it was filmed in New Zealand, but not even shown there, her home country, for the first year.) And later, in s5, Lucy was pregnant. Both those things were worked into their respective season's plots. There were several eps which featured almost cameos of LL in the teaser and at the end, and others which were noticibly lacking on stunts LL would normally do and further, stunt-doubled shots... lol. And her pregnancy was worked in, too, but the show at that point seemed, to me, at times a little like one big acid trip, with, immediately involved, Eli, "Good Callisto", Ares, The Twilight/death of many Gods, and a 25-year nap via Death's tears. (it makes sense if you like the show but i'm not trying to win converts at this point ) but the warrior princess was kind of ackward pregnant - and unlike gillian, who had a suit when she was pregnant on screen, lucy was IRL, and did many of her stunts till her 8th month... (apologizes for all the rambling and tangental information) Natalie, who only watches a select, weird bunch of shows, but don't fret, my fave is, was, and always will be:
  13. geez, i completely forgot the second part i was going to post: I haven't seen Matroyshak in a while, but... is Dean Winters the hero of it? Was this another Ed Crocell appearence? Did I completely miss something? This is the problem watching the episdoes when you're a little, in my opinion, too young, they're incredibly out of order, and it's at least 1AM and at least half you attention is going to not getting caught . Or was he there playing another character? I only rather recently started paying attention to some of MM's guests, unfortunately. I haven't seen all of Curse in a while and all I can think of is Cassidy talking with Frank (Cassidy was Winters's character on L&O:SVU for almost the first season - a lot of people think he was unjustly canned [which makes sense from one argument] but it seems to me he had a little trouble getting half his lines out without sounding like one of those dolls whose string you pull and they say something fascinating, and it also kind of works with the story, both in that they started with way more the requiste # of detectives [and are, it seems, slowly whittling away Munch and Fin], and in that Dick Wolf would want to truthfully portray [pound it in] to viewers how hard an assignment SVU is...) But I'm incredibly off-track; just actually meant to ask if DW indeed shows up in MM again. I could look it up, but... Natalie, who can't wait to go the 1700 miles to her almost complete but rabidly out of order MM tapes, and also to raise $ to consider purchasing the laserdisk copies... sigh night, all
  14. yeah, backing slowly away from Robin Williams - though please continue to discuss... Mr. Ne'er-Do-Well said about a page back: On their short-lived series The Others, M&W used that song, in the same repetitive manner. I can't recall the title right off but it also flashes back in time (not the jack the ripper one) to, WWII is it?; I can't recall exactly what happens but I do remember that the girl in the flashback might've worked on an assembly line or something, and her boyfriend was a soldier, he referenced the song 'till then' when talking to an older man about his gf, and Tucker Smallwood guest starred as (aarg, tapes 1700 miles away... can't recall...) either a guy in the flashback, an official, agent, or someone who contacted Marian - something about not seeing visions about a certain something, or maybe both, now that i think about it. sorry for the almost complete lack of information... like i'll be saying until dec 17th... "I HATE FINALS" ok, all better now. Natalie sigh, stupid art history sigh, stupid egyptian art sigh, stupid archaeology paper - anybody wanna help me there? sigh, stupid arabic (but not quite as stupid)
  15. I was thinking about this at dinner (this is what happens when you constantly eat alone) but if you think about both x-files and millennium, that some of the most formative elements of their mytharcs come about as a result of things that happen IRL (i hope that makes sense). for example, Gillian gets pregnant, runs around in Miami in a trench coat (little green men, couldn't resist) and then is abducted, sparking the 'skeptic-is-abducted-by-aliens' story which runs to at least season 7 end ep, is it Requiem? and the cancer arc, and the fact that she's barren, which carries through again to requiem and indeed when she gives william away. and on millennium: it seems to me upon reflection that the character of Lucy Butler/Legion was created for this episode. she might have evolved later or in another context, but what a strong first encounter frank has with this incarnate of the devil when it attacks and abducts Fabracant - was frank already working on that case or not? (sorry, details are sketchy at this point, i really need to watch me some millennium), kills his childhood buddy in the basement of his house (where frank's study is), thereby threatening his family and shattering the security of his sanctuary. (alliteration!) the blacks move out of their yellow house and are trully never fully reconciled after this. all of this, and lucy/legion's subsequent appearences, because lance and the actor who played Bletch (aagh, can't remember names) mixed like oil and water. (i remember reading this, my details may be mixed, please correct.) I'm not saying that frank/devil interactions weren't planned from day 1; in fact i would think that something like the legion character would certainly have evolved. it's difficult to imagine the ways these stories would have turned out had the situations of the actors been different. then of course there's catherine's death which causes just as much of a shakeup, and lara's disappearence which was completely ignored, but the first came at least partially from CC's suggestion, that she become the sacrifice, ironically, and the second from the Wongs' trait of killing everyone they can when they leave a show. but these are different in that they were planned and even foreshadowed (owls/roosters, an owl makes an offer to lara to explain... something, "to prevent you from going completely insane." lara responds, "is that a prophecy?") I was just thinking all this because i know on other shows they work around things in different ways. (people dont' die at the hands of evil so often on tv these days.) like, someone will be transferred or will fade, or in the case of pregnancy, L&O CI's main female detective Eames is carrying a surrogate for her sister, and on crossing jordan they're shooting (and consequently airing) aroudn the title character's actress's pregnancy. so... kudos to an (usually) amazing writing staff. and just wondering, can anybody envision an x-files without scully's abduction? mm sans legion, or at least such a personal attack? what if the yellow house hadn't been violated...? Natalie, who should be studying (stupid finals) and is looking foreward to reading responses, and trying to envision said world. (it's kind of like that scene in 'Siren'... or not)
  16. one of a few available now. this is a pic i hadn't seen before. FB and KISS natalie
  17. whoo hoo - just got the first unofficial guide in my mailbox - thought i was going to have to hassel the barnesandnoble.com used books dept. for a while. i got #2 a few weeks ago, off alibris.com. haven't had a chance to read them cover to cover yet (which is strange for me), ya know, finals and all. i should have more than enough time at break. i've flipped through 'em, though, and i tend to agree. a lot of wasted space with pictures from other, unrelated movies and not enough of/about MM itself, a lotta trivia, etc. could've used some bts stuff, cc interviews, mythology reviews... sigh... well, as soon as i invent my time machine i'll give ms. N. E. Genge some helpful suggestions - aw hell, if i've got a time machine, and subsequently large quantities of time, i'll write one myself. now how to get CC on board... hmm yeah, if you were wondering, i'm crazy. and now back to history's first monotheist: yay essays!
  18. there was a terminator nod in a s8 episode: In the episode "Salvage", Robert Patrick's character comments that you only see metal men in movies. Patrick played the liquid-metal Terminator in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. ~ imdb.com, I think I greatly enjoy people who can laugh at themselves.
  19. Hope this helps: Ouroboros: Greek name of the Hermetic World Serpent, sometimes the sea-serpant Oceanus encircling the earth; sometimes the underground python coiled in the earth's womb; otherwise known as Sata, Leviathan, Taaut, Tuat, Thoth, Ophion, etc. See Serpent. Barbara G. Walker, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 1983. p. 754 (One of my favorite books ever, published before I was born. heh....) Though I can't ever remember how to spell ouro... oro... - it's quite a common theme so I can usually reference the Midguard Serpent, World Serpant, Leviathan, etc...
  20. anybody every finish a CD? need help? off the top of my head i'm not sure what i *have* to donate but here in two weeks i'll have an awful lot of time to search... and of course if that cd for shipping price is still a deal, i'm more than interested. - it's almost christmas...
  21. sorry, didn't realize how bad that color was. hopefully this is better, it's a difficult background. (ok, i'll stop making excuses)
  22. I have one of those "I want to Believe" posters that I'm pretty sure isn't an 'official' release, or actually connected to the show in any way, just somebody trying to make $ (aren't we all). I've compared it to the poster in the xf eps i can remember to offhand, and the trees are all wrong. Oh well - someone saw it and bought it for me b/c it reminded him of me and not immediately b/c of xf. So basically I'm a nut. I also have a tiny print off of a manipulated poster that has the space ship held by very obvious strings that reads 'Dana Doesn't Believe' up in one corner of it. Yay for viewpoints.
  23. so.. anybody know if this ever actually came to fruition? anyone had their french contacts browsing the bookstores? i think i could get through it, if only for keywords and pictures, though my knowledge of 6+ years of french isn't fading that fast. ...still waiting for my b&n.com used MM guide vol 2 to come in the mail, and does anybody know, if they were released so close together (at least in some areas) why all of season one was divided into two books? i naively was expecting reviews of s1 and s2, like all the xf seasonal books.
  24. if... your first thought 12:00:01 the night of Dec 31/Jan 1 2000/01 was: "hmm. Guess the Owls were right," and immediately start preparing. Yea, I was lonely... stop looking at me like that...
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