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  1. Well now, this makes me feel guilty I don't post here very often! This is indeed an honour, I have to say. I'm extremely grateful for the recognition, moreso that many of you still enjoy mine and James' take on Millennium. Thank you.
  2. Much appreciate the honest thoughts there, many thanks - and it's nice to be around! Anyone else?
  3. Hello there all, Hoping for the help of everyone/anyone who may be interested in answering a little questionnaire I've put together. Long story short, I'm a writer involved in an online fiction board and I'm looking to set up potentially a new one. I was also one of the creative forces behind the Millennium Virtual Season 5 hosted on here, which some of you may have read. What I'm trying to do is canvas opinion of Millennium fans in regards to, if they were interested, what kind of fiction we could produce. I'd be extremely grateful if you could take a few minutes and answer these simple questions as honestly as possible as post responses below in this thread: -- 1) Do you watch/read any webseries' or online fiction? 2) If so, what is your preferred format? Prose or script-based? Do you potentially enjoy both? 3) What are your favourite webseries', either you watch or read? 4) Are you familiar with script-based webseries hubs such as Monster Zero Productions? 5) How often are you likely to read a script-based webseries? Regularly, infrequently or once in a blue moon? 6) Do you write for any online web series? Either prose or script-based? 7) If so, to what extent? Do you run your own series? Write for others? 8) If not, why? Have you ever liked the idea of writing web fiction? Do you feel the opportunities aren't there for what you enjoy? 9) What are your favourite past and present TV shows and movies? 10) Would you be interested in reading or writing for a scripted webseries based on some of those shows or movies? -- Many thanks in advance for your time.
  4. I will indeed be doing a commentary (as will I eventually with 'Laicite'), but I'll answer those points here. Fair comment. I think given it was so Peter-centric, I think this was perhaps an inevitability. Truth is, Bloom was pretty much a cipher in many ways in terms of Peter's development. His lack of three-dimensions served to enhance Peter's character, that was the intent. That wasn't quite the inference. It wasn't Legion who killed Erin. That was the hand of man, the cult established in 'The Begotten'/'Chrysalis'. But their reason for murdering her was to alert Peter to the threat of Evil, of Legion. The end is Legion suggesting to protect his remaining family, he should sit back and not fight Evil. It was intentionally ambiguous, so glad you asked the question. Thanks a lot, Moriarty. That means a hell of a deal to us, much appreciated.
  5. Much appreciated, Graham - don't be afraid to sign up. You can never have too many Old Men on a board!
  6. The virtual world just got a whole lot bigger! The BVC Please sign up to our forums and join the community, and also bear in mind the website will be regularly updated over the coming weeks. Also, remember...our debut feature, SILVERKNIGHT, premieres today! Look out for it between 6-9pm BST. Thank you. Hope you'll join us.
  7. That's a perfectly valid question, and I doubt you're the only one to ask it. Now that VS5 is off the ground and happening, I can tell you that the directions we're going in with Frank and the characters around him are very different to those we've had before in many ways, while also getting back to the dark roots of the first season. VS5 is going to be about facing your past and for Frank, about realising his responsibilities in many ways, as he faces a new phase of his life. VS4 may have brought closure on many elements of the Millennium mythology, but we're finding new, unexplored territory every day that's very exciting. I can say with certainty, for better or worse, VS5 will be very different from VS4. BTW, anyone still interested in joining the VS5 staff should PM me. Right now, we're looking for scriptwriters with a proven record in writing, or at least demonstratable skills in the field.
  8. Must just be me then. As much as I love 24 season one, for me I felt S2 really was awesome; X-Files S2 with Scully's abduction & the strength of it's standalones; Alias S2 for being nigh on perfect television for 22 eps; and of course Millennium S2 for going in a fascinating direction, with wonderful standalones too. And daring to do some comedy, and succeeding! As I say, though, must just be me.
  9. Here are my two favourites, even above Frank. *shock, horror!* 1 - PETER WATTS Couldn't agree more with ModerndayMoriarty about this character, or indeed the legend that is TO'Q. Infact, i'll say nothing more on the subject. 2 - BRIAN ROEDECKER How can this guy not be in anyone's top three? Surely the fourth, lost Lone Gunman, ol' Brian really brought some wonderful comic moments to some of the best S2 episodes. Oh, and can I just say that Lara Means was a close second. Or, sex on legs, as I call her.
  10. You know, I'm finding it really hard to recall my first Millennium experience. I remember making a point of watching it on Sky One around the '97 period because I was, as most of us were, a die-hard X-Files fan. I remember liking it, but it never really grabbed me and I stopped tuning in about halfway through Season One. (what can I say, I was young, foolish... ) Anyway, I remember it was tuning into the Second Season that made me fall in love with the show. Everything about The Hand of St Sebastian & The Mikado especially made me riveted, plus the ending to Roosters, which I still think to be a beautiful piece of television. Again, I lost interest in Season Three, but I treasure S2 like a child. Plus, i've noticed a TV phenomenon through this: every show I've ever loved, it's Second Season has been the best. Millennium, X-Files, 24 and now Alias. Is it just me or have others noticed this?...
  11. I think it'd have to be that classic line from Planet of the Apes that Roedecker so brilliantly murmured in S2: *adopts Charlton Heston drawl* "You...bloody...b*******..."
  12. Hello to all. I'm back on regular, full-time Nettage now, so what say we get this party started. Millennium Season 5 is on. <O>
  13. Just a quick note: I'll be back regularly on the Net from August the 6th, which is when I really wanted this project getting started. The Time is Near <O>
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