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  1. Been a member for 10 years now. Starting series rewatch. Can't believe how far this site has come for a show that no one "allegedly" watched. Bravo TIWWA.

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Thanks Toymall! :)

  2. I recently caught a viewing of that great X- Files / Millennium crossover. All I can say is, what the friggin’ crap were they thinking? It made me imagine what that staff meeting must have been like. It probably went something like this: AT THE OFFICES OF TEN- THIRTEEN PRODUCTIONS Frank Spotnitz, head writer for the X- files, bursts into the room. Seated around a table are staff writers John Shiban and Vince Gilligan. Frank Spotnitz: Hey guys, Chris just gave us the go ahead for a Millennium crossover in an upcoming ‘files episode! John Shiban: Holy smokes! Are you kidding? F.S.: Heck, no! We need to start pitching ideas around. Anybody got a bible handy? Vince Gilligan: Man, this is freakin cool, just like those team-ups that marvel comics used to do, like the fantastic four and spider-man, dukin’ it out and stuff! F.S.: uhhh...yeah. J.S.: We could include all kinds of stuff, like references to the Old Testament, Frank Black’s obsession with death, eyeballs... V.G.: Hey guys, wait... F.S.: Mulder and Scully can bring in Black on a hunt for the holy grail, only the grail is filled with the blood of an archangel, and the millennium group makes a last ditch attempt... J.S.: ...we could have cameos by Peter Watts and Scully’s dead sister... V.G.: Guys, how about this...ZOMBIES! Both men stare in awe. V.G.: Freakin cool, huh? I mean, we’ve done shows about vampires, werewolves, even a freakin’ genie! But we’ve never done one about zombies, man! I mean, we’ve done zombiefied people, but not honest-to-goodness night-of-the-living-dead ass-kicking zombies! Sweet, huh? J.S.: Frank, get Chris on the phone. F.S.: John, Chris doesn’t give a flying crap about us. He’s all but abandoned us. Right now, he’s sitting in his huge, our-asses-bought house , soaking in his hot tub, banging that chick who played Lucy Butler... J.S.: ...working on that screenplay for HARSH REALM: THE MOVIE... V.G.: Freakin’ zombies, chompin’ on people. Freakin’ aye! The phone rings. F.S.: Uh, hello? Oh, hi Chris (switches to speaker phone). We’re having serious problems with the crossover... Voice of Chris Carter: what crossover? J.S. The X- Files / Millennium crossover. Vince wants to use zombies... V.O.C.C.: Zombies? Oh, hell yes! We’ve never done a zombie one before. I mean, we’ve had zombiefied people before, but...wait...my rubber ducky’s stuck... F.S.: Vince, aren’t you busy on that LONE GUNMEN script? V.G.: Oh, yeah, well, screw that! I can write that up at home later on the toilet. Wait... I think I accidently wiped my butt with the first draft...oh well, I can get the plunger and dredge it up. V.O.C.C.: ow!ow!ow! Oohh...that’s better...that’ll teach me to have a rubber ducky made of solid gold...what were we talking about? J.S.: The crossover... V.O.C.C.: Oh, yeah, right, whatever. F.S.: Come on, Chris, zombies? Don’t you think Millennium deserves better...? J.S.: The closure that the series deserves...? F.S.: ...Mulder and Frank together...the fans would love it... V.O.C.C.: Millennium doesn’t have any fans, you moron...except that guy in arizona...and those nuts on the internet...you little bitches need to go work for that sissy Joss Whedon...lissen up, I’ll make this brief...I want the zombies in there, you can feed them Frank’s whiny kid for all I care, stick a fork in the b*******, it’s done! I’m late for dinner at George Lucas’ house. Bye. The line goes dead. Frank and John look over at Vince. V.C.: ...or we could a mummy show, and the mummy’s wrappings are really the dead sea scrolls, or when you unwrap him, the Ten Commandments are written on his body like kalliography, and Black has to help Scully decipher them, uh... Frank and John walk out of the room, shutting the door behind them. F.S.: This is going to be a cold, tall glass of SUCK. J.S.: I quit. I think ENTERPRISE is hiring. As the two men walk toward the exit, they can hear a whisper drift through the halls of Ten-Thirteen, the faint voice of a child, a child with the voice of a dream... “I made this”. END written by S.C.
  3. I'm walking though the isles of the local Best Buy and I see something . At first I thought it was a joke, but no, my eyes were indeed translating the image I saw into my brain correctly. Then I thought to myself: How can the American public be so "lucky" as to be able to purchase Hercules, The "Legendary" Journeys on DVD and still NO Millennium. I'm sure will be seeing "other classics"(I know, does it get any better thank Hercules?) on DVD before we get Millennium. Look for other hits like T.J. Hooker, CHiPs, Cop Rock, and other "crap on a stick" shows before Millennium ever dreams of getting pressed on DVD. I've had it.
  4. I JUST WANT TO JUMP IN HERE and say that if you go with Se7enand1 it will be impossible for you to be disappointed. His service is a light at the end of a very dark and very long tunnel since Fox has basically turned it's back this gem of a show. Thanks again to Se7enand1 for helping me make Millennium live forever( in Dvd format no less )
  5. Thank you very much for your insight. I missed the part about the angel in the graveyard so upon watching it again this eve, it makes more sense. Thank again Libby!
  6. I just watched Midnight of the Century for the first time in a long time. I really liked it but I had several problems, or maybe more like questions, about this episode. 1.) Where was Franks little brother? They showed numerous flashbacks and he was no where to be seen. He would have been three at the time and I think they should have included another child in the flashbacks. It just seemed weird to me. ??? 2.) Does anybody know why or how Franks mom died? Was she ill? She looked healthy. Franks dad said she went upstairs to "die alone", did she kill herself? ??? 3.) At the end Jordan and Frank see ghosts(or angels), and in the group is Frank's dad. Did he die that night? How? Did he kill himself? He looked pretty healthy when Frank left. ??? If any body has any answers or insight, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.
  7. You take a KISS cameo , add the shower seen from Psycho , sprinkle a hint of Friday the 13th , and a dash of Halloween , and you have the receipe for a successful episode of Millennium, right? Not quite, but at least Frank does save the day.
  8. Why was it that Millennium failed? You had a new series by the creator of another series that was at the height of its popularity. You had the big name actor, an awesome premise, and the Millennium was just around the corner. The show was shot beautifully and episode after episode it sunk me in deeper. Now TV is filled with sitcom's, crime drama's, and reality TV. All which are highly sucessful but so tiredly over played. Are the Networks out of ideas? Just churn out another Law and Order spin-off(there are what about 80 of them now?), and collect the bucks. Does anyone think that if the show Millennium was realeased today that it would succeed. It would certainly be fresh and new and a pleasent change of pace to the nightly programming I am left to deal with. The premise could be tweeked, the end could still come eventually, and Frank could thwart these attempts season to season, week to week, with the "serail killer of the week" shows sneaking in inbetween. Millennium was the greatest show to grace my tube and the only thing that signaled that the "End was near" were the ratings. Since 3 seasons are all we got I am certainly glad to of had them..., aren't we all?
  9. Was Weeds, The Wild and The Innocent, and Force Majuere ever released as books anywhere. I have the ISBN numbers, but cannot find the actual books anywhere. I have placed orders at Amazon U.K. and WHSmith(who even has pictures of the covers) but both emailed me back and said"books not available" I have scoured the earth for everything Millennium related. Most recently I was able to buy the official Sheet Music for the series at stagepass.com. I don't read music but the art work looked cool. If any one knows of a company that specializes in Millennium Merchandise their site info would be apprciated. Thanks...
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