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  1. Did you watch the pilot episode of Breaking Bad? I think that alone would be enough to get you hooked and assuage any doubts about the premise! And hello everyone, by the way. Nice to get the email about this little reunion of sorts.
  2. Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad is truly outstanding. For a current TV series that demands you think, I'd recommend it most highly.
  3. My copy arrived today, autographed and without any customs issues whatsoever. Most impressive. Listened to the first disc already.
  4. I'm well, thanks. How's things with you? I too was mainly concerned with getting a copy before they all sold out, with the autograph as a wonderful bonus. The ways of customs are a complete mystery to me. I had no problems with Millennium or The Lone Gunmen/Harsh Realm, but I worry that the package will no doubt be heavier with the 4 discs, as well as the additional face value. But I have no idea how it really works. I expect there's a large amount of pot luck involved. Thoughts already turning to Volume Two!
  5. Hi Libby and everyone I ordered my copy on the stroke of 9pm here and very pleased to learn I managed to snag one of the autographed copies. For anyone who hasn't seen the notice already, any orders with a number spanning 36112 - 36695 has a signed edition. Very much looking forward to listening, and here's hoping no one gets slapped with any nasty customs charges!
  6. Yes, I particularly enjoyed reading that interview too. Good job all.
  7. Season 2 took on a whole other direction to the original concept too, and while Season 3 is different once again, the argument could be made that it's closer to the original premise than the second year. Absolutely agree with you on "A Single Blade of Grass" though.
  8. Great work, Libby. I've got the book on order and was intrigued to find Shearman's above critique of "The Beginning and the End" to quite closely mirror my own @TIWWA. Prospective buyers can also get a flavour of the first few X-Files reviews using Amazon's "search inside" function. I look forward to dipping in to the rest of it when it arrives.
  9. Did anyone genuinely think Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny would actually be guest starring? A "Lamentation" style walk-by of lookalikes could still be on the cards, not that I'm remotely excited by that prospect.
  10. I don't really think it's that much of a big deal. Just a rather inconsequential bit of trivia that's got blown out of proportion by the fanbase. If there even is anything in the episode, it'll be so far in the background you'd barely notice. Hardly a major leak or big news by any stretch of the imagination.
  11. If anything, I would guess it's most likely to be a pair of background stand-ins (ala "Lamentation") in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it tip of the hat to how heavily influenced Fringe is by The X-Files, something everyone under the sun did not fail to recognize very quickly in its first season.
  12. I'd love to hear any insights into the title "Saturn Dreaming of Mercury," although I know what it's like trying to remember such details from way back. Also, anything Chip might care to reveal about the significance of the eyes and their strange P.O.V. in the same episode.
  13. When Chris Carter created Millennium, he was very clear that Frank was not psychic. To firmly establish this from the start, when writing the pilot he made Bletcher ask Frank directly "like a psychic?" Frank's response is a firm, unequivocal "No." The stuff about Frank's mother passing on psychic ability was all established retroactively in S2. Glen Morgan and James Wong, who had no part in creating the series, remade things in their own image when they took charge. The episode in question, "Midnight of the Century," was written by a pair of writers new to the industry (Erin Maher & Kay Reindl) who were hired and nurtured by Morgan & Wong. They wanted to do things differently. Hope that clears things up. (Take a look at this if you're interested in reading more.)
  14. That TV award of some such was the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Richly deserved.
  15. Breaking Bad is far and away the best show on television at the moment. Some of the most outstanding work in scripted drama ever filmed. I'm delighted others around these parts are enjoying it.
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