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  1. Watch 'Saul' all the time Last season coming up next year. 'Nobody' was great. Hope they do another one.
  2. Hey Gra, Happy, happy birthday! Hope all is well.
  3. Just one episode left! A couple of episodes ago, there was one of the best one's.
  4. AHS '84 is very good, IMO. Good serial killers running amok. Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker) was big around here, always looking yellow houses near freeways.
  5. Last night's episode was better than opening night IMO.
  6. BEER-----> Yes 'Only One'. The new season should start her in about a month. BELCH
  7. BEER-----> Yes, this could be a winner for me. I hope it holds up for the masses. It must be on Friday's at 9:00. BELCH (Burp)
  8. Maybe Jim and Linda are still pissed off at each other.
  9. Looks very good. Now if there was some way I could get Amazon without paying.
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