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  1. Maybe Jim and Linda are still pissed off at each other.
  2. Looks very good. Now if there was some way I could get Amazon without paying.
  3. No1, Where did you see the latest Papillion?
  4. BEER------> Come on 'The Americans' ! BELCH
  5. BEER--------> 'Better call Saul' good spin off from 'Breaking Bad'. I see they will be bringing in a few more characters from 'Bad'. I can't wait for the new season. BELCH
  6. BEER------------> Book of Eli is great! And the music is too. BELCH
  7. BEER-----> BTW, Sam Esmail is playing Freddie Mercury in the movie 'Queen'. BELCH
  8. BEER------> Never miss it! Redd discovered another relative - but, is he who he says he is? Let's watch and see. BELCH
  9. BEER-----> Yes have a couple of shots of Tequila today on your Cinco de Mayo birthday. Happy - happy. BELCH
  10. beerbelch

    Cinco de Mayo

    BEER------>Cinco de Mayo 2018 - Saturday. Tequila and Fajitas !!! BELCH
  11. BEER-----> Watched an 'X-files' re-run yesterday and Stephen King co-wrote the episode with CC. BELCH
  12. BEER-------> Looked for it on Netflix, nothing there. I'll try Redbox next BELCH
  13. BEER----> Love westerns with bad guys. The trailer looked great. Let's find out where I can see it. BELCH
  14. BEER-----> I'm for any X-Files. Got me started - about 25 years ago. Then on to 'MillenniuM', what more can you ask for. A little bit of me died when they went off the air. So, I'll take any ending. Maybe it will pop up again. BELCH
  15. BEER-----> If it means anything - on my TV server (Freedom) they list certain things for TV programs. Tonight's episode on X-Files it is listed as 'Season Finale' not 'Series Finale'. I have seen 'Series Finale' for other programs. It must be coming back next season. BELCH
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