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  1. BEER-----> If it means anything - on my TV server (Freedom) they list certain things for TV programs. Tonight's episode on X-Files it is listed as 'Season Finale' not 'Series Finale'. I have seen 'Series Finale' for other programs. It must be coming back next season. BELCH
  2. BEER-----> I hope this week isn't the end. Let's just hope it isn't. BELCH
  3. BEER-------> I sure hope not! Maybe a new Robert Patrick & Annabith Gosh. BELCH
  4. BEER---> I saw that on a re-watch of this ep. I guess she wrote it someone else. Fun and contemporary. BELCH
  5. BEER-----> There's only 3 eps left. Just rewatched the last ep. So much going on. Contemporary and fun. BELCH
  6. BEER-------> Which finger is that? BELCH
  7. BEER----> Yup, looks like a silly one coming up next. Put that device down. BELCH
  8. BEER----> Yes, burping is funny. Just don't pull my finger -hehe. BELCH
  9. BEER-------> 'I don't like spunk'. Quoting Lou Grant. BELCH
  10. BEER----> Spunk - kind of like Mary Tyler Moore. BELCH
  11. BEER-----> What did you think when they separated? BELCH
  12. BEER----> I liked William's role in the 1/31/2018 ep. Could there be a spin off there - that would be good. Good ending of S3 for Mr. Robot. They're signed up for S4 already. New season in the fall. BELCH
  13. BEER----> Been watching in earnest. Last night's (2/7/18) was very good. So far my favorite was last week's episode this season. Of course we all have our favorites. BELCH
  14. BEER---------> As a side note Tom Welling is portraying 'Cain' (Cain & Abel) on 'Lucifer' tv series. BELCH
  15. BEER-------> 'X Files' - new one this Wendsday. Let's see if Mark has new material. BELCH
  16. BEER-----> Anybody hear Mark's music last Wednesday on that other TV program? BELCH
  17. BEER-----> WOW! Time flies when you're having fun. Can we get another 15 years? BELCH
  18. BEER------> Yup, listened to him (Sam) after the show. Pretty interesting guy. This season is going good. BELCH
  19. BEER-----> Still smoking I see, wonder what brand? BELCH
  20. BEER------> Saw my 1st 'X-Files' add for next year's start up. Fox looked like he had a beard. BELCH
  21. BEER--------> I'm strictly talking about a 'Young' looking Frank (Lance). BELCH
  22. BEER-------> Ok, at the start of the movie Kurt is driving in a 'T' Top car with Starlord's mom. Kurt looked about 30. BELCH
  23. BEER-------> Hmm, how about Kurt Russel in the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm sure that could be be done. Anyway, can't wait for the next season. BELCH
  24. BEER-------> Frank (Lance) could come in as a recruit. Look what was done in Benjamin Button! BELCH
  25. BEER-------> Excellent review see! Wouldn't it be fun if Lance showed up next season! BELCH
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