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  1. BEER----> The last episode was easy to understand. Maybe this is Phase 2. BELCH
  2. BEER-----> Me too (3 episodes). Above average. Watch it in 'Sequence'. BELCH
  3. BEER-----> Yes, happy birthday Chris. Hope you're still out there shredding. BELCH
  4. BEER-----> Watched it - good start. Is the end near? hehe BELCH
  5. BEER-----> Yes, we here in California are getting hit pretty hard by fires. The one up in wine county (just above San Francisco) is the worst with lost life. Down here in Orange County (my county) there have been many homes destroyed. To date these fires are still burning. BELCH
  6. BEER-----> Watched this and was amused by a Chicagoan like Gillian uses a British accent. BELCH
  7. BEER-----> I feel there is one sucker born every second, not every 60 seconds. Be careful out there! BELCH
  8. BEER----> What a great subject. But, PT was off by 59 seconds (Quote: A sucker is born every minute). BELCH
  9. BEER-----> You can't get a room in the 'Path' - I'm told. BELCH
  10. BEER-----> Yes, this was catastrophic for my fore fathers. Some were able to keep their head. BECH
  11. BEER-----> Makes you think! Did any of this ever happen in the UK? BELCH
  12. BEER-----> 'Dude Perfect' is perfect - love it. BELCH
  13. BEER-----> I like it - Leif Garrett and Jefferson Starship - who knew? BELCH
  14. BEER----> OK Sam, thanks for the info, Does anyone know when in 2017 the complete documentary will be released? BELCH
  15. BEER-----> Nope - no blood and guts, but how about Hell and Lucy's (what his brother brother calls him) and mom. He's kind of like Sherlock (another program I like), 'cause he helps his girlfriend the cop to catch bad guys. BELCH
  16. BEER------> Hey High, long time. One of my favorite TV programs. It's on my favorites to record each week. Didn't watch last nights yet (ball game got in the way) gonna watch it later today. I really like the British guy playing the lead and his side kick. Good, fun TV. BELCH
  17. BEER-----> I'd like to know when 'Bill Mcredy' will be back on 'Blacklist'. BELCH
  18. BEER------> HMMM, interesting question Red. There could be something there. BELCH
  19. BEER-----> OK, what's coming soon 2017? Is it a release of new material? BELCH
  20. BEER----> I don't believe demons have ever left. Just catch up with the new TV series 'The Exorcist'. Can't wait for Linda Blair to have a guest appearance! BELCH
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