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  1. BEER-----> Anybody catch 'Aquarius' with Ducovny as 'Hodiak'? I liked the summer series. I think 'Hodiak' could be a regular series. BELCH
  2. BEER-----> It is great looking at the trailers again for the best TV show ever. Can't wait for October 25, 2016. BELCH
  3. BEER-------> Hey, that's my son's (6 pack) birth date too. BELCH
  4. BEER----> Hot here too in So Cal. A steady 120f at Death Valley. Here at the beach 85f. Ah, but the water is nice. US Open Surfing contest started today in Huntington Beach. BELCH
  5. BEER-------------> OOOOPS - MY BAD. This episode had such a great ending I thought it was the season finale. Well, was I surprised to see that tonite is the season finale. Good god, that's great. BELCH
  6. BEER------> Last night was the Season ending episode. What a finish! That's all I'll say, just watch it! BELCH
  7. BEER-----> Missed that one damn! Died though, huh. BELCH
  8. BEER----> Loved the 'Fake' eye. It reminded me of one of the MillenniuM episodes. BELCH
  9. BEER----> I was glad to see him in Criminal Minds, it was unexpected. And, he didn't die in the episode! BELCH
  10. BEER----> Whoa! where did this come from? Who is this and when was it produced? I like. BELCH
  11. BEER-----> Norman is going, going, going. Almost gone. BELCH
  12. Don't read below if you don't want to know about the 'Love Child'. BEER -----> We're seeing more and more about William - in ep2. BELCH
  13. BEER-----> I was just telling 'The Babe', it was just like it never went away and I had watched it last week too. Tonight is part 2 - drool..... BELCH
  14. BEER-----> Yup, 7:00 pm here on the West Coast Sunday. The DVR is warming up. Where's William? BELCH
  15. BEER---> Here's what I found out about it. BELCH bucksnortn. 1. A particularly loud fart (definition used by Gagnon's in central New York)I want to rip a bucksnort on Jessica Simpson's face.
  16. BEER-----> I just watched 'Harbinger Down' on Netflix. Not a bad movie (C+). I gotta say it sorta had a 'The Thing' story line. This is not a spoiler - True to form Lance dies in the end - ta da. BELCH
  17. BEER---> Just watched Super - yeah Lili/Lucy kicked it alright! Good to see Sarah again. BELCH
  18. BEER--- > The rude ones in Los Angeles are mostly not from LA. I'm a native Californian, born in Los Angeles. A little over grown, still great. BELCH
  19. BEER-----> I'm told my Great Aunt died from the Spanish Flu here in So Cal, circa 1918. BELCH
  20. BEER----> 'The Martian' is a good movie - go see it. Spoiler here - it is not a Sci-Fi. BELCH
  21. BEER---> 'The Martian' as I understand it, was written and no publisher wanted to publish it. So, the writer released it on the internet for everyone to read. Then the publishers and movie producers took it more serious after they saw the clamor and the rest is history. I think some gullible people that read it on the internet thought it was a real occurrence - you know 'Sheeple'. BELCH
  22. BEER----> Yes, the I-5 was shut down for a number of hours. It is a main artery - North/South. Mud and rock slides. BELCH
  23. BEER-----> I always liked 'Pioneer 1'. Very good story about Mars/Earth. I think we talked about it a few years ago. BELCH
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