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  1. BEER----> Yup, they were building my present house during the last El Nino ('97 - '98). I had to rent an apartment for awhile so they could finish building. I hope this next one isn't as bad. There was flash flooding and mud slides yesterday on the main highway from Los Angeles going North. BELCH
  2. BEER---> I just heard there was an issue with this bridge. Something like a portion came apart. BELCH
  3. BEER----> Wonder how much Matt earned for his role? BELCH
  4. BEER----> The 'Twin Towers' were blown up by outside sources.. BELCH
  5. BEER----> A Californian I am. Murder and mayhem are bad things. I don't like getting into politics here (TIWWA), but we are also called 'The Left Coast'. I'll leave it at that. BELCH
  6. BEER-----> The character actors go thru their agents, etc. The people behind the scenes are mostly union members receiving substantial compensation (grips, electricians, etc.). Good for all of them. Los Angeles has lost a substantial amount of this work in the past 20 or so years. The political scene got greedy. BELCH
  7. BEER---> Doesn't surprise me. Wonder what David & Gillian are making for X? Glad my son is in the business. BTW, there is a rate called "Golden Time' on sets for all when there is a scheduled time commitment. It's 6 times your base pay, not bad huh! BELCH
  8. BEER----> Well, look at that, and you don't even have to be Aboriginal! BELCH
  9. BEER----> Had to watch it to see a semi-naked woman - hehe. It was pretty good, I'll continue to watch. Looks like a compliment to "The Blacklist". BELCH
  10. BEER----> Sounds good. I'll have to figure out some way to get 'Showtime'. BELCH
  11. BEER----> I do like the old "Shout Box", personally I preferred to use on a limited basis. The 'New Content' area was and is my choice of communicating. That's me, everyone has their own likes. BELCH (Dave)
  12. BEER----> Off topic a bit, but about Gillian. Anybody catch the last scene in 'Hannibal' last Friday? If you haven't check out what Gillian is eating. BELCH
  13. BEER---> OK, that got to me. It's time to break-out the DVD's again. The time is so near. BELCH
  14. BEER---> Living here in Orange County California, I gotta say something about this. Disneyland in Anaheim, CA is quite a place. A lot of my family and friends have worked there. It is one of the finest Capitalistic business we have here in California, let alone in the US. It's getting pricey, $100 just to go in the gate. I'd guess for a family of 4, it's about a $900 to $1,000 a day (park, tix, eat, memorabilia). That being said, I love it there and have called it many things - you know 'The Happiest Place on Earth'. But I have also called it 'Dismalland'. Go figure! Come on over to Anaheim and 'Disneyland', it's gotta be better than Bansky's place. BELCH
  15. BEER---> Using this as a'Shout Box'. I sent a photo along with my last post for 'Algae'. Don't know if it went thru. BELCH
  16. BEER---> Well, I'm starting to pack and get things arraigned for the trip to Yosemite. 'The Babe' is helping me to prepare for the mission. BELCH
  17. BEER----> All you gotta do is have someone put up the money and it can be built. BELCH
  18. BEER----> And to think, I scheduled a vacation for Yosemite 6 months ago for next week. I'll let you know if I contract anything. BELCH
  19. BEER----> Yes, it was cancelled - I am so pissed off. Mads has a job on the next 'Star Wars' movie, but he is a Movie Star. BELCH
  20. BEER----> Only 2 episodes left for 'Hannibal'. Last night's program (8/15/15) was awesome. The Great Red Dragon is near! BELCH ps. I wonder if there's any hope somebody will pick 'Hannibal' up. HMMM, is there any chance for 'Clarice'?
  21. BEER----> All right! Yeah - no discrimination. That's hilarious!!! BELCH
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