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  1. BEER---> Another sad day. I guess there are just not enough of us to carry on the type of programiing we understand and enjoy. BELCH
  2. BEER---> Last nights ep was very good. I'm really enjoying the development of 'God is nowhere' - 'God is now here'. We will have to wait and see if Paul is 'Darthvader'. BELCH
  3. BEER---> Just as I thought. We didn't get Saddam, so they pre-emt "Miracles" again. We gotta give him 'The Hand of God'. BELCH
  4. BEER---> Yes, I noticed this too. We gotta get Saddam before next Monday so this doesn't happen any more. BELCH
  5. BEER---> I'll be watching in a few hours. Hope it's a good one, no matter the subject. BELCH
  6. BEER----> I agree. This program keeps getting better and better. At last they came out and said six new programs in a row. The deepness and the dark about it are enthrawling (sp?). BELCH
  7. BEER---> Did anyone watch this show on Sunday? Megan Gallagher, Robert Patrick and Skinner were all in it. Kind of like old home week. BELCH
  8. BEER---> Is Walmart open at 10:00 pm? I'll watch Joe Millionaire instead. BELCH
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