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  1. BEER----> My daughter is a 'South Paw'. Is there an Ambidextrous international day? BELCH
  2. BEER-------> Here comes Leo DiCaprio as the 1st known American serial killer. Martin Scorsese to direct. BELCH Leonardo DiCaprio Will Play America's First Serial Killer For Martin ScorseseWill this finally get Leo an Oscar?
  3. BEER-----> And to think - The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for this happening! BELCH
  4. BEER----> Big threat to mankind. 'The Plague' has come back and is here in California. BELCH Officials: Child camping in Yosemite National Park contracts plague USA TODAY NETWORKMarc Cugnon and Mary Bowerman, USA TODAY Network3:08 p.m. EDT August 7, 2015 (Photo: Mark Ralston, AFP/Getty Images) 2479CONNECT 106TWEET 3LINKEDIN 19COMMENTEMAILMORE A child is recovering in the hospital after falling ill with the plague while camping in Yosemite National Parkin California officials said Thursday. In mid-July, the child was camping with family at Yosemite's Crane Flat Campground and also visited areas of the Stanislaus National Forest, according to the California Department of Public Health. Officials said the child contracted the plague sometime during the trip, but none of the other family members were infected. In Colorado, two people have died from the plague this year, AP reported. USA TODAY Colorado resident dies of plague Most recently, an unidentified person from Pueblo County, Colo., died from the plague on Tuesday. The Colorado resident was an adult who is thought to have contracted the plague from exposure to rodents, fleas or dead animals, according to a report published by the Pueblo City-County Health Department. The plague is normally spread through concentrated rodent populations. Rodents like rats and mice are known carriers of the fleas that cause the plague itself. Plague incidences are many times preceded by mass animal die-offs, the Pueblo Country Health Department reports. Health experts advise individuals to avoid dead animals, to treat clothing with insect repellent when hiking, to prevent pets from roaming and to avoid sharing a bed with pets. Plague victims normally exhibit symptoms, which include swollen lymph nodes, fever and chills, within a two- to six-day period. "The key to treating the plague is catching it in time," said Sarah Joseph, public information officer for the Pueblo City-County Health Department. "Patients have to get treatment in a timely manner, and physicians have to identify it in time." On average seven human plague cases are reported in the U.S. per year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  5. BEER----> After re-watching the trailer, Lance kind of has that 'Terry Thomas' look with the moustache and split front teeth. I'll have to see when this film will be released. BELCH
  6. BEER-----> Bruce Campbell! One of my most favorite actors. Yeah, he's great. I might have to start paying for the STARZ channel. BELCH
  7. BEER-----> BTW, it's Terry O'Quinn's birthday today. Happy Birthday Terry! BELCH
  8. BEER----> Yup, sittin in the outside roof deck at the Ruby's restaurant Balboa Pier (Newport) one day and a whale 'Breached' just off the end of the pier. Awsome! BELCH
  9. BEER----> Thanks for posting the trailer. BTW, here in the US, it's on NETFLIX now. BELCH
  10. BEER-----> Just watched this movie starring Scott Glenn in the lead role. Good movie! I could've seen Lance playing this character role. BELCH
  11. BEER----> OB care, sure it does, if you got enuf money. BELCH
  12. BEER----> Looks good with Lance as a priest. I hope he survives and doesn't die n this one. BELCH
  13. BEER-----> Well, they're both gone now. BELCH
  14. BEER--> I just read that Darin Morgan portrayed the 'Flukeman' role. Gotta love that! BELCH
  15. BEER----> I am an avid 'Follower' and 'Stalker'. Ain't DVRs great! BELCH
  16. BEER----> More good news. BELCH 'X Files' goes HD on Netflix ahead of new episodes by Timothy J. Seppala | @timseppala | April 23rd 2015 at 11:00 pm 41 Been itching to prep for The X Files' return by binge-watching the series from the beginning? Given that Netflix has just flipped the switch on an HD upgrade of the first season, that's gotten a little easier on the eyes. As Bloody Disgusting reports, the first 13 episodes are streaming in high-res and widescreen and they look good. Whether or not the rest of the show's run will get a similar upgrade is anyone's guess at this point, but there are at least a few people who'd appreciate that sort of thing. It's worth noting that this isn't the first time the show's appeared in HD (Germany's had it for a bit), but nothing of the sort's hit stateside until now.
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