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  1. BEER----> I'm getting itchy just talking about measles. BELCH
  2. BEER----> Let's make one up. I'm sure a lot of other words have been 'Made Up'. BELCH
  3. BEER-----> China's using paper. I wonder if their forests will old out? How many billion are there there? BELCH
  4. BEER-----> Alien geoligists - I liked that one (hehe). About plastics, we here in California will be voting on whether to continue using plastic bags at the super markets, I'll keep you posted. How else can you pick up dog poop? BELCH
  5. BEER-----> I voted! Yup, the midle seat is very tempting and so are the kids in the back seat. BELCH
  6. BEER-----> I'm liking this guy Elvis . BTW, we're having a fly by soon, some asteroid or something. Hold on to your hats. BELCH
  7. BEER----> Yes, she is good in the Brad Pitt role. BELCH
  8. BEER-----> It's said we are in a period at the start of the 6th Extiction. The earth will survive again. Don't worry be happy. BELCH
  9. BEER-----> Yeah but, how can you get any more ironic as Lance (Frank Black) portraying a retired serial killer. I will continue to watch 'Hannbal'. BELCH
  10. BEER----> I watched this program 'The Strain' from the start and I liked it. I just discovered that Lance is the voice (only) for 'The Master' (very bad guy) on this program. I didn't notice at first. He is not in the credits. I'm going to listen more intently next season. BELCH
  11. BEER-----> Hi there Crane. Watch your show 'Sleepy Hollow' every Monday night. BELCH
  12. BEER-----> It begins tonight here in the US. '12 Monkeys' - the tv series is on Syfy tonite at 9:00 pm. Hope it's half as goo as the movie. BELCH
  13. BEER---> I'll tell you about a worse one. Let's hope the 'Spanish Flu' never resurfaces. It killed upwards ot 100 million in 2 years. BELCH
  14. BEER---> Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the homes washing away at Malibu from storm surf (there must be more - I'll think of them). Guess what, all these people re-build afterwords. Go figure. BELCH
  15. BEER-----> Being a Southern California native - every year we hear about draught, mudsides and fires. One causes the other - this is a desert I live in and enjoy the good weather. California is aproaching 40 million population. Sooo, I guess people don't mind living in these conditions. Oh yeah, I forgot to throw in the occasional earth quake that shakes things us up once in awhile. I've traveled through out the world and I'm staying. Besides, we have Disneyand. BELCH
  16. BEER---> Good news - USA Network is showing "Born Psycopath" tonight (11/8/14). I'm DVRing it for posterity. I think Patty McCormick (The Bad Seed) is Henry's Grandmother and Mcauly Culkin (The Good Son) is Henry's Uncle - hehe. BELCH
  17. BEER-----> Hmmm.Another curious thing. Here in the states we have a tv show called 'American Horror Story'. Don't know if you get it across the pond, but the 2nd season (2012) was about insane asylumns. It is a real terror filled program. This season they are at a road circus - spooky and macabre. BELCH
  18. BEER----> 'Born Psycopath' is all over youtube and the regulars, but you have to rent or buy it. I'm onna check out NBC's website. BELCH
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