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  1. BEER----> Don't know if I mentioned this before, but Law & Order: SVU had one of the best hour segment that I ever saw. It's title was "Born Psycopath". If you ever get a chance watch it - very chilling! BELCH
  2. BEER----> The Spanish Flu (not started in Spain) of 1918 killed at least 50 million, some say up to 100, (3 to 5% of the earth's pop) in a 2-3 year perod. It was found on all contiments and just about every corner where mankind lived (The Bubonic Plague was less evasive). It actually affected the healthy more than the less healthy. Let's hope that it never returns. BELCH
  3. BEER----> Watched the show Saturday night. Loved what Carey was doing - rolling his fingers - hehe. BELCH
  4. BEER----> Oh, I think there's a few more that have seen Godzilla. The latest installment had Bryan Cranston <Walter Malcom> (Breaking Bad& Malcom in the Middle) starring in the film. Fun flick. Godzilla did fight a Nuclear nemisis Muto. BELCH
  5. BEER----> Good show. I've always liked Dylan's acting. Great sleuth role for him. BELCH
  6. BEER----> Hey, long time 'Drifter'. It would be great if they can put ths together. I'm gonna have to get out my old DVD's and watch again. BELCH
  7. BEER----> Just watched '12 Monkeys' again. It only took out 5 billion people in 1997. BELCH
  8. BEER---> I can't figure out why the Eastern states can't ship water to the West. We ship the whole world - oil, gas, food, etc. What a dillema! BELCH
  9. BEER-----> Happy Birthday Simon - I'll drink to that! BELCH ps. Where can you get this beer?
  10. BEER-----> Not to worry. I have an Oil Well across the street from my house. Pumping 'Black Gold' 24/7/365. No big deal. BELCH
  11. BEER-----> I'm here too, in the US. Let's just never forget. BELCH
  12. BEER------> I know exactly where I was. Reading the newspaper with the TV on in the background. I jumped up and ran to the TV and then yelled to my that we were being attacked. As we watched the 'Towers' fall we got very angry. Very sad day. I will never forget. It is now called 'Patriots Day', here in the US. BELCH
  13. BEER----> There will be rain and storms in the desert areas of Californa, Arizona, South/Western states. There wil be another good size swell (waves) coming too - they have begun. Yipee! BELCH
  14. BEER---> Yes, it was 25 years ago when the Prieta eartquake hit just south of this one in the San Francisco (6.9) area, lots of damage here and deaths). This one was 6.0. Some injuries and some destruction. As we get further away (time) there will be less of a chance of a large aftershock. Long ways from where I live, but we're ready for the next one. Gotta watch '2012' again. BELCH
  15. BEER----> I'll check it out in January. If it's 70 % of what the movies was, it'll be good. BELCH
  16. BEER-----> WOW! I can't wait for this movie - 2015 is so far off. BELCH
  17. BEER----> Quit 'Cold Turkey' 7 years ago and it's been great. BELCH
  18. BEER-----> I'll watch for this. Seems like the stars are trying to fit a lot into their calendar. Ah, the price of fame. BELCH
  19. BEER---> Anybody know where and when? BELCH
  20. BEER----> I agree. I belive FOX couldn't see it going forward. Just look at all the waisted TV programs they have abandoned and there have been some descent ones. **** off FOX, I'll watch other networks. BELCH
  21. BEER----> Just watched an episode 'On Demand' (LMN cable network), that was great and without commercials! BELCH
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