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  1. Actually, was she working for oen of the factions in "Hand" ? i got the impression she was actually operating as part of another group, the church maybe ? no evidence to back this up, just the vibe i got...
  2. Been a member for a fair while, but not exactly contributed. Only ever seen the first season, as i was jammy enough to get the whole thing on VHS on ebay, if anyone's got any DVDs they could flog me of the subequent seasons, drop me a mail at rogue@d-wolf.net. i started some fiction a while back, and one day i might finish it ;-) AJ
  3. Wotcher, nice to see somewhere still carrying the torch for MM... I've only ever seen series 1, and never managed to see series 2 & 3 (don't have sat/cable) but i'd give my right arm for some on video... I've always rated MM higher than the x-files, and although it's clear it never cought as wel as x-files did, i have to wonder why fox never supported it as well as x-files. roll on dvd/vhs and wot-not, and hi from a MM fan in the UK...
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